Max & Ruby: Afternoons with Max & Ruby

Max & Ruby: Afternoons with Max & Ruby


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Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
Spend some quality time with bunny siblings Max & Ruby in 12 charming stories from Nickelodeon's animated series based on Rosemary Wells's books. Six-year-old Ruby (charmingly voiced by Samantha Morton) watches out for her three-year-old brother, Max. She is very patient, albeit quite insistent, in her efforts to get him to do what she considers the right and responsible things. Still, like most little brothers, Max wants what he wants. In "Max's Froggy Friend," it's to bring a frog to the tea party Ruby is hosting for Grandma. In "Max's Dragon Shirt," he wants to buy the titular piece of clothing instead of the more practical overalls Ruby is determined to get him. In "Max Gets Wet," Max decides to fill his swimming pool instead of watering the plants. In each story, a little ingenuity allows both to be happy. In "Max's Music," Max's "whack-a-mole" pounding game provides the steady beat for Ruby's concert-bound Red Hot Trio. In "Max's Rabbit Racer," the same toy that has been disturbing Ruby's baton-twirling practice saves the day when the baton is stuck on the roof. As with The Backyardigans, it's a kid's world. Parents are neither seen nor heard, and some may be disconcerted to see Ruby and Max unsupervised at a department store (Max, especially, has a penchant for wandering off). But other adult figures are represented, and Max and Ruby's close and loving relationship is at the heart of these stories. The series' gentle humor and easy pace provide a welcome respite from louder and more aggressive children's series. Kids, and their parents, will love this to the Max.

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Closed Caption; Bonus adventures!; Ruby's Hiccups; The Big Picture; Ruby's Stage Show; Ruby's Piano Practice; Max's Bath; Max's Bedtime

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