Meet Joe Black/Captain Corelli's Mandolin

Meet Joe Black/Captain Corelli's Mandolin


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Universal Studios
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[Wide Screen]
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Special Features

SDH - English; Meet Joe Black: Spotlight on Location; Captain Corelli's Mandolin: Feature commentary with director John Madden; Captain Corelli's Mandolin: Russell Watson - "Ricordo Ancor" (Pelagia's Song) music video

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Meet Joe Black
1. A Voice in the Night
2. Lots of Loose Ends
3. Lightning Strikes
4. Meet Joe Black
5. Parrish's Friend
6. The Hospital
7. Family Dinner
8. A Secret Meeting
9. Set Your Heart
10. Behind My Back
11. The First Time
12. Darkest Secrets
13. I'm Taking Her
14. You Know Who I Am
15. Death and Taxes
16. Hard to Let Go
17. We've Got Time
18. End Titles
Disc #2 -- Captain Corelli's Mandolin
1. Our Island (Titles)
2. The Coming War
3. Betrothed
4. The Invaders
5. The Italian Captain
6. Corelli's Mandolin
7. The Opera Club
8. Something to Sing About
9. The Turkish Bomb
10. Pelagia's Song
11. Surrender
12. The Last Cigarette
13. War in Cephallonia
14. The Executioners
15. Back From the Dead
16. The Earthquake
17. I Can't Live Without You
18. End Titles

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