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Meet the Parents & Meet the Fockers: Circle of Trust Collection

Meet the Parents & Meet the Fockers: Circle of Trust Collection

Cast: Jay Roach, Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, Blythe Danner


Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Daniel Weizmann
Teri Polo, as Pam Byrnes, seems the perfect girlfriend. But how would you like a raging bull for a father-in-law? That's the situation entered by Ben Stiller (as Greg Focker) in this blockbuster comedy from Austin Powers director Jay Roach. Greg is an anxiety-prone male nurse who spends an excruciating weekend at the plush country home of his girlfriend's parents, one of whom is ex-CIA man Jack Byrnes, played with brutal relish by Robert De Niro. Roach shows his gifts for pacing and slapstick fun here as Greg tries way too hard to please and ends up blowing up the septic tank, among many misdeeds that send De Niro into his signature glare. Owen Wilson (Shanghai Noon) adds another delicious turn to his growing resume as the silk-smooth and much more appropriate former boyfriend. This special wide-screen DVD features commentary from Roach, De Niro, and Stiller, as well as deleted scenes, outtakes, games, screen savers, production notes, and an on-location featurette.
Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
The surprising success of Meet the Parents (2000) made a sequel inevitable, and it shouldn't come as a shock that Fockers recycles many of the earlier film's most memorable gags. What makes it special is the "stunt casting" of Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand as the wacky parents of Ben Stiller's Greg Focker. The story begins as Jack Byrnes (Robert De Niro) and his wife, Dina (Blythe Danner), are preparing to visit the rustic home of Bernie and Roz Focker to celebrate the impeding marriage of their daughter, Pam (Teri Polo), to Greg. Straitlaced ex-spy Jack isn't very much impressed with the aging-hippie antics of the Fockers, who aren't afraid to openly discuss topics most in-laws would rather leave unexplored. Greg is a nervous wreck because he's convinced his sweet but eccentric parents will do something to traumatize Jack and Pam. Without giving away more of the plot, let's just say that his fears are justified. Director Jay Roach, who helmed the original film, reserves his ingenuity for putting a fresh spin on tired but still potent gags. There's not much evidence that his contributions extended to modulate the performances of Hoffman and Streisand, who are both pretty much over the top -- although, in fairness, the script more or less predetermined that. De Niro, not the most gifted comic actor, plainly looks uncomfortable as the butt of so many jokes, but he's pretty good as the uptight square opposite an unrestrained Hoffman. Stiller, who has mastered the comedy of embarrassment -- he's certainly had enough practice -- manages to stand out even when surrounded by all these old pros. In fact, he actually grounds the movie. Meet the Fockers can be faulted for relying on the obvious and settling for easy laughs, but on balance it's an affable time-killer that will warrant revisiting at periodic intervals.

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Special Features

Meet the Parents:; The truth about lying; Outtakes; Deleted scenes with commentary; De Niro unplugged; Silly cat tricks; Jay Roach: A director's profile; Audio commentary with director Jay Roach and editor Jon Poll; ; Meet the Fockers: ; Deleted scenes; Bloopers; Inside the litter box: Behind the scenes with Jinx the cat; Feature commentary with director Jay Roach and editor/co-producer Jon Poll; Fockers' family portrait: Bernie Focker, Roz Focker and Greg Focker; Matt Lauer meets the Fockers; And more!

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Circle of Trust Collection: Meet the Parents
1. A Fool in Love (Main Titles) [4:25]
2. Proposal Problems [3:40]
3. Daddy and Mommy [9:35]
4. The Drug Store Trip [6:17]
5. Dinner With the Folks [7:52]
6. Sleeping Arrangement [5:16]
7. To Tell the Truth [3:40]
8. Dad's Little Secret [3:25]
9. The Grand Inquisition [5:31]
10. Greg's Drug Problem [2:14]
11. Kevin [7:04]
12. Greg's Afraid of the Ball [3:59]
13. Wedding Smells [3:30]
14. Jinxed [5:16]
15. The Counterfeit Cat [16:37]
16. Good Enough for Pam [5:01]
17. Bomb's the Word [2:22]
18. No More Lies [2:51]
19. A Little Circle of Trust [5:00]
20. End Titles [3:50]
Disc #2 -- Circle of Trust Collection: Meet the Fockers
1. Gonna Get Married (Main Titles)
2. Setting Sail
3. The Manary Gland
4. Welcome to Miami
5. The Wall of Gaylord
6. A Little Secret
7. Cat and Dog
8. Personal Memories
9. Family Matters
10. Blood Sport
11. Ferberized
12. "You Look Like Someone I Know"
13. Bodywork
14. The Mobil Command Center
15. A Lot in Common
16. Tell the Truth
17. Must Leave Evil Island
18. Remain Calm
19. A Spiritual Connection
20. Spy Cam (End Titles)

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