Michael Moore: Awful Truth

Michael Moore: Awful Truth

Director: Michael Moore

Cast: Michael Moore


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Barnes & Noble - Dave Roth
If you can imagine a superstar who looks like a Yeti in a Detroit Tigers cap, then it is fair to say filmmaker Michael Moore is America's biggest leftist-activist superstar. No one, with the possible exception of Ralph Nader, has been as well regarded a raiser of awareness as Moore over the last 15 years. Nader has certainly done more for the American people but, unlike Moore, he doesn't have his own TV show. Following his damned-be-General Motors documentary Roger & Me, Moore produced the great TV Nation, airing on NBC and Fox in sporadic and poorly-rated spurts through the early nineties. Moore found a home on Bravo (via the BBC) in 1998, and if The Awful Truth, his new show, is less freewheeling and witty than TV Nation, it does offer Moore fans the considerable advantage of getting a brand new release on video and DVD. Moore seizes the potential of television as a cultural and ethical alarm clock as no one ever has: Imagine 60 Minutes made by a crop of angry, sarcastic hardcore liberals, and you'll get an idea of what Moore's work is like. The targets here are familiar bad guys (HMO's, union-busting corporations, cynical industrialists, bigots), though their familiarity doesn't make them any less bad, or their actions less disturbing. Moore advances his case against the enemy in characteristic style, which swings from wince-inducing (victims of throat cancer, their larynxes removed, rasp Christmas carols in the Philip Morris Co. lobby) to hilarious (a "corporate debt collector" strong-arms a wrongly-dismissed UPS employee back into a job). You'll laugh, you'll squirm, but chances are that you'll be glad Michael Moore is still out there doing his thing, and that someone is still brave enough to put it on television.

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