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Monk: Season Two

Monk: Season Two

5.0 1
Director: Craig Zisk, Jerry Levine, Lawrence Trilling, Michael Fresco

Cast: Craig Zisk, Jerry Levine, Lawrence Trilling, Michael Fresco


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Universal Studios
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[Wide Screen]
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Special Features

The Minds Behind Monk; Disher (Jason Gray-Stanford) Character Profile; Stottlemeyer (Ted Levine) Character Profile; Precinct Tours with Jason-Gray Stanford

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Billy Burke Brad Terry
Chad E. Donella Ricky Babbage
Christopher Wiehl Scott Gregorio
Danny Bonaduce Himself
David Rasche Nick Patterson
Ed Marinaro Stewart Babcock
Eden Rountree Carol Maloney
Emma Bates Michelle
Glenne Headly Karen Stottlemeyer
John Turturro Ambrose Monk
Kane Ritchotte Benjy Fleming
Kathy Baker Sylvia Fairbourn
Lolita Davidovich Natasia Lovara
Nestor Carbonell Dalton Padron
Betty Buckley Cheryl Fleming
Corbin Allred Scott
Deborah Zoe Lisa Babcock
Gary Cole Dexter Larsen
Geoffrey Pierson Harry Bolston
Holt McCallany Pat Van Ranken
John Cothran Warden Christie
Mark Ivanir Edgar Heinz
Matt Winston Brian Babbage
Rachel Dratch Julie Parlo
Rainn Wilson Walker Browning
Rosalind Chao Arleen Cassidy
Sarah Silverman Marci Maven
Stanley Kamel Dr. Charles Kroger
Stellina Rusich Trudy Monk
Susan Kellerman Maria Disher
Amy Sedaris Gail Fleming
Andrew McCarthy Derek Philby
Beth Skipp Amanda Babbage
Daniel Goddard Evan Coker
Danny Trejo Spyder Rudner
Jarrad Paul Kevin Dorfman
Jorge Cervera Dr. Madero
Kurt Fuller Dennis Gammill
Lauren Tom Mrs. Ling
Marcia Ann Burrs Mrs. Dohan
Michael Ensign Raymond Tolliver
Nicole Forester Susan Malloy
Pat Crawford Brown Ruth "Nana" Parlo
Billy Gardell Ian Agnew
Currie Graham Harold Maloney
Erica Yoder Beth Landow
Jennifer Lyons Bethany Daniels
Jim Jansen Mayor Rudner
Leslie Jordan Town Official
Lonnie Colon Ronnie
Melissa George Jenna Ryan
Nicole DeHuff Vicki Salinas
Tim Curry Dale "The Whale" Biederbeck
Tony Plana Capt. Alameda
Connor Dylan Wryn 1st Kid
David Noroña Lt. Plato
Enrique Almeida Nestor Alverez
Jane Carr Mrs. Jenkins
Jayden Lund Morris
Jordan Liddle J.T. DeMornay
Lisa Thornhill Noelle Winters
Lola Glaudini Ariana
Michael Shalhoub Ron Abrash
Patrick Cranshaw Miles Holling
Simon Templeman Carl Sebastian
William Sanderson Joshua Skinner

Technical Credits
Craig Zisk Director
Jerry Levine Director
Lawrence Trilling Director
Michael Fresco Director
Michael Spiller Director
Michael Zinberg Director
Randy Zisk Director
Ron Underwood Director
Tom DiCillo Director
Tony Bill Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Monk: Season Two, Episodes 1-4/Bonus Material
1. Apparent Suicide [16:02]
2. Bad Grammar [11:30]
3. Airtight Alibi [7:42]
4. Time's On My Side [9:22]
5. Chapter 5 [:01]
1. Midair Drowning [14:55]
2. Impossible Circumstances [11:34]
3. Not Dead Yet [7:54]
4. Bad Blood [8:50]
1. "Girls Can't Eat Fifteen Pizzas" [3:42]
2. In A Slump [11:37]
3. Monk The Ump [8:18]
4. Million Dollar Ball [10:32]
1. Rubbed Out [17:37]
2. Suck It Up [5:16]
3. Clowning Around [12:27]
4. Crushing Evidence [9:13]
Disc #2 -- Monk: Season Two, Episodes 5-8/Bonus Material
1. Foul Play [13:47]
2. Roommates [13:57]
3. "The Human Time Machine" [7:33]
4. Unearthed Confession [9:15]
1. Play Acting [15:11]
2. "Speed Dating" [11:38]
3. Adrian The Actor [8:30]
4. Stage Fright [9:12]
1. Mail Bomb [13:42]
2. Sibling Rivalry [11:03]
3. Separation Anxiety [9:52]
4. Live Wire [9:56]
1. Deadly Workout [11:08]
2. Compromising Position [11:39]
3. The Sapphire Girl [11:11]
4. Magnetic Murder [10:32]
Disc #3 -- Monk: Season Two, Episodes 9 -12/Bonus Material
1. Bizarre Homicide [13:47]
2. Members Of A Jury [13:57]
3. Question The Defendant [7:33]
4. Attention To Detail [9:15]
1. Read All About It [15:11]
2. Solving Crimes [11:38]
3. A Test Of Strength [8:30]
4. Hitting The Jackpot [9:12]
1. Winning The Raffle [13:42]
2. Throwing The Race [11:03]
3. The Proof Is In The Pie [9:52]
4. All Mixed Up [9:56]
1. Star Struck [11:08]
2. Unwarranted Confession [11:39]
3. Overly Observant [11:11]
4. Doctored Audio [10:32]
Disc #4 -- Monk: Season Two, Episodes 13-16/Bonus Material
1. Carried Away [13:47]
2. Reinstated [13:57]
3. Official Practice [7:33]
4. The Written Exam [9:15]
1. Barefooted Sniper [15:11]
2. Crossing The Line [11:38]
3. Union Relations [8:30]
4. A New Understanding [9:12]
1. Striking It Rich [13:42]
2. Gold Digger [11:03]
3. Cave-In [9:52]
4. Eureka! [9:56]
1. Last Meal [11:08]
2. Bunking With Spider [11:39]
3. Jail Talk [11:11]
4. Nazi Alert [10:32]

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Monk: Season Two 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hilarious: This season is great and longer, than the first! Same great cast and same Monk. Get it and laugh!