Munsters: Complete First Season

Munsters: Complete First Season

4.4 5
Director: Charles Barton, David Alexander, Earl Bellamy, Ezra Stone

Cast: Charles Barton, David Alexander, Earl Bellamy, Ezra Stone

The Munsters, the continually popular situation comedy about a loving family of monsters, sees every episode from its first season collected on this box set. Each episode is presented in the original broadcast aspect ratio of 1.33:1. English soundtracks are rendered in Dolby Digital Stereo. Spanish and French subtitles are accessible. There are no supplemental


The Munsters, the continually popular situation comedy about a loving family of monsters, sees every episode from its first season collected on this box set. Each episode is presented in the original broadcast aspect ratio of 1.33:1. English soundtracks are rendered in Dolby Digital Stereo. Spanish and French subtitles are accessible. There are no supplemental materials of any consequence, but television enthusiasts and fans of the show will enjoy this set.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
It's a retro-TV conundrum: The Addams Family or The Munsters? Both premiered in 1964, lasted two seasons, and were consigned to the TV graveyard within a week of each other. But while The Addams Family was more sophisticated and wickedly funny, The Munsters was much more kid friendly. Father Herman (Fred Gwynne) isn't a monster; he's just built that way. The childlike, Frankensteinian behemoth is oblivious to the fact that his mere appearance scares everyone silly. Herman got the show's biggest laughs by simply engaging in everyday paternal activities, such as playing baseball. What kid doesn't fantasize having a dad who could hit a baseball seven blocks, as Herman does in "Herman the Rookie" -- guest star Leo Durocher exclaims, "I don't know whether to sign him with the Dodgers or send him to Vietnam." The series, from the creators of Leave It to Beaver, puts a macabre spin on the traditional all-American sitcom family, with vampira mom Lily (Yvonne De Carlo), batty Grandpa (Al Lewis), and wolfboy Eddie (Butch Patrick). Also sharing the Munster home at 1313 Mockingbird Lane is beautiful niece Marilyn, whose normal appearance the family pities. This first season is a real scream, with such series benchmark episodes as "A Walk on the Mild Side," in which insomniac Herman's nighttime strolls terrorize the populace. Lending support throughout the season is a gallery of beloved TV faces, including Paul Lynde and Sid Melton ("Rock-a-Bye Munster"), Richard Deacon ("Pike's Pique"), Gavin MacLeod ("The Sleeping Cutie"), Harvey Korman ("Family Portrait"), Billy Mumy ("Come Back, Little Googie"), and Don Rickles ("Dance with Me, Herman"). The Munsters was not created to win Emmys, and it's nice to see that, thanks to DVD, less distinguished, but fondly remembered series such as this don't have to stay buried.

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Universal Studios
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Special Features

Closed Caption; Includes the never-before-seen pilot episode

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Arch Johnson Mr. Taggert
Bert Freed Dennison
Bill Mumy Googie Miller
Brian Nash Galen Livingston Stewart
Charles Robinson Alan Benson
Cliff Norton Police Chief Harris
Dave Ketchum Emcee
Don Haggerty Haskell
Elliott Reid Dr. Baxter
Fred Gwynne Charlie Munster
Gavin MacLeod Paul Newmar
Gilbert Green Mr. Brubaker
Harvey Korman Lennie Bates,Dr. Leinbach
Henry Beckman Leadfoot Baylor
Herbert Rudley Capt. Halbert
Jesse White J.R. Finlatter
John Carradine Mr. Gateman
John Fiedler Warren Bloom
John Hoyt Barney Walters,George Spelvin
John Hubbard Duke Ramsay
Joyce Jameson Miss Valentine
Kenny Lynch Mr. Kemper
Lee Bergere Ramon
Lennie Weinrib Freddie
Leo Durocher Himself
Linda Watkins Lydia Gardner
Linden Chiles Tom Daly
Maurice Manson Mr. Grover
Pat Buttram Pop Mallory
Paul Lynde Doctor Dudley,Dr. Dudley,Dr. Edward Dudley
Philip Ober Dr. Wilkerson
Richard Deacon Borden T. Pike
Robert Strauss Nightclub Manager
Roger C. Carmel Laszlo Brastoff
Standells Themselves
Woodrow Parfrey Petrie
Alex Gerry Pops Murdock
Alice Backes Nurse Fairchild
Alvy Moore Dr. Grant
Bartlett Robinson Curtis
Benny Rubin Tom Fong
Bill Dugan Fellow
Brian Corcoran Sandy Baylor
Caryl Rowe Nurse Fairchild
Claire Carleton Yolanda Cribbins
Dan Tobin Reginald Stubbs
Dick Simmons Mr. Balding
Don Rickles Happy Havemeyer
Doris Singleton Mrs. Andrews
Ed Peck Willard
Elroy "Crazylegs" Hirsch Himself
Frank Maxwell Coach Denhan
Fred Beir Chip Johnson
Grant Williams Dick Prince
Jane Withers Fanny Pike
Jean Willes Mrs. Cartwright
Joe Scott Jerry
Joseph Mell Hansen
Karen Flynn Louisa
Larry Blake Desk Sergeant
Lee Kruger Al
Lois Roberts Irving
Mabel Albertson Agnes Daly
Marilynn Lovell Mrs. Dudley
Neil Hamilton Malcolm
Norman Grabowski Winthrop
Pat Harrington Mr. Thatcher,Sonny Harkness
Paul "Mousie" Garner Fingers
Richard Hale Uncle Gilbert
Ronnie Dapo Roger,Boy #1
Russ Conway Mr. Miller
Stuart Nisbet Father
Walter Brooke John Stewart
Walter Burke Alfred Swanson
"Slapsie Maxie" Rosenbloom Big Louie
Barbara Babcock Miss Guthrie
Barry Kelley Commissioner Ludlow
Bryan O'Byrne Calvin
Curt Barrett Fisherman
Dennis Cross 1st Policeman
Diane Courtney Arlene Farber
Duncan McLeod Ben
Eddie Ryder Father
Eddy Donno Mechanic
Edward Mallory Jack
Frank Wilcox Albert Daly
Gene Darfler Charlie Hodges
Herb Armstrong Mike
Iris Adrian Woman
Irwin Charone Lester
J. Edward McKinley Murdock
Jack Bernardi Scotty
Johnny Silver Jerry
Kelton Garwood Hermit
Lenore Shanewise Elmire
Marge Redmond Mrs. Stewart
Mike Mazurki Leo "Knuckles" Kraus
Nina Shipman Girl
Pat Rosson Walt
Rand Brooks The Man
Richard Reeves 1st Policeman,Gil Craig
Robert Easton Moose Mallory
Roy Roberts Mr. Morgan
Sid Melton Diamond Jim
Bing Russell Ranger
Chet Stratton Mr. Haggerty
Dick Winslow Seymour Farber
Dort Clark Mr. Andrews
Henry Hunter The Mayor
Jan Arvan Poppa
Johnny Jacobs TV Announcer
Kathleen O'Malley The Wife
Ken Hunt Catcher
Lesley-Marie Colburn Girl
Lurene Tuttle Mrs. Morton
Mike Gordon Patrolman Finkel
Pat McCaffrie 2nd Policeman
Peter Robbins Elmer Dudley
Pitt Herbert Williams
Sarah Ross Dancer
Ted Eccles Wilbur
Tom McBride Mr. Hazlett
Val Avery Marty
Walter Woolf King Mr. Hadley,George Washington
Zalman King The Beard
Al Checco Duke Feinberg (Bartender)
Audrey Swanson Teller
Bella Bruck Momma
Bill Couch Man
Jim Gruzal Patrolman Ball
Jimmy Lennon Ring Announcer
Joe Brooks 1st Workman
Joe Devlin Police Sergeant
Kimberly Beck Little Girl
Monty Margetts Anna Farber
Murray Alper 2nd Man
Ralph Smiley Reporter
Ray Montgomery Man #1
Tom Curtis Doorman
Tommy Farrell Assistant

Technical Credits
Charles Barton Director
David Alexander Director
Earl Bellamy Director
Ezra Stone Director
Jerry Paris Director
Joseph Pevney Director
Lawrence Dobkin Director
Norman Abbott Director
Seymour Berns Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc 1, Side A
1. Meet the Folks [2:48]
2. Who Are the Munsters? [8:19]
3. At the Party [11:00]
4. Invited In [3:19]
1. A Wonderful Evening [2:46]
2. Love Potion [10:58]
3. The Wrong Recipient [9:52]
4. Animal Magnetism [1:50]
1. Dead on Your Feet [2:21]
2. Monster Talk [13:15]
3. The Midnight Marauder [8:29]
4. Insomnia Cured [1:22]
1. Having a Baby [2:51]
2. Ask Dr. Dudley [7:06]
3. Used Cars [12:51]
4. Happy Birthday [2:36]
1. Underground Draft [3:01]
2. Breaking Into the Cellar [10:34]
3. Shafted by the Pikes [10:00]
4. It's in the Blood [1:50]
1. Trying to Lose Weight [2:11]
2. Physical Examination [8:44]
3. Special Diet [11:54]
4. Munster in Uniform [2:34]
Side #2 -- Disc 1, Side B
1. Eddie's Flunking [1:41]
2. Second Chance [11:29]
3. The Science Fair [10:37]
4. A New Project [1:37]
1. Tying Knots [2:22]
2. The Masked Marvel [10:54]
3. Throwing the Match [10:02]
4. A Real Hero [2:07]
1. One of Those Days [2:18]
2. Herman's Twin Brother [12:57]
3. A No-Good Phony [8:27]
4. It Better Be Good [1:42]
1. Mail - Order Bride [3:10]
2. One Foot in the Grave [8:45]
3. Sign the Papers [11:17]
4. The Black Widow [2:12]
1. Dead Tired [3:03]
2. A Regular Monster [12:09]
3. Robbing the Bank [7:35]
4. Good to Be Back [2:36]
1. Turning Water Into Gas [2:30]
2. Gas Pills and Sleeping Potions [11:07]
3. The Oil Prince [9:18]
4. Off the Market [2:30]
1. The Average Family [1:44]
2. Chosen by Statistics [11:35]
3. Getting the Shot [9:47]
4. Laughing it Off [2:18]
Side #3 -- Disc 2, Side A
1. Going for Good [3:41]
2. He'll Be Back [8:39]
3. Night Club Count [11:13]
4. Back With the Family [1:50]
1. Overdrawn [1:58]
2. Lily Gets a Job [11:25]
3. Reading Palms [11:04]
4. Holding Hands [:59]
1. Going Camping [2:30]
2. The Great Outdoors [10:34]
3. Running With the Pack [10:09]
4. De-Wolfed [2:10]
1. Kicked Out of College [2:19]
2. A Full Scholarship [9:41]
3. Fair Play [11:08]
4. Moose and Marilyn [2:19]
1. Herman the Ham Operator [3:45]
2. Kid Stuff [9:04]
3. End of the World [10:42]
4. Rude Earthlings [1:56]
1. I Think Eddie's Home [2:07]
2. Call Me "Shorty" [10:18]
3. Growth Potion [11:33]
4. No More of Grandpa's Ideas [1:26]
1. School Pet Fair [2:59]
2. Spoiled Bat [7:01]
3. Sold to Science [13:03]
4. Mistaken Identity [2:23]
Side #4 -- Disc 2, Side B
1. Trust Me [3:00]
2. A Simple Withdrawal [9:07]
3. Caught Making a Deposit [11:41]
4. The Mystery Men [1:39]
1. Parents' Night Invitation [2:16]
2. Dancing Lessons [9:23]
3. Out of Rhythm [12:01]
4. Better at His Own Game [1:46]
1. Moonlighting [1:45]
2. Detective Academy [10:38]
3. Chasing Yourself [11:00]
4. Can't Fail [2:00]
1. Social Requirements [2:31]
2. Party 'Til Dawn [9:58]
3. Marriage Counseling [11:12]
4. Fun at Home [1:43]
1. Eddie's Playmate [2:53]
2. Practical Jokester [10:48]
3. Monkey Business [9:30]
4. Bad Companion [2:17]
1. Eddie's Music [3:15]
2. The Standells [8:48]
3. Gettin' Groovy [11:56]
4. Back to Normal [1:25]
1. Herman Gets Promoted [2:34]
2. Open House [10:47]
3. Our Home Is Our Castle [10:10]
4. The Original Owners [1:54]
Side #5 -- Disc 3, Side A
1. Insurance Fraud [3:04]
2. Staged Accident [12:13]
3. Hollywood Herman [8:30]
4. Taking Care of Business [1:38]
1. Fly Ball [3:15]
2. A Business Proposition [8:23]
3. Tryouts With the Pros [11:24]
4. Here We Go Again [2:23]
1. First Prize Winner [2:45]
2. A Membership at the Club [8:17]
3. Overclubbed [12:32]
4. Keep Up the Chip Shot [1:51]
1. Hitting the Jackpot [2:54]
2. A Golden Opportunity [7:22]
3. Prince Charming [3:08]
4. The Shocking Truth [9:05]
1. A Great Discovery [2:16]
2. Nice Place to Nap [9:00]
3. Rise and Shine [12:12]
4. Wild Assignment [1:57]
1. A Useful Contribution [2:43]
2. Landing a Job [8:52]
3. Getting Jealous [11:11]
4. How the Other Half Lives [2:39]
1. Talent Night [1:44]
2. Magic Slippers [7:57]
3. Tough Act to Follow [12:51]
4. Playing Tricks [2:54]
Side #6 -- Disc 3, Side B
1. Vacation Time Again [2:51]
2. A Real Ghost Town [10:55]
3. Back From the Dead [9:08]
4. No Place Like Home [2:33]
1. The Drag Races [2:41]
2. Fixing Up the Family Coach [8:34]
3. "Drag-u-la" [12:22]
4. Loosened Up [1:43]
1. Demanding a Raise [3:23]
2. Fired? [7:52]
3. All Washed Up [12:29]
4. You're So Forceful [1:42]
1. Herman to the Rescue [2:38]
2. Telling Tall Tales [9:49]
3. Face to Face [10:59]
4. We Believe You [1:55]

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Munsters: Complete First Season 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It's so refreshing to watch something that is just clean-cut fun and innocent nasty language, no indecency of any kind. Being a baby boomer, I miss such humor on t.v.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Munsters is one of my favorite classic sitcoms and I got into watching this when the TV Land chanel added it to their lineup and I was really happy when a couple of years ago I got the complete first season on DVD for my birthday but I was disappointed that one of the discs was defective. An episode on the A side of disc one called A Walk on The Mild Side played great until the last scene and then skipped and froze. I have since gotten a new set and every episode plays perfectly including A Walk on the Mild Side. Be careful when buying this set and make sure you watch the episodes right away so you can return it if you get a bad disc. Also be careful buying used copies, there are probably alot of used sets floating around that have bad discs.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have long loved both the Addams Family & the Munsters and am so happy the latter is finally out on DVD. This was an adorable, heart-warming & funny little show. Herman , was a wonderful caring father & husband who loved his family and tried to do right by them even if he messed up at times. He was a big scary looking fellow ( Frankenstein look alike)but with a heart of gold which shows you can't really judge a book by its cover ! I thought it soo funny how they thought there was nothing strange about themselves and as 'immigrants' tried to assimilate into their new culture. They were also very patriotic citizens. This was and continues to be a great show !
Guest More than 1 year ago
What can I say except I loved this show growing up!!!! My Dad and I would just sit and laugh till it hurt. It is part of great childhood memories, glad to finally see it on DVD to last and last.Can't wait till the MUNSTER TV MOVIE, MUNSTERS GO HOME is available
Anonymous More than 1 year ago