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Murder She Wrote - The Complete First Season

Murder She Wrote - The Complete First Season

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Director: Alan Cooke, Allen Reisner, Arthur A. Seidelman

Cast: Alan Cooke, Allen Reisner, Angela Lansbury, Arthur A. Seidelman

Angela Lansbury stars as Jessica Fletcher, a mystery novelist who is frequently called upon to play sleuth in real life in this collection of episodes from the long-running television series Murder, She Wrote. Murder, She Wrote: The Complete First Season features all 21 installments from the show's first season, which aired in 1984-1985, as well as


Angela Lansbury stars as Jessica Fletcher, a mystery novelist who is frequently called upon to play sleuth in real life in this collection of episodes from the long-running television series Murder, She Wrote. Murder, She Wrote: The Complete First Season features all 21 installments from the show's first season, which aired in 1984-1985, as well as The Murder of Sherlock Holmes, the made-for-TV movie which served as a pilot for the series. Episodes include "Deadly Lady, "Birds of a Feather, "Hooray for Homicide, "It's a Dog's Life, "Lovers and Other Killers, "Hit, Run and Homicide, "We're Off to Kill the Wizard, "Death Takes a Curtain Call, "Death Casts a Spell, "Capitol Offense, "Broadway Malady, "Murder to a Jazz Beat, "My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean, "Paint Me a Murder, "Tough Guys Don't Die, "Sudden Death, "Footnote to Murder, "Murder Takes the Bus, "Armed Response, "Murder at the Oasis, and "Murder at Fifty Mile."

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Conceived in the fertile imaginations of Columbo creators Richard Levinson, William Link, and Peter S. Fischer, this popular CBS mystery series provided Reagan-era TV viewers with a pleasant throwback to the classic movie whodunits of an earlier era. Murder, She Wrote stuck closely to a formula established at the outset of the series, relying on ingenious and complicated scripts that always supplied a satisfying denouement in which the murderer -- usually the least likely suspect -- was unmasked by one of TV's most unassuming sleuths. Angela Lansbury portrayed English teacher turned mystery writer Jessica Fletcher, who found herself in the middle of more crime scenes than any middle-aged woman could possibly imagine -- even in her hometown of Cabot Cove, Maine. The 21 episodes of Season 1, most written by Fischer, establish the show’s tradition of parading familiar Hollywood faces in guest roles. Among the highlights of the season are "Hooray for Homicide," a star-studded romp that finds Jessica in Hollywood to protest the adaptation of one of her novels into a trashy movie. This episode introduces Claude Akins in the semi-regular character of police Capt. Ethan Cragg; another recurring character (playing Watson to Jessica's Sherlock Holmes) was Tom Bosley, as Sheriff Amos Tupper. "Death Takes a Curtain Call" reunites Lansbury with Hurd Hatfield, her costar in 1945's The Picture of Dorian Gray, in the story of a backstage murder that disrupts a ballet. "Murder to a Jazz Beat" finds Jessica investigating the unexpected onstage death of a popular New Orleans musician. And "Tough Guys Don't Die" involves the search for a private investigator's killer. That episode also introduces semi-regular Jerry Orbach as private eye Harry McGraw, who eventually went on to star in a short-lived spin-off series of his own.

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Angela Lansbury Jessica Beatrice McGill Fletcher
Andrew Stevens David Tolliver
Arthur Hill Preston Giles
Bobby Sherman Jimmy Firth
Bruce Jenner Zak Farrell
Cesar Romero Diego Santana
Christine Belford Erica Baldwin
Claude Akins Capt. Ethan Cragg
Clu Gulager Carl Mestin
Dan O'Herlihy Denton Langley
Jason Evers Marshall MacGill
Jeff Conaway Howard Griffin
Jerry Orbach Harry McGraw
José Ferrer The Amazing Cagliostro
Kevin McCarthy Milton Porter
Paul Sand Horace Lynchfield
Piper Laurie Peggy Shannon
Stephen Macht Dan Keppner
Tom Bosley Sheriff Amos Tupper
Vivian Blaine Rita Bristol
Barbara Babcock Priscilla Daniels
Belinda Montgomery Pamela MacGill Crane
Carol Lawrence Candice Drake
Clive Revill Jonathan Hawley
David Wayne Cyrus Leffingwell
Diana Canova Joan Germaine
Dick Butkus Tank Mason
James Coco Horatio Baldwin
Joseph Bottoms Mickey Shannon
Linda Kelsey Diana Simms
Lorna Luft Patti Bristol
Lynn Redgrave Abby Freestone
Ned Beatty Chief Roy Gunderson
Pat Harrington Melvin Comstock
Peter Graves Dr. Edmund Gerard
Ron Moody Insp. Henry Kyle
Samantha Eggar Marta Quintessa
Stella Stevens Sally Mestin
Stephen Elliott Dr. Sam Garver
Alex Rocco Ernie Santini
Andrew Prine Prof. Todd Lowery
Bert Convy Peter Brill
Cameron Mitchell Dr. Aaron Kramer
Diana Muldaur Alexis Post
Dick Gautier Mike
Doran Clark Nancy Earl
Jared Martin Spenser Langley
Kathleen Beller Mary Carver
Kim Darby Laurie Bascomb
Linda Purl Terry Shannon
Martin Kove Dr. Gary Ellison
Melissa Sue Anderson Eve Crystal
Michael Constantine Ben Gibbons
Murray Hamilton Bud Michaels
Nicholas Pryor Harry Parmel
Robert Morse Marc Faber
Rosemary Forsyth Andrea Reed
James Stewart Sir John Landry
Van Johnson Daniel O'Brien
Warren Berlinger Pat Patillo
William Conrad Maj. Anatole Karzoff
Genie Francis Victoria Brandon
George DiCenzo Michael Gardner
Gerald O'Loughlin Ray Kravitz
Grant Goodeve Jack Schroeder
Herb Edelman Bus Driver
Howard Duff Ralph
John Astin Ross Hayley
John Beck Web McCord
June Allyson Katie Simmons
Ken Howard Sgt. Barnes
Lawrence Pressman George Reed
Lenore Kasdorf Trish Langley
Linda Blair Jane Pascal
Mitchell Ryan Ray Dixon
Noah Beery Doc Wallace
Olivia Cole Callie Coleman
Patrick O'Neal Si Parrish
Robert Goulet Willard Kauffman
Robert Loggia Joe Kellijian
Robert Reed Adrian Winslow
Sam Groom Dr. Wed Kenton
Vickie Kriegler Natalia
Bart Braverman Bill Patterson
Cherie Currie Echo Cramer
Constance Forslund Lucinda Lark
Cristina Raines Margo Santana
Fritz Weaver Judge Lambert
Gary Lockwood Commissioner Harris Talmadge
Gary Sandy Joe Blinn
Gene Evans Leo Hollander
George de la Pena Alexander
J.D. Cannon Bill Carmody
Joey Bishop Buster Bailey
Jose Perez Lt. Mike Hernandez
Kay Lenz Jennie Wells
Leslie Nielsen Capt. Daniels
Lois Nettleton Amelia Browne
Marilyn Hassett Maggie Earl
Mayf Nutter Zack Bernard
Michael Horton Grady Fletcher
Patti D'Arbanville Leslie
Richard Erdman Eggman
Stan Shaw Eddie Walters
Terence Knox Steve Pascal

Technical Credits
Alan Cooke Director
Allen Reisner Director
Arthur A. Seidelman Director
Charles S. Dubin Director
Corey Allen Director
Edward M. Abroms Director
Hy Averback Director
John Llewellyn Moxey Director
Peter Crane Director
Richard A. Colla Director
Seymour Robbie Director
Walter E. Grauman Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc 1, Side A
1. Having a Ball [27:09]
2. Confidential Information [36:33]
3. Anonymous Tip [16:54]
4. Finding Out for Herself [12:48]
1. Suspicious Storm [12:05]
2. No Accident [11:23]
3. The Engagement [12:24]
4. Sibling Rivalry [12:40]
1. Unexpected Visit [15:18]
2. Howard's Interrogation [10:55]
3. Ulterior Motives [13:37]
4. Giving Him a Shot [6:35]
Side #2 -- Disc 1, Side B
1. Trashy Rewrite [15:45]
2. Murder on Stage Three [8:13]
3. "Prime Suspect" [14:14]
4. Finishing the Picture [10:19]
1. Carried Away [15:48]
2. A Second Investigation [8:46]
3. Whistle Blower [15:09]
4. Dog Gone Trial [8:45]
1. Super Secretary [14:22]
2. Meeting the Alibi [10:34]
3. "In the Shoes of a Murderer" [10:54]
4. Jealous Admirers [12:40]
1. Bad Driving [13:09]
2. Joyride [13:35]
3. Remote Control [12:46]
4. Ease Off the Speed [8:58]
Side #3 -- Disc 2, Side A
1. Horrible Horatio [14:33]
2. Airport Security [11:46]
3. Bookkeeping [8:28]
4. Misdirection [13:40]
1. Making a Scene [11:19]
2. Followed [13:51]
3. Obstructing Justice [7:39]
4. Offstage [15:41]
1. The Great Cagliostro [16:44]
2. Memory Lock [6:50]
3. Trapeze Act [14:32]
4. Posthypnotic Suggestion [10:23]
1. Congressional Duty [13:18]
2. Gut Instinct [7:50]
3. Back Scratching [13:52]
4. Speaking Up [13:30]
Side #4 -- Disc 2, Side B
1. False Expectations [13:21]
2. Drowning in Sorrow [10:43]
3. Strung Out [13:28]
4. Filling the Role [10:59]
1. A New Sound [18:14]
2. Publicity Stunt [10:12]
3. Ms. Emma [10:32]
4. Hitting a Bad Note [9:31]
1. Bottled Up [14:42]
2. Pushed Around [10:42]
3. Overdose [13:28]
4. Drunken Proof [9:37]
1. "Happy Birthday, Amigo" [14:12]
2. Threat of Death [12:40]
3. Deadly Quarrel [9:57]
4. Right-Hand Man [11:40]
Side #5 -- Disc 3, Side A
1. Gunned Down [17:36]
2. Head Honcho [9:50]
3. Unresolved Mystery [7:52]
4. Blackmail [13:10]
1. Playing the Game [18:16]
2. No-Cut Contract [7:59]
3. Getting Hurt [11:35]
4. Turnover [10:37]
1. Rivalry of Writers [17:05]
2. Poking Around [7:41]
3. Swift Confession [15:56]
4. Protecting the Copyright [7:47]
1. One-Way Ticket [14:22]
2. Emergency Damper [11:29]
3. Not the Cause of Death [11:43]
4. Getting Off the Bus [11:50]
Side #6 -- Disc 3, Side B
1. Texas Hospitality [14:34]
2. Fancy Folks [10:30]
3. "Reading People" [12:02]
4. Doctored Up [11:29]
1. Overprotective [13:46]
2. Inside Job [10:26]
3. "Something to Hold On To" [13:31]
4. Getting the Picture [10:50]
1. Ill Will [16:25]
2. Process of Elimination [8:44]
3. Western Warning [10:24]
4. The Truth About Mary [12:58]

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