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My Dog Skip

My Dog Skip

4.8 7
Director: Jay Russell

Cast: Frankie Muniz, Diane Lane, Luke Wilson


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The popular memoir by Pulitzer prize-winning author Willie Morris became this family comedy-drama about a boy and his dog. Young Willie Morris (Frankie Muniz) is a shy eight-year-old in 1942 Yazoo, MS, who is more comfortable reading than playing sports. A target for local bullies, Willie's only real pal is his older next-door neighbor Dink Jenkins (Luke Wilson), once


The popular memoir by Pulitzer prize-winning author Willie Morris became this family comedy-drama about a boy and his dog. Young Willie Morris (Frankie Muniz) is a shy eight-year-old in 1942 Yazoo, MS, who is more comfortable reading than playing sports. A target for local bullies, Willie's only real pal is his older next-door neighbor Dink Jenkins (Luke Wilson), once the town's living sports legend and a big brother figure to Willie, an only child. When Dink is shipped overseas for service in World War II, Willie's mother Ellen (Diane Lane) finally forces his gruff father Jack (Kevin Bacon) to allow into the family a pet dog, a Jack Russell terrier named Skip. The smart and playful Skip gets his owner into a series of adventures on the baseball field and with a band of moonshiners, quickly turning Willie into a popular, accepted kid who even wins the affections of the school's prettiest girl, Rivers Applewhite (Caitlin Wachs). In the meantime, Dink returns from war branded a coward for an incident that occurred in combat but finds an unexpected ally in the normally taciturn Jack, a fellow veteran. Harry Connick Jr. narrated as the adult Willie; the role of Skip was played in later scenes by Moose, the pooch star of television's Frasier.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
An unabashedly sentimental coming-of-age story, My Dog Skip lovingly depicts life in a small Mississippi town, as seen through the eyes of a sensitive young boy. Wide-eyed Frankie Muniz (of the hit Fox sitcom "Malcolm in the Middle") plays Willie, a socially awkward, athletically challenged youth whose doting mom (Diane Lane) gives him a puppy over the objections of his disciplinarian dad (Kevin Bacon). With the faithful "Skipper" for a constant companion, Willie tackles the challenges posed by adolescence and grows into an assured young man. Based on an autobiographical novella by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Willie Morris, My Dog Skip re-creates World War II-era Mississippi with painstaking accuracy, confronting with admirable objectivity such issues as racial segregation and the plight of returning veterans. Director Jay Russell doesn't shy away from scenes of high drama, but he infuses the film with warmth and humor, guaranteeing a memorable viewing experience for the whole family.
All Movie Guide - Laura Abraham
In our current world fed and financed by the cynical individual, Jay Russell's My Dog Skip is a refreshing breath of old-time nostalgia. My Dog Skip is a film that will, on the one hand, entertain the kids because of the constant antics involving the dog, but also interest the adults because of the warmth and intensity of the characters. The movie takes some liberties with Willie Norris' original story, but on the whole stays true to the nature of the book. The sweet, truthful nature of the film, coupled with the superb acting of young, Frankie Muniz make this a treat for all. Animal lovers in the audience will relate with the idea of having a pet so important in your life you remember them forever. My Dog Skip is a nice movie, plain and simple.

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Warner Home Video
[Wide Screen]
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Special Features

Additional Scenes; 2 Commentaries: Frankie Muniz and Animal Trainer Mathilde de Cagney; ; Director Jay Russell; Theatrical Trailer

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Frankie Muniz Willie Morris
Diane Lane Ellen Morris
Luke Wilson Dink Jenkins
Kevin Bacon Jack Morris
Caitlin Wachs Rivers Applewhite
Bradley Coryell Big Boy Wilkinson
Daylan Honeycutt Henjie Henick
Cody Linley Spit McGee
Peter Crombie Junior Smalls
Clint Howard Millard
Harry Connick Narrator
Enzo the Dog Skip
Moose the Dog Skip (older)
Courtney Brown Snake Girl
Lucille Ewing Aunt Maggie
Jordan Williams Lt. Hartman
John M. Sullivan Hunter
Winston Groom Mr. Goodloe
Bill Butler Barney
Mark Beech Army Buddy
Susan Carol Davis Mrs. Jenkins
David Pickens Mr. Jenkins
Polly Craig Grandmother Mamie
John Stiritz Grandfather Percy
Elizabeth Rice Rivers' Friend
Nate Bynum Man on Street
Stacie Doublin Woman on Street
Katherine Shoulders Mrs. Applewhite
Nathaniel Lee Sammy
Joann Blankenship Miss Abbott
Hunter Hays Accordion Boy
Cannon Smith Bible Boy
Brian Witt Armpit Boy
Jerome Jerald Waldo Grace
Stuart Greenwell Hunter
Harry Hood Baseball Coach
Gordon Swaim Umpire
Owen Boutwell Spectator
Chaon Cross Spectator
Jim Fraiser Veterinarian
Graham Gordy Pump Jockey
Michael Berkshire Older Willie
Wayne Wimberly Older Spit
Josh Yates Older Henjie
James Thweat Older Big Boy
William Ross Conductor

Technical Credits
Jay Russell Director,Executive Producer
Steve Aaron Sound Mixer
Deva Anderson Musical Direction/Supervision
Bridget Bergman Makeup
David J. Bomba Production Designer
Stephen Bourgeois Special Effects
James L. Carter Cinematographer
Will Cauthen Consultant/advisor
Cary Cook Cinematographer
Joan Cunningham Asst. Director
Jonathon Dickson Consultant/advisor
Tracy Doyle Set Decoration/Design
Marty P. Ewing Executive Producer
Bryan Ewing Consultant/advisor
Stephen Flick Sound/Sound Designer
Edi Giguere Costumes/Costume Designer
Gail Gilchriest Screenwriter
John Lee Hancock Producer
Mark Johnson Producer
Broderick Johnson Producer
Andrew Kosove Producer
Marty Layton Camera Operator
Drew Malone Consultant/advisor
Mindy Marin Casting
Charles Maynes Sound Editor
Gai McCullen Costumes/Costume Designer
Sunny Meyer Sound Mixer
Tim Monich Consultant/advisor
Angela Nunez Costumes/Costume Designer
Marshall Peck Asst. Director,Casting
Chris Peusch Consultant/advisor
Kenner Purvis Consultant/advisor
David Rings Consultant/advisor
Kris Rosamond Consultant/advisor
Ray Rosamond Consultant/advisor
Harvey Rosenstock Editor
William Ross Score Composer
Christopher Stoia Asst. Director
Gary Winter Editor
Matthew Zeringue Special Effects


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My Dog Skip 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Willie Morris is an 8 year old with one friend. There really was a Willie Morris. He was born around 1935. His best friend is his nextdoor neighbor and baseball player Dink Jackins. When the movie begins, Dink is about to join World War II. Willie doesn't have any other friends. On the day that Dink is shipped off, he gives his cap to Willie Morris. And tells him to write letters and give them to his mom. His mom decides to throw her son a party. On the day of the party, his guests are old people. His grandfather gives him Huck Finn. His father give him his old teddy bear. And his mom gives him a puppy. But his father doesn't want Willie to have a dog, he thinks he is still too young to have a dog. One night, his mom sneaks into his room and leave the dog there. Willie wakes up. He names the dog Skipper, Skip for short. And soon they go to movies together. His father was in a war and lost his leg. One day when you goes into a store he meets Rivers Applewhite. That spring, surpises happen to him. His father lets him join Little League and Rivers Applewhite lets him hold her hand. During the first game of the year, Skip runs out onto the field and to Willie Morris. Willie tels him to go home and hits him. When Willie does come home he discovers that Skip has run away. And now he starts searching for him. Rivers yells at him and then helps him look for skip but not for Willie Morris. Willie Morris find he the local cemetry hit by a bad man. And soon Skip is at the vet. And his father and mother, and soon his other family members outside his house find out and they are at the vet too prying that Skip doesn't die. Will Skip live? Watch the movie to find out. And if you watch the movie make sure to have tissues ready just in case you start crying.
BrandywinePA More than 1 year ago
Wonderful movie in an era in which Trains had names, Neighbors were with you for a lifetime and the moral compass was uncluttered with the complexity of modern life. I watch it frequently and long for a nation that we have long ago lost-- and the simplicity and innocence of a love between boy and dog, family and friends.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you love dogs, you'll love this movie. If you don't have to wipe tears from your eyes 4 times at a minimum, you don't have a heart. Tremendous story and great acting make this lesser known movie a great pick.
Guest More than 1 year ago
One of the best movie that I ever saw! Also it was the best way I ever saw a relationship with a boy and his dog. But make sure you bring some tissues. This movie isn't just for dog lovers, but it's good for all people.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was one of the best dog movies EVER! If you're a dog lover, WATCH THIS MOVIE! You will not be disappointed! P.S. Bring tissues!
Guest More than 1 year ago
My Dog Skip is a FANTASTIC movie for EVERYBODY!!! Showing the relationship between a boy who's only friend enters the War he soon finds a new friend. A DOG he got for his birthday. His dog grows onto him and soon gets him some friends. None that compare to Skip though. "Skip helped me turn from a boy to a man." A great tagline from the movie. Shows what a true relationship a person can have with their pets.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago