My Name Is Bruce

My Name Is Bruce

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Cast: Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi, Grace Thorsen, Taylor Sharpe


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When an ancient curse besets the small town of Gold Lick (population 339), the naïve young fans of B-movie icon Bruce Campbell kidnap their larger-than-life cinema idol in hopes that he will save the terrified residents from the vengeful Chinese God of War. As the rampaging demon sets out to collect as many heads as possible, the…  See more details below


When an ancient curse besets the small town of Gold Lick (population 339), the naïve young fans of B-movie icon Bruce Campbell kidnap their larger-than-life cinema idol in hopes that he will save the terrified residents from the vengeful Chinese God of War. As the rampaging demon sets out to collect as many heads as possible, the cowardly but egotistical actor has no other choice but to square off against a supernatural force so powerful it may just swallow every last soul in town.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Jason Buchanan
Few movies possess enough sheer goofball power to make Army of Darkness look like a chamber drama, and though Bruce Campbell's ultra-meta sophomore directorial effort, My Name Is Bruce, may not go quite that far over the top in delivering the kind of slapstick mayhem that's made Campbell one of cult fandom's hottest commodities, it comes damn close. Fast-paced, ridiculously self-depreciating, and fueled by a manic energy that's so outlandish it washes over the viewer with the giddiness of a B-movie fever dream, it's an enormous step up from Campbell's disappointing directorial debut, Man with the Screaming Brain. Likewise, it's sure to satisfy Evil Dead fans due to the fact that it's essentially a scaled-down, contemporary working of the Army of Darkness model (cocky jackass defends the frightened locals from an invading supernatural force) and that the alternate-universe Campbell presented here is, for all intents and purposes, an Ash-ified version of his own bad self. Confused yet? Here's the rundown... The setting is Gold Lick, OR, a small mining town in the middle of nowhere. Unruly Bruce Campbell fan Jeff (Taylor Sharpe) and his pals are causing a ruckus in the local graveyard when they inadvertently awaken Guan-Di (Jamie Peck), the Chinese god of war and protector of the dead (he's got a soft spot for bean curd too). Barely escaping the immortal wrath of Guan-Di, Jeff realizes that the only person capable of protecting the citizens of Gold Lick is Bruce Campbell, his favorite B-movie superstar. After all, Bruce has dispatched countless aliens, beasties, and demons on the big screen, so what's a little Chinese god of war to a guy who's defeated entire armies of the undead? When soliciting Bruce's services the conventional way (i.e., knocking on his door) fails to yield the results Jeff was hoping for, the quick-thinking teen innovates -- luring the hooch-fueled star from his trailer with a fresh bottle before knocking him unconscious, stuffing him in the trunk, and racing back home. Unfortunately for the residents of Gold Lick, Bruce's heroic onscreen persona doesn't exactly translate into real-world situations; not only is Jeff's creature feature idol brash, arrogant, and completely clueless, but he's convinced that his smooth talking manager (Ted Raimi) has set the whole thing up as some kind of elaborate birthday surprise. Eventually, Bruce decides to play along, and agrees to take on Guan-Di for little more than a hearty meal and a steady flow of stiff drinks. Alas, Guan-Di is very real, and by the time Bruce realizes that the entire town is in mortal danger, it's far too late to run away. It's not essential that one be familiar with Campbell's previous work to get a kick out of My Name Is Bruce, but it certainly helps. Shot with a shoestring budget on Bruce's own property in Oregon to take advantage of the state's tax-rebate incentive, the movie is overflowing with references to his previous efforts, ensuring that the die-hard fanboys get their fair share of in-jokes while the casual viewer gets a hilarious crash course in the ways of the one they call "The Chin." There's no question that Campbell has a truly unique relationship with his fans, and here he gets a golden opportunity to strike back at hypercritical genre geeks while poking plenty of fun at his smarmy, suave public persona. The whole affair is unapologetically silly, but it's also smartly made, and features plenty of fun directorial flourishes. It's virtually impossible to harbor any ill will toward a flick made with such obvious love for both the genre and the fans, and the fact that it's entertaining as hell can only serve to win the director-star a few new converts as well. So sit back, crack open a pint of Shemp's Hooch, and prepare for a rowdy night of grade-A schlock cinema.

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Special Features

Feature-length commentary with director/actor Bruce Campbell and producer Mike Richardson; Documentary: Heart of Dorkness - The making of My Name Is Bruce; Featurettes: Bruce on..., Beyond the Cave: The making of Cavealien 2, "kif's" Korner, Awkward moments with "kif," ove Birds, The Hard Truth News from Hollywood - The real Bruce Campbell; Cavealien 2 trailer, My Name Is Bruce trailer; Poster art gallery; Props art gallery; Photo gallery

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Bruce Campbell Bruce Campbell
Ted Raimi Mills Toddner,Wing/Luigi
Grace Thorsen Kelly Graham
Taylor Sharpe Jeff
Dan Hicks Dirt Farmer
Ellen Sandweiss Cheryl
Tim Quill Frank
Jamie Peck Guan-Di,Cavealien monster
Ben McCain Mayor
Logan Martin Clayton
Ali Akay Little Debbie
Ariel Badenhop Big Debbie
Jennifer Brown Petra
Kurt Rauf Cinematographer
Mike Kallio Hack Director
Adam Boyd Tiny

Technical Credits
Bruce Campbell Director,Producer
Mike Bingham Art Director
George Costello Production Designer
Joseph Lo Duca Score Composer
Claudia Everett Costumes/Costume Designer
Kurt Rauf Cinematographer
Tia Reagan Casting
Mike Richardson Producer
Craig Sanborn Associate Producer
Scott Smith Editor
Chris Tongue Associate Producer
Mark Verheiden Screenwriter

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- My Name Is Bruce
1. Guan-Di Is His Name [1:14]
2. Waking the Demon [6:59]
3. On the Set [4:46]
4. Ol' Ten Percent [4:52]
5. Middle of the Night [6:36]
6. The Wrath [3:38]
7. Welcome to Gold Lick [5:21]
8. The Presentation [7:01]
9. Cleaned Up [8:04]
10. It's Time [4:55]
11. Just a Coward [7:07]
12. Second Thoughts [4:53]
13. Not the Same Man [3:28]
14. W.W.B.C.D? [10:43]
15. Happy Ending [1:32]
16. End Credits [2:47]


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My Name Is Bruce 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
mleiv More than 1 year ago
The two Guan-Di folk-singers were definitely the best part of the whole film. Also, the bit when Bruce tosses a frail old lady (and her little kitty!) out of her car and she yells after him something to the effect of "You were the worst thing in Mindwarp!" (All of the characters insult him using various obscure films. I can tell I have a lot of older Bruce Campbell films yet to watch-!) I haven't dug my way through all the extras yet, but the comic book insert was entertaining and the behind-the-scenes special has been very interesting/silly so far.

It's not an "Airplane!"-level uber-comedy, but it would be almost as funny to a group of drunken Campbell fans competing for obscure trivia cred. In other words, highly recommended! :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I wanted to get this for my husband for valentines day. I did not have enough time to get it online where the price was $19.95 so I went to B&N. It was $27.95. It was a terrible movie, threw it away after watching once and we are HUGE Bruce Campbell fans. Will never buy another DVD from B&N
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago