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Cast: Mike Leigh, David Thewlis, Lesley Sharp, Katrin Cartlidge


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A scathing look at Britain in the post-Thatcher era, Mike Leigh's Naked stars David Thewlis as Johnny, an unemployed layabout with a philosophical bent and a nasty edge. In the opening scene, he's committing rape, and before the credits even roll, he's also stolen a car to flee from Manchester to the London home of an old girlfriend (Lesley Sharp). The film's


A scathing look at Britain in the post-Thatcher era, Mike Leigh's Naked stars David Thewlis as Johnny, an unemployed layabout with a philosophical bent and a nasty edge. In the opening scene, he's committing rape, and before the credits even roll, he's also stolen a car to flee from Manchester to the London home of an old girlfriend (Lesley Sharp). The film's loose, sprawling narrative follows Johnny as he randomly makes his way through the streets of London, encountering a homeless Scottish couple, a nightwatchman and a series of women whom he charms and discards. He lives defiantly outside of the system, refusing to conform to the demands of anyone (including himself).

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Craig Butler
Both hailed and criticized for its bleakness and its basically brutal treatment of women, Naked is an intensely powerful and disturbing motion picture experience. Director Mike Leigh is making a pull-no-punches statement about late 20th century Britain, specifically about the manner in which social systems enable (and allegedly encourage) the strong to abuse the weak. This includes Johnny, a down-and-out drifter with a keen intellect and razor-sharp wit. Victimized by this system, he in turn takes his anger out on those weaker than he, generally women and specifically those who express feelings of warmth or concern toward him. The brutality with which Johnny (and others) treat many of the women in the film is difficult to take; indeed, much of the film is challenging to watch, as there is a rawness and hopelessness that permeates the film. This is leavened by a great deal of humor, as Johnny's brilliant mind can always come up with surprising and amusing comments; but even the humor is of a black or mean bent. Many will be turned off by all of this, but many will also find it exhilarating, thanks to David Thewlis's brilliant acting and Leigh's assured and masterly handling of the material. Thewlis gives one of the most impressive screen performances of the 1990s; his Johnny may be mean, bitter, and almost unbearably angry, but he can also be charming, witty, and even at times sympathetic. Thewlis conveys the quiet desperation that lies beneath the character's unpleasant characteristics, and makes the viewer feel for him, even as he feels repulsed. It is a fascinating portrait. Naked is often horrible to watch, but those who can do so without looking away will be amply rewarded.

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Special Features

Disc 1 - New, restored high-definition digital transfer, supervised and approved by director Mike Leigh; Audio commentary by Leigh and actors David Thewlis and Katrin Cartlidge; Original theatrical trailer; Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing; ; Disc 2 - exclusive new video interview with director Neil LaBute (In the Company of Men); The Art Zone: "The Conversation," a BBC program featuring author Will Self interviewing Leigh; The Short and Curlies, a short comedy from 1987 directed by Leigh and starring Thewlis; New essays by film critics Derek Malcolm and Amy Taubin

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
David Thewlis Johnny
Lesley Sharp Louise
Katrin Cartlidge Sophie
Greg Cruttwell Jeremy
Claire Skinner Sandra
Mike Leigh Actor
Lesley Sharpe Actor
Peter Wight Brian
Susan Vidler Maggie
Deborah MacLaren Woman In Window
Gina McKee Cafe Girl
Elizabeth Berrington Giselle
Ewen Bremner Archie
Robert Putt Chauffeur
Peter Whitman Mr. Halpern
David Foxxe Tea Bar Owner
Sandra Voe Bag Lady
Toby Jones Man in Tea Bar

Technical Credits
Mike Leigh Director,Screenwriter
Christine Blundell Makeup
Simon Channing-Williams Producer
Alison Chitty Production Designer
Andrew Dickson Score Composer
Andrew Dixon Score Composer
Jon Gregory Editor
Lindy Hemming Costumes/Costume Designer
Steven Jones-Evans Production Designer
Dick Pope Camera Operator,Cinematographer
Eve Stewart Art Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Naked, Disc 1
1. Logos [:35]
2. In the Alley [1:25]
3. Drive South/Opening Credits [2:06]
4. Sophie Meets Johnny [4:29]
5. Sebastian or Jeremy [:36]
6. Louise [3:19]
7. A Room of Her Own [3:27]
8. An Intelligence Test [2:33]
9. Dead Handsome [2:05]
10. The Butterfly Effect [4:07]
11. The Human Body [1:39]
12. "Leave Me Alone!" [3:49]
13. Highland Fling [5:19]
14. Comes a Lassie [3:55]
15. Silent Rant [2:34]
16. Postmodernist Gas Chamber [4:14]
17. The Invisible and the Seen [3:35]
18. The Mark of the Beast [4:47]
19. The Incipient Croak [2:53]
20. "And the Omelet Stinks" [1:37]
21. "What's in the Round Window?" [2:27]
22. Isadora Duncan [6:18]
23. Death's Head [1:53]
24. "Don't Waste Your Life" [:59]
25. Killing Time [2:15]
26. A Visitor [1:56]
27. "What Did I Do to Deserve You?" [2:10]
28. Homerphobia [3:38]
29. The Landlord From Hell [2:04]
30. Dead Dog Christmas [3:49]
31. At Fifteen in Paris [6:10]
32. Random Canceling [2:10]
33. The Landing [5:15]
34. "Take Me Back to Manchester" [5:52]
35. Return From Zimbabwe [2:03]
36. "Maggot Dick" [3:25]
37. The 100-Meter Vomit [3:25]
38. Sophie With an S [5:26]
39. "Are You Coming Back?" [2:43]
40. The Tin Lid [1:47]
41. Walking Away [2:31]
42. End Credits [2:09]
43. Color Bars [1:49]
1. Introductions [:35]
2. Confronting Yourself [1:25]
3. Relentless Music [2:06]
4. Improvisation [4:29]
5. A Real Masseuse [:36]
6. Deadpan Northern Humor [3:19]
7. Defining the Characters [3:27]
8. Experienced [2:33]
9. Parallel Action [2:05]
10. Books and Books [4:07]
11. Moments of Insecurity [1:39]
12. Contained Environment [3:49]
13. An Accidental Character [5:19]
14. Another Victim [3:55]
15. Homelessness [2:34]
16. Night Rehearsals [4:14]
17. Obsession With Monkey [3:35]
18. Bored By a Sequence [4:47]
19. No Smoking Scene [2:53]
20. Unseen Change [1:37]
21. Playschool [2:27]
22. Difficult, Courageous Part [6:18]
23. Negation and Escape [1:53]
24. Controversy Over Stealing [:59]
25. Comic Moment [2:15]
26. Sophie in Control [1:56]
27. Getting the Joke [2:10]
28. Subtext and Setting [3:38]
29. Distribution of the Film [2:04]
30. Sympathetic Side [3:49]
31. Talking for the First Time [6:10]
32. Subculture of Bill Posting [2:10]
33. Go Whole Hog the Whole Time [5:15]
34. Story behind the Song [5:52]
35. Comic Relief Character [2:03]
36. Getting Red of a Character [3:25]
37. A Love Scene [3:25]
38. Desperate for Any Crumb [5:26]
39. Inevitable Moments [2:43]
40. Leigh's Favorite Scene [1:47]
41. What it All About? [2:31]
42. Chaos in the World [2:09]
43. Color Bars [1:49]
Disc #2 -- Naked, Disc 2
1. Ordinary People [5:05]
2. Spirituality [7:21]
3. Men and Women [6:22]
4. Leigh's Actors [7:30]
5. Identity [5:41]
6. Inner "Johnny" [3:29]
7. Real Name? [1:03]


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Naked 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Mike Leigh has always been an interesting filmmaker, running the gamut from touching to disturbing, but none of his films rings so home on both ends as this. Shot with a bare script and mostly improvised dialogue, it's a film focused on characters and delivers amazing performances across the board, but particularly from David Thewlis, who is mezmerizing as the mentally troubled Johnny. Listening to his breakneck rants, which actually carry a central philosophy of sorts, is a marvel. The film's loose narrative gives plenty of room for the actors to breathe, and shines because of it. Simply put, it's an amazing film.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago