New York Minute

New York Minute

3.3 13
Director: Dennie Gordon, Conrad Palmisano

Cast: Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen


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Marking their first theatrical-release feature since 1995's It Takes Two, the Olsen twins bring their adventures back to the big screen with New York Minute. Billed as a sort of Ferris Bueller's Day Off for tweens, the plot involves the escapades of two enterprising Long Island girls, Roxy (Mary-Kate Olsen) and Jane (Ashley Olsen), as they decideSee more details below


Marking their first theatrical-release feature since 1995's It Takes Two, the Olsen twins bring their adventures back to the big screen with New York Minute. Billed as a sort of Ferris Bueller's Day Off for tweens, the plot involves the escapades of two enterprising Long Island girls, Roxy (Mary-Kate Olsen) and Jane (Ashley Olsen), as they decide to dupe their parents and spend a day on the island of Manhattan. It seems the high-minded Jane has a speech to give to a scholarship committee, while the punky Roxy wants to meet her favorite rock band. When Jane's planner gets swiped, however, the girls find themselves embroiled in a political scandal involving a high-powered senator (Andrea Martin), as their high school's truant officer (Eugene Levy) doggedly pursues them.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
For more than a decade, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's devoted fans have been conditioned to check out their latest films on video rather than the movie theater. So, it is not that surprising that New York Minute was a box-office disappointment. But just as the twin tyke-oons make the leap from direct-to-video to the big screen, so are they taking well-calculated baby steps to extend their phenomenally successful careers into adulthood. New York Minute is part Ferris Bueller's Day Off and part Risky Business, but only in the sense that Ashley Olsen's Jane is just as future-focused as Tom Cruise's character was. Jane can't make a move without her day planner. "Remove stick from butt," sister Roxy (Mary-Kate, duh) derisively adds to Jane's schedule. Roxy, a drummer in a rock band, is "the No. 1 truant in Nassau County." On this day, she schemes to cut school to attend a music video taping, and the unwitting and very reluctant Jane goes along for the wild ride. Did I mention that this is also the very same day Jane is to give a speech that could earn her a scholarship to Oxford? A series of misadventures will detour the estranged sisters and bring them closer together (that's what this day is all about, Charlie Brown). As co-producers, the Olsens are savvy enough to surround themselves with A-list character actors, each going above and beyond the call of duty. Eugene Levy is a relentless truant officer on Roxy's trail. Andy Richter is a henchman with an unaccountable Chinese accent. Andrea Martin is a senator, and Saturday Night Live's Darrell Hammond is an ill-fated man who crosses paths with Jane and Roxy throughout the day. Some of the Olsens' misadventures are mildly risqué business. When the senator's hunky son catches the towel-clad twins in his mother's hotel room, he responds, "It's not my birthday." The film has an edgy look, and a soundtrack that rocks, but not too hard. There is no profanity. The Olsens are well at home in front of a camera, always game for slapstick at their own expense. And Full House fans will get a nostalgic kick out of a Bob Saget cameo.

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Product Details

Release Date:
Original Release:
Warner Home Video

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Ashley Olsen Jane Ryan
Mary-Kate Olsen Roxy Ryan
Eugene Levy Max Lomax
Andy Richter Bennie Bang
Riley Smith Jim, the Bike Messenger
Jared Padalecki Trey Baxter-Lipton
Drew Pinsky Dr. Ryan
Darrell Hammond Hudson McGill
Andrea Martin Senator Anne Baxter-Lipton
Mary Bond Davis Big Shirl
Simple Plan Actor
Jack Osbourne Justin
Alannah Ong Ma Bang
Bob Saget Himself
Joey Klein Truant at Pool
Neil Crone Officer Strauss
Jonathan Wilson Train Conductor
Boyd Banks Ticket Window Guy
Silver Kim Asian Guy with Chip
Conrad Bergschneider Fed #1
Robert Williams Fed #2
Dominic Cuzzocrea Homeless Guy
John Suresh Deli Clerk
Kent Staines Doorman
Jon Benjamin I Love NY Vendor
Frank Bonsangue Con Ed Supervisor
Jo Chim Ma Bang's Assistant
Lindsay Leese Customer at Ma Bang's
Pierre Bouvier Simple Plan
Chuck Comeau Simple Plan
Sebastien LeFebvre Simple Plan
David Desroisiers Simple Plan
Jeff Stinco Simple Plan
Alison Northcott Video Shoot Groupie
Balazs Koos Video Shoot Announcer
Trip Phoenix Old School Record Exec
Philip Drube Old School Record Exec
Kenny Robinson Head Security
Todd Schroeder Massive Security Guard
Colin Penson Security Guard
Damon D'Oliveira News Broadcaster
Eric Woolfe Male Nurse
Warren Belle Mickey the Cab Driver
Arnold Pinnock Big Shirl's Male Beautician
Tasha Ricketts Big Shirl's Beautician
Stephanie Samuels Big Shirl's Beautician
Marsha Williams Big Shirl's Beautician
Wendy Adeliyi Big Shirl's Beautician
Donna-Marie Christie House of Bling Customer
Jamila Fleming House of Bling Customer
Shakira Harper House of Bling Customer
Lurline Lucas House of Bling Customer
Faustina Owusu-Ansah House of Bling Customer
John Hemphill Tim Brooger
Kathleen Laskey Steffi Brooger
Garen Boyajian Manjhur
Jazz Mann Auditorium T.A.
Maggie Butterfield Auditorium Moderator
Gala Krissy Reinaldo

Technical Credits
Dennie Gordon Director
Conrad Palmisano Director
Marlene Aarons Makeup
Adam Cooper Screenwriter
G.A. Aguilar Stunts
Danny Aiello Stunts
Billy Anagnos Stunts
Kathryn Anderson Stunts
Jeffrey Steven Authors Asst. Director
Megan Banning Asst. Director
Bruce Paul Barbour Stunts
Jeremy Benning Camera Operator
Matt Birman Stunts
Jae Blaze Choreography
Deirdre Bowen Casting
Calvin Brown Stunts
Eric Bryson Stunts
Michael Carlin Production Designer
John Cenatiempo Stunts
Victor Chan Stunts
Colby Chartrand Stunts
Chris Barnes Stunts
George S. Clinton Score Composer
Bill Collage Screenwriter
Bob Colletti Stunts
Chris Columbo Stunts
Stephen Consentino Camera Operator
Ned Corrigan Stunts
Blaise Corrigan Stunts
Cotton Mather Stunts
Roderick Davis Editor
Albert deGrasse Stunts
Denise Di Novi Producer
Inese Dzenis Special Effects
Peter Epstein Stunts
Tom Farr Stunts
Emily Fox Original Story,Screenwriter
Rocket Science FX Special Effects
Michael Fylyshtan Camera Operator
Tim Gallin Stunts
Greg Gardiner Cinematographer
Nicholas J. Giangiulio Stunts
Jeffrey Lee Gibson Stunts
Alison Greenspan Executive Producer
Peter Grundy Art Director
Christopher Hargadon Costumes/Costume Designer
Gene Harrison Stunts
Don J. Hewitt Stunts
Robbi Hinds Camera Operator
David Hirschfield Set Decoration/Design
Dave Hospes Stunts
John Houlihan Musical Direction/Supervision
Michael Jablow Editor
David Jacox Stunts
Valdimar Johannsson Stunts
Kelly Jones Stunts
Jamie Jones Stunts
Jules LaBarthe Camera Operator
Jennifer Lamb Stunts
Joanne Lamstein Stunts
David Lemmen Special Effects
Leslie Lightfoot Makeup
Matt Lindland Stunts
Marci Liroff Casting
Ian Locke Special Effects
Gino Lucci Stunts
Margot E. Lulick Production Manager
Jalil Lynch Stunts
Michael Madden Set Decoration/Design
Daniel Maldonado Stunts
Patrick Mark Stunts
Charles McCarry Art Director
Tina McKissick Stunts
Angela Meryl Stunts
Ron Michaels Stunts
Donna Mobbs Camera Operator
Mr. X Inc. Special Effects
Sam Mujkanovic Special Effects
Robin Nozetz Asst. Director
Gloria O'Brien Stunts
Mick O'Rourke Stunts
Mary-Kate Olsen Producer
Ashley Olsen Producer
Harald Ortenburger Camera Operator
C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures Special Effects
Dave Pope Stunts
Alison Reid Stunts
Jim Reischl Special Effects
Steven T. Ritzi Stunts
Regina Robb Production Manager
Paul Rutledge Stunts
Christine Sacani Co-producer
Elliott Santiago Stunts
Chad Sayn Stunts
Shayna Segal Stunts
Terry Serpico Stunts
Sandi Sissel Cinematographer
Manny Siverio Stunts
Jay Spadaro Stunts
Maryann Stevens Stunts
John Stoneham Stunts
Shawnna Thibodeau Stunts
Robert Thorne Producer
Dave Van Zeyl Stunts
Sophie Vertigan Special Effects
Michelle Waitman Stunts
Jimmy Waitman Stunts
Akiko Wilson Makeup
Jimmy P. Wong Stunts
Lucinda Zak Art Director
Jill Zimmerman Co-producer
Chuck Zito Stunts

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