Next Day Air

Next Day Air

Director: Benny Boom

Cast: Benny Boom, Donald Faison, Mike Epps, Darius McCrary


An overnight drug shipment is sent to the wrong recipient, prompting a frantic race to recover the package before the contents are revealed in this fast-paced crime comedy starring Donald Faison, Mos Def, and Mike Epps. When Brody (Epps) and Guch (Wood Harris) receive a packageSee more details below


An overnight drug shipment is sent to the wrong recipient, prompting a frantic race to recover the package before the contents are revealed in this fast-paced crime comedy starring Donald Faison, Mos Def, and Mike Epps. When Brody (Epps) and Guch (Wood Harris) receive a package containing ten kilos of grade-A cocaine, they assume their financial woes are a thing of the past. The package was intended for their next-door neighbors, but the whacked-out courier (Donald Faison) delivered it to the wrong address. Recognizing the possibility for profit, Brody and Guch plan to sell the cocaine to Brody's drug-dealing cousin (Omari Hardwick). Meanwhile Jesus (Cisco Reyes) and his girlfriend, Chita (Yasmin Deliz), the intended recipients of the cocaine, set out to procure the package before notorious drug lord Bodego Diablo (Emilio Rivera) realizes it's gone missing. But Bodega is no slouch; he already knows the shipment was botched, and he's determined to get his drugs back no matter what the cost. Later, as Brody and Guch prepare to seal the deal that will set them up for life, the guns are drawn and the chaos begins.

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Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Perry Seibert
Combine a few stupid but lethal bad guys, one likable loser in over his head, an array of quirky supporting characters, millions of dollars in cocaine, and enough guns to arm a commando team, and you've got all the ingredients for a solid crime comedy -- and that's exactly what Next Day Air is. Leo (Donald Faison) thinks he's having just another average day. He works for Next Day Air -- the shipping service run by his mother. To help pass the time, he smokes weed while making his deliveries. That afternoon, in his impaired state, he accidentally delivers a shipment of cocaine to inept bank robbers Brody (Mike Epps) and Guch (Wood Harris) -- instead of to the low-level drug dealer who's supposed to get it -- setting in motion a series of double-crosses, lies, and schemes that just might end in his death. Granted, there's nothing terribly original about much of the story. We've seen homicidal Hispanic drug kings, street-smart motor-mouthed girlfriends, and hilariously incompetent criminals before, but first-time feature director Benny Boom (along with first-time screenwriter Blair Cobbs) finds the right combination of goofy character behavior, action set pieces, and narrative drive to keep the movie from ever being boring. While never letting up the pace, he deftly works in funny bits of business for all of the actors, the kind of moments that give Mos Def -- playing Leo's co-worker -- the chance to shine. Freshmen filmmakers often wear their influences on their sleeves, and while it's easy to spot the debt Next Day Air owes to crime storytellers like Quentin Tarantino, Elmore Leonard, and F. Gary Gray, it's also plain to see that Boom and Cobbs could easily become reliably enjoyable moviemakers in their own right.

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Release Date:
Original Release:
Summit Inc/Lionsgate
Region Code:
[Wide Screen]
[Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound]
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Special Features

Director's commentary; Outtakes

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Donald Faison Leo Jackson
Mike Epps Brody
Darius McCrary Buddy
Mos Def Eric
Wood Harris Guch
Yasmin Deliz Chita
Omari Hardwick Shavoo
Emilio Rivera Bodega
Cisco Reyes Jesus
Lauren London Ivy
Debbie Allen Ms. Jackson
Jo D. Jonz Wade
Lobo Sebastian Rhino
Julia Vera Mama
Lombardo Boyar Carlos
Malik Barnhardt Hassie
Shawn Michael Howard Derrick
Peedi Crakk Hector
Inny Clemons Deuce
Sundy Carter On Scene News Reporter
Kevin Benton Old Man #2
Barry "Cassidy" Reese Cassidy
Luis Martinez Louie
Alexandra Merejo Shavoo's Girl
Christina Ly Kera's Friend
Shannen "Lacey" Franklin Kera
Madison Shockley Old Man #1

Technical Credits
Benny Boom Director
David Armstrong Cinematographer
Scott Aronson Producer
Steve Belser Executive Producer
David Checel Editor
Inny Clemons Producer
Blair Cobb Screenwriter
Elements Score Composer
Donald Faison Co-producer
Bruton Jones Production Designer
Shaun Livingston Executive Producer
Steven Markoff Executive Producer
Bruce McNall Executive Producer
Robi Reed Casting
Paul Stewart Musical Direction/Supervision
Bryan Turner Executive Producer

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Next Day Air
1. Main Titles [1:24]
2. 2 Days Ago [6:20]
3. I'm Sorry Ms. Jackson [6:16]
4. You Track the Package [5:37]
5. Makin' the Shit [5:29]
6. I Got Your Back [3:13]
7. Two Hours to Get the Money [4:56]
8. Confirmed Delivery [4:37]
9. The Storage Unit [:50]
10. The Grim Reaper [3:12]
11. What Happened to Two Hours? [5:40]
12. Want to Play Games? [4:45]
13. Find the NDA Guy [4:16]
14. Where's the Package? [4:05]
15. An Intense Situation [3:01]
16. Wrong Address [3:27]
17. The Showdown [4:32]
18. I'm Fuckin' Alive! [4:48]

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