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Night Stalker/the Night Strangler

Night Stalker/the Night Strangler

Director: Dan Curtis, John Llewellyn Moxey

Cast: Darren McGavin, Richard Anderson


Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Amy Robinson
This truly terrifying double bill of made-for-TV movies spawned a short-lived cult series and served as the acknowledged inspiration for THE X-FILES. Many of the latter series' trademark characteristics showed up here first: the official conspiracies, the lone believer battling a world full of hostile skeptics, his never ending quest to get the truth out to the public. In THE NIGHT STALKER a dark and foreboding Las Vegas is plagued by a serial killer who drains all the blood from the bodies of his showgirl victims. In THE NIGHT STRANGLER, a madman stalks and strangles young women on the deserted streets of Seattle. The sublimely crusty Darren McGavin stars as the abrasive Carl Kolchak, a straw-hatted reporter as desperate to get back into the big leagues as he is to catch the monsters that prey on the denizens of the night. Familiar '70s TV fixture Simon Oakland barks reliably as his exasperated editor. Written by legendary fantasy scribe Richard Matheson, both movies possess a gritty naturalism that provides plausible explanations for implausible events while heightening the suspense to spine-tingling levels.

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Starz / Anchor Bay

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State-of-the-art picture and sound

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Scene Index

Side #1 -- The Night Stalker
0. Chapter Stops
1. Sunday, May 16th, 2:30am [:54]
2. Thursday, May 20th, 7:02am [1:38]
3. Friday, May 21st, 8:06am [1:34]
4. Friday, May 21st, 6:30pm [1:06]
5. "Only this time he ws seen" [:47]
6. Tuesday, May 25th, 7:30pm [1:56]
7. Thursday, May 27th, 8:20am [:56]
8. Friday, May 28th, 3:17am [:33]
9. "I think I found the house" [1:56]
10. "Is your name Carl Kolchak?" [:37]
Side #2 -- The Night Strangler
0. Chapter Stops
1. Saturday, April 1st, 2:35am [:31]
2. Tuesday, April 4th [1:38]
3. Friday, April 7th, 10:21am [2:50]
4. Sunday, April 9th, 1:42am [:50]
5. Monday, April 10th, 2:07pm [:53]
6. Professor Crabwell [1:20]
7. Thursday, April 13th, 1:25am [1:50]
8. "Just one small item" [1:48]
9. Saturday, April 15th, 2:00am [3:12]
10. Wednesday, April 19th, 3:00am [2:27]
11. The Doctor [2:27]
12. "All twenty copies" [1:47]

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