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O Lucky Man!
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O Lucky Man!

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Director: Lindsay Anderson

Cast: Malcolm McDowell, Ralph Richardson, Rachel Roberts

One man's dreams of success take him on a Byzantine journey through the various stations of the British class system in this politically charged black comedy from director Lindsay Anderson. Mick Travis (Malcolm McDowell) is an ambitious young man who is looking to get his foot on the first rung of the ladder of success by landing a job as a salesman. After the death


One man's dreams of success take him on a Byzantine journey through the various stations of the British class system in this politically charged black comedy from director Lindsay Anderson. Mick Travis (Malcolm McDowell) is an ambitious young man who is looking to get his foot on the first rung of the ladder of success by landing a job as a salesman. After the death of Imperial Coffee's leading drummer in the North, Travis' charm and enthusiasm so impresses manager Mr. Duff (Arthur Lowe) that he's given the job, and after some coaching from Gloria Rowe (Rachel Roberts), Travis sets out to find his fortune in the coffee trade. Travis' desire for success quickly sets him on a curious odyssey in which he happens upon a secret sex club for businessmen, finds himself the subject of random seductions by lonely women, is captured and tortured by military intelligence agents, submits to medical experiments at a bizarre private clinic, hitches a ride with a traveling rock band led by former Animals keyboardist Alan Price, falls in love with a beautiful young bohemian named Patricia (Helen Mirren), goes to work for her father (Ralph Richardson), who happens to be a singularly corrupt political figure, and eventually lands in prison after he's implicated in a deal to sell chemical weapons to the Third World. As Mick's strange tale progresses, we periodically visit Price and his band in the recording studio or rehearsal hall, as they work on songs which serve as both mirror and counterpoint for Travis' progress. O Lucky Man! was the second film in which Malcolm McDowell would portray Mick Travis for director Lindsay Anderson, following If..., and preceding Britannia Hospital; the film's surreal undercurrent was reinforced by the casting, in which nearly all of the principal actors play two or three roles.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Mark Deming
Lindsay Anderson's epic-scale satire of wealth, ambition, and class in Great Britain is so dry and played with such subtlety that some viewers may wonder at times if it's really intended to be a comedy, which of course is one of its great strengths. For a film whose messages and observations are dagger sharp, O Lucky Man! never overplays its hand, no matter how bizarre the circumstances Malcolm McDowell's Mick Travis is forced to confront; and from the torture session interrupted by the tea lady to casual suicides by lower-level office functionaries, O Lucky Man! keeps one foot in reality at all times, which makes its brutal absurdities all the more telling (and hilarious). McDowell's performance is one of his very best, managing to blend Mick's sometimes cartoonish get-up-and-go with a credible sense of puzzlement and anger at the surreal events which follow him, and Anderson's stock company -- including Ralph Richardson, Arthur Lowe, Rachel Roberts and Helen Mirren -- are equally engaging in their multiple roles. Alan Price's songs offer a perfect running commentary on the narrative, and Anderson's audacious device of periodically returning to Price and his band in the studio still stands as one of the most intelligent uses of pop music in film scoring. Engaging and compelling for every moment of its three-hour running time, O Lucky Man! is a bellowing cry of bitterness and a call for cultural revolution lurking just beneath the surface of a low-key comedy of errors; and it's all but impossible to imagine any director/actor team besides Anderson and McDowell making this work nearly so well.

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Warner Home Video
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[Wide Screen]
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Special Features

Commentary by Malcolm McDowell, Alan Price and screenwriter David Sherwin; New feature-length career profile O Lucky Malcolm! produced/directed by Jan Harlan, edited by Katia de Vidas; Vintage featurette O Lucky Man! Innovations in Entertainment; Theatrical trailer

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Malcolm McDowell Mick
Ralph Richardson Monty,Sir James Burgess
Rachel Roberts Montes,Mrs. Richards,Paillard
Arthur Lowe Dr. Munda/Duff
Helen Mirren Patricia
Dandy Nichols Neighbor,Tea Lady
Ben Aris Actor
John Barrett Actor
Margot Bennett Coffee Bean Picker
Jeremy Bulloch Man
Constance Chapman Actor
Geoffrey Chater Vicar/Bishop
Peter Childs Actor
Warren Clarke Male Nurse,Warner
David Daker Actor
Paul Dawkins Man at Stag Party,Meths Drinker
Wallas Eaton Stone,Film Executive,Steiger,Warder
Michael Elphick Actor
Eleanor Fazan Actor
Brian Glover Foreman/Power Station Guard
Geoff Hinsliff Actor
Peter Jeffrey Factory Chairman,Prison Governor
Patricia Lawrence Actor
Stephanie Lawrence Actor
Mary McLeod Mrs. Ball
Anthony Nicholls General,Judge
Christine Noonan Coffee Trainee
Geoffrey Palmer Doctor,Basil Keyes
Edward Peel Policeman
Brian Pettifer Actor
Irene Richmond Actor
Roy Scammell Actor
Frank Singuineau Actor
Patsy Smart Actor
Les Weldon Actor
Philip Stone Interrogator,Jenkins,Salvation Army Major
Hugh Thomas Actor
Betty Turner Actor
Mona Washbourne Neighbor
Glenn Williams Actor
Catherine Willmer Actor
Anna Dawson Actor
Jumoke Debayo Actor
Terence Maidment Actor
Cyril Renison Actor
James Bolam Attenborough/Doctor
Graham Crowden Stewart/Millar/Meths Drinker
Edward Judd Oswald
Michael Medwin Captain/Dickie Belminster
Bill Owen Superintendent Barlow
Vivian Pickles Welfare Lady
Lindsay Anderson Director
Alan Price Himself

Technical Credits
Lindsay Anderson Director,Producer
Zelda Barron Production Manager
Harry Cordwell Set Decoration/Design
Elsa Fennell Costumes/Costume Designer
David Gladwell Editor
Jocelyn Herbert Production Designer
Michael Medwin Producer
Basil Newall Makeup
Miroslav Ondrícek Cinematographer
Alan Price Score Composer,Songwriter
Paul Rabiger Makeup
David Sherwin Screenwriter
John Stears Special Effects
Alan Withy Art Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- O Lucky Man!, Pt. 1
1. Unlucky! [2:21]
2. O Lucky Man! [2:16]
3. Imperial's New Batch [3:34]
4. Man for the North East [5:33]
5. Taste Tests [1:50]
6. Poor People [1:39]
7. Private Accident [4:21]
8. Monty and the New Rabbit [4:56]
9. Sell Sell [2:57]
10. Same Arrangement [3:37]
11. Private Entertainment [6:06]
12. Bed and Boarder [3:13]
13. Suit of Gold [2:49]
14. Taken for a Spy [4:03]
15. Interrogation [6:43]
16. Disaster [5:04]
17. Thanks to God [4:10]
18. Food at God's Table [2:14]
19. Pastoral [2:52]
20. Research Volunteer [4:02]
21. Rare Encephaloid [4:49]
22. Undercover Experiment [2:55]
23. Band in a Van [5:36]
Disc #2 -- O Lucky Man!, Pt. 2
24. London [3:08]
25. Roof With a View [4:56]
26. Sir James' Valuable Time [4:22]
27. Fall and Rise [4:58]
28. Presidential Confab [6:49]
29. Lethal Honey [5:50]
30. Look Over Your Shoulder [4:10]
31. To Business [2:56]
32. Surprise in the Study [3:09]
33. Dividing Line [4:43]
34. Justice [3:31]
35. Prison [4:35]
36. Uneasy Release [4:11]
37. Our Misguided Brother [3:13]
38. Mrs. Richards [5:57]
39. My Home Town [2:19]
40. Helping Hand [2:59]
41. Loving Brothers [4:27]
42. Changes [3:50]
43. Audition [3:39]
44. Smile and Dance [3:31]
45. End Credits and Exit Music [2:45]
1. Opening Montage [2:48]
2. Come On, Come On [4:11]
3. If [5:35]
4. A Clockwork Orange [7:40]
5. Weird Effect [8:14]
6. O Lucky Man! [7:11]
7. Caligula [1:58]
8. Time After Time [5:20]
9. McDowell Generations [5:46]
10. Gangster No. 1, Between Strangers [6:12]
11. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead [5:20]
12. Diabolical Storyteller [4:56]
13. The Company [3:19]
14. Red Roses and Petrol [4:08]
15. As Great as Film Acting Gets [1:52]
16. Evilenko [8:05]
17. Summing Up: End Credits [3:21]


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