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4.3 3
Director: Howard McCain, James Caviezel, Sophia Myles, Jack Huston

Cast: Howard McCain, James Caviezel, Sophia Myles, Jack Huston


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When an extraterrestrial spaceship comes crashing down to Earth during the reign of the Vikings, the Scandinavian plunderers get set to do battle with a most unusual enemy in director Howard McCain's earthbound science fiction thriller. Jim Caviezel, Jack Huston, and Sophia Myles


When an extraterrestrial spaceship comes crashing down to Earth during the reign of the Vikings, the Scandinavian plunderers get set to do battle with a most unusual enemy in director Howard McCain's earthbound science fiction thriller. Jim Caviezel, Jack Huston, and Sophia Myles star in a film scripted by director McCain in collaboration with screenwriter Dirk Blackman.

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Original Release:
Weinstein Company
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[Wide Screen]
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Special Features

Deleted scenes; Visual effects tests; Animatics; Production design galleries; Feature commentary by writer/director Howard McCain, writer/executive producer Dirk Blackman and producers Chris Roberts and John Schimmel

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
James Caviezel Kainan
Sophia Myles Freya
Jack Huston Prince Wulfric, Nephew of Rothgar
John Hurt King Rothgar
Ron Perlman Gunnar
Aidan Devine Einar
Ted Ludzik Olaf
Cliff Saunders Boromir
Patrick Stevenson Unferth
John Beale Edmund
James Rogers Bjorn
John Nelles Donal
Scott Owen Aethril
Katie Bergin Sonja
Bailey Maughan Eric
Ricardo Hoyos Jon
Owen Pattison Galen
Simon Northwood Warrior
Todd Schroeder Warrior
Craig J. Harris Viking Warrior
Mark Owen Raider
Todd Sandomirsky Raider
J. William Grantham Drunken Reveler
Amy Kerr Bored Kitchen Wench
Michael Fox Wiking and/or Alien Warrior
Allyson Haas Villager
Drakaina Kitchen Wench
Glen Wadman Wailing Man
Martha Irving Weeping Woman
Matt Cooke Captain
Liam McNamara Finn
Steven Wendland Villager
Mauralea Austin Jona
James Binkley Leader
Matthew Amyotte Arn
Petra Prazak Mara
Bryan Renfro Gray-haired Warrior
Todd Godin Lars
Tess McCain Viking Girl
Bartlett C. Lovett Stabbed Sentry

Technical Credits
Howard McCain Director,Screenwriter
Neishaw Ali Co-producer
David Armstrong Cinematographer
Romain Bayle Art Director
Dirk Blackman Executive Producer,Screenwriter
Bobby Tahouri Score Composer
Nicolas Bolduc Cinematographer
Deirdre Bowen Casting
Bethana Briffett Costumes/Costume Designer
Don Carmody Executive Producer
Glenn Coolen Set Decoration/Design
Brendan Deneen Executive Producer
David Dodson Editor
Chris Eberts Executive Producer
Philip Elway Executive Producer
Pierre Gill Cinematographer
Ian Greig Set Decoration/Design
Andreas Grosch Executive Producer
David Hackl Production Designer
Nicole Haeussermann Associate Producer
Debra Hanson Costumes/Costume Designer
Jodi Heaston Associate Producer
Dwight Hendrikson Set Decoration/Design
Tony Ianni Art Director
Kia Jam Executive Producer
Karen Loop Executive Producer
Shawn Maher Cinematographer
Vincent Maraval Executive Producer
Iain McCaig Co-producer
Carla Murray Sound/Sound Designer
Barrie M. Osborne Executive Producer
Sorin Popescu Set Decoration/Design
Anshuman Prasad Art Director
Terry Quennell Set Decoration/Design
Christopher Roberts Producer
John Schimmel Executive Producer
Marcus Schoefer Executive Producer
Kalman Szennai Score Composer
Geoff Zanelli Score Composer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Outlander
1. Shipwrecked [6:20]
2. New World [3:12]
3. Royalty [3:16]
4. Prisoner [4:57]
5. King's Command [3:01]
6. Deadly Encounter [6:02]
7. Children's Story [5:00]
8. Hunt Begins [2:37]
9. Bloody Trail [4:11]
10. Celebration [3:52]
11. Shields [4:34]
12. Night Attack [5:02]
13. Reprieve [3:19]
14. Surprise [5:08]
15. Setting the Trap [4:11]
16. History [4:07]
17. A Family Lost [3:36]
18. Trapping the Dragon [5:36]
19. The Hunted [2:37]
20. Getting Ready [5:24]
21. A King's Sword [1:12]
22. Underground [:39]
23. Lair [5:04]
24. Rescue [2:25]
25. Last Stand [3:52]
26. The Aftermath [3:38]
27. A New Home [3:30]
28. End Credits [4:28]


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Outlander 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I definitely feel this movie, that came to me so un-announced and provided such a nicely un-expected evening of escape, requires a decent review. But I am not going to try and justify my opinion by waxing away point-by-point trying to exhibit my "incredible" knowledge of the material which I am not an expert off, nor do I want to spoil the plot in this process. Instead I am just going to say that I am an average 49-year old guy, of norwegion decent, who also likes his sci-fi and is always in need of a worthy "Viking" flick that Hollywood hasn't dumped all over in their infinite wisdom & greed with another artistic historical mis-representation. Good example of this type of travesty = "Pathfinder". In other words if you see a helmet on a "Viking" head with horns run, because that is the biggest hollywood misnomer used. So having said all that, I felt this movie had a very interesting idea of blending aliens and monsters with 8th century Northmen, it has several recognizeable actors, a solid script, good depth of character, an interesting adversary well designed and CGI'd, and if you find at the end that you liked it too, defintely watch the deleted scenes, many of which substantially add to the overall plot, and I suspect were only left out because the genius studio money people castrated the director to edit it down time-wise. I applaud the creators of this for presenting an enjoyable change of pace combining some hard to blend genre's!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This movie was such a surprise!  I was wowed by its execution, the cinematography, and the acting!  If you love sci-fi, don't miss this one!
The-Scientist More than 1 year ago
These days, original science fiction stories are rare. For me, I am a huge fan of a good sci-fi/fantasy story, and upon glancing at the cover of Outlander, I decided to watch a trailer. I had never heard of the film before, but after watching the trailer I decided to purchase it. For the most part, the plot is intelligent, and original. I really like the fact that it is set in medieval Norway, instead of modern day Los Angeles. Also, I have seen some movies set in the middle ages that are entirely unconvincing when it come to the time period it is supposedly set in. The setting in this film is very convincing. My biggest complaint is that Jim Caviezel's performance seems very distant and somewhat unconvincing. I assume it may be this way on purpose, since his character is from another world and that may be how they all act on his planet(s). Other performances, especially one point in Ron Perlman's performance, are rather good. At first I wasn't sure if I liked the creature, but after a while I decided that I really did. Most monster movies, or sci-fi horror movies have creatures that are stupid, yet somehow manage to kill everyone anyway. In this film, the monster is smart, and even seems to have personality. I won't give away my other thoughts on it, because it would be a plot spoiler. The movie seems to have been released without much hype at all, and for a fan of good science fiction, that is rather disappointing. This movie deserves more appreciation than it currently has.