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Pasolini, Vol. 1

Pasolini, Vol. 1

Director: Pier Paolo Pasolini

Cast: Cesare Musatti, Pierre Clémenti, Silvana Mangano


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Among the most controversial and provocative of Italian filmmakers, former poet Pier Paolo Pasolini emerged in cinema during the 1950s as one of Federico Fellini's writing collaborators. His venture into a legendary directing career then began in 1961 with Accatone. He was among the few directors of his era to focus less on the process of filmmaking than on its content. This collection includes three of Pasolini's finest films: Love Meetings (1964) is an investigation of sex in Italy, including impressive appearances by famed author Alberto Moravia and noted psychologist Cesare Musatti. In the cinema verité tradition, the director himself appears as the interviewer and asks a wide-range of individuals to share their tales of love -- prostitution, homosexuality, marital and non-marital liaisons. Pasolini's dark and riveting retelling of Sophocles' classic Greek tragedy Oedipus Rex (1967) is distinguished by being set in Morocco, and it is a visual wonder of desert landscapes and powerful Moorish architecture. The interesting cast include avant garde film and theater director Carmelo Bene, Julian Beck from New York's Living Theater, and the director himself as the High Priest. Porcile (1969) is the story of a cannibal in a medieval wasteland interwoven with a narrative about the son of an ex-Nazi industrialist in modern day Germany who is more attracted to pigs than his own fiancee. This strange, grotesque and thought-provoking parable is filmed with such a calm beauty and underlying disgust that it gains a deep significance as an attack on the middle classes of the 20th century.

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