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Past & Future Movies

Past & Future Movies

Director: Byron Haskin, Damian Lee, Freddie Francis, Gordon M. Douglas

Cast: Byron Haskin, Damian Lee, Freddie Francis, Gordon M. Douglas


Product Details

Release Date:
Bfs Entertainment
[B&W, Full Frame]
[Dolby Digital Stereo]

Special Features

Cast profiles; Tales; Trivia

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Charles Laughton Capt. William Kidd
David Love Derek
Glenn Ford Colonel Pete Moore
Louis Hayward Count of Monte Cristo
Marjorie Bransfeld Sonia
Mark Hamill Will Tasker
Max W. Anderson Granger
Morgan Conway Dick Tracy
Ralph Byrd Dick Tracy
Robert Hutton Dr. Curtis Temple
Robert Newton Long John Silver
Anne Jeffreys Tess Trueheart
Bob Peck Byron
Boris Karloff Gruesome
Bradford Dillman Major Mike Dunning
Charla Doherty Joanna
Dawn Anderson Betty Morgan
Jennifer Jayne Lee Mason
Joan Bennett Grand Duchess Zona
Kit Taylor Jim Hawkins
Lyle Latell Pat Patton
Randolph Scott Adam Mercy
Sven Ole Thorsen Secundus
Anne Gwynne Tess Trueheart
Barbara Britton Lady Anne Dunstan
Bill Paxton Matt Owen
Connie Gilchrist Purity Pinker
George Sanders Gurko Lanen
Guy Stockwell Lieutenant Colonel Trottman
Harvey B. Dunn Grandfather
Hugh Feagin Mickey Brown
Jim Belushi Principal
Kay Christopher Tess Trueheart
Zia Mohyeddin Farge
Bernard Kay Richard Arden
Bryant Grant Thor
David Soul Captain Roy Bishop
Eric Reiman Trip Fenner
Florence Bates Countess Mathilde
Jack Lambert The Claw
John Carradine Orange Povey
Kitty Aldridge Belitski
Neil Fletcher Capt. John
Rita Corday Mona Clyde
Byron Lord Actor
Eleanor David Ariel
Ian Keith Vitamin Flintheart
June Clayworth Dr. I.M. Learned
Lionel Royce Col. Zimmerman
Michael Gough Monj
Reginald Owen Cary Shadwell
Robert F. Lyons Captain Cliff Riggs
Syd Chambers Ned Shill
Tom Graeff Joe Rogers
Ben Kingsley Avatar
Gilbert Roland Jose Lorenzo
Skelton Knaggs X-Ray

Technical Credits
Byron Haskin Director
Damian Lee Director
Freddie Francis Director
Gordon M. Douglas Director
John Rawlins Director
Jud Taylor Director
Larry Buchanan Director
Rowland V. Lee Director
Steven Lisberger Director
Tom Graeff Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Legendary Pirate Movies
2. Before High Tide [12:45]
3. Complaining Again [15:54]
4. A Better Prize [11:55]
5. Posing as an Escort [15:07]
6. A Lord's Son [14:01]
7. Trying to Escape [9:20]
2. Fight With a Prisoner [19:49]
3. Searching for the Press [19:28]
4. Jailbreak [12:57]
5. A New Tactic [15:27]
6. An Agreement [16:06]
7. A Royal Wedding [16:47]
2. Important Information [17:46]
3. Revealing a Plan [13:58]
4. A Stop at the Pub [22:29]
5. Ambush! [17:02]
6. Treasure Island [11:56]
7. Looking for the Gold [17:57]
Disc #2 -- Classic Dick Tracy Movies
2. The Right Guy for the Job [10:45]
3. Stating Demands [14:59]
4. A Bank Heist [19:02]
5. Running Out of Time [17:14]
2. Called to Duty [17:30]
3. An Untrustworthy Sidekick [13:04]
4. At the Morgue [13:29]
5. Making a Deal [14:17]
2. Discovering a Crime [9:56]
3. On the Run [15:13]
4. An Eavesdropping Beggar [14:22]
5. At the Hideout [15:40]
Disc #3 -- Classic Sci-Fi Movies
2. No Signs of Life [9:01]
3. Stuck With Each Other [14:16]
4. A Reason to Live [13:26]
5. A Feeling of Doom [15:41]
6. "Easy, Timothy..." [11:43]
7. Protection [12:24]
2. The Arrival [13:18]
3. "Could Be From Mars..." [11:45]
4. The Search for Derek [13:15]
5. A Shoot-out [11:22]
6. "Help Me to Escape..." [14:02]
7. The Monster [19:26]
2. Meteors [12:55]
3. The Roberts Farm [13:25]
4. The Crimson Plague [14:32]
5. Finding the Dead [12:38]
6. Rescued [15:27]
7. Lift Off [14:15]
Disc #4 -- Great Sci-Fi Thrillers
2. We Have a Renegade [18:11]
3. The Warp [20:10]
4. Running a Test [20:35]
5. Confrontation [24:13]
2. Lift-off [14:00]
3. A Change in Flight Plan [16:17]
4. Without a Trace [19:51]
5. Freedom [16:25]
2. On the Run [32:42]
3. Good News, Bad News [23:40]
4. To Do What's Right [28:09]
5. Tired of Talking [16:33]

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