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Director: Marcus Nispel

Cast: Karl Urban, Moon Bloodgood, Russell Means


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The sole survivor of a Viking "dragon" vessel shipwrecked on the eastern shores of the New World 15 years ago provides the only hope for the a Native American tribe faced with certain destruction by Norse berserkers in director Marcus Nispel's (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) dark action…  See more details below


The sole survivor of a Viking "dragon" vessel shipwrecked on the eastern shores of the New World 15 years ago provides the only hope for the a Native American tribe faced with certain destruction by Norse berserkers in director Marcus Nispel's (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) dark action adventure. Reared by the Wampanoag tribe following a failed attempt by the Vikings to raid coastal villages for slaves, a ten-year-old shipwreck survivor is nicknamed "Ghost" by his adoptive tribe due to his pale complexion and blond hair. Legend says that death and destruction will follow the boy wherever he travels, yet the peaceful people of the Wampanoag tribe selflessly take the frightened child in as if he is one of their own. Over the course of the following decade, the adopted young Norseman eventually grows into a strong warrior (Karl Urban) determined to prove his worth to the people he calls family. When the rampaging Vikings return to the New World to rain destruction down on the Native Americans and to claim the fertile land of the peaceful people, Ghost finds himself in the precarious position of having to stop his own people from destroying his village and ruthlessly slaughtering the woman he loves (Moon Bloodgood). Now, as Ghost's true destiny is revealed by the powerful shaman known as the Pathfinder (Russell Means), the fearless warrior sets out to stage a savage one-man war on the marauding Vikings and become the savior once prophesied to defend the Wampanoag people in their darkest hour.

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20th Century Fox
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Special Features

Deleted scenes with optional director's commentary; Behind-the-scenes feturettes:; The, Beginng, the Design, the Build, the Shoot and the stunts; Marcusl Nispel on the Set featurette; Clancy Brown: Cult Hero featurette; Audio commentary by director Marcus Nispel; Theatrical trailer; Concept trailer

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Karl Urban Ghost
Moon Bloodgood Starfire
Russell Means Pathfinder
Clancy Brown Gunnar
Jay Tavare Blackwing
Nathaniel Arcand Wind in Tree
Ralf Moeller Ulfar
Kevin Loring Jester
Wayne C. Baker Indian Father
Michelle Thrush Indian Mother
Nicole Muñoz Little Sister
Burkely Duffield Ghost - 12 Years Old
Ray G. Thunderchild Elder #1
Duane Howard Elder #2
Brandon Oakes Elder #3
Alain Hudon Elder #4
Cyler Point Indian Boy - 7 Years Old
Stefany Mathias Flashback Mother
John Mann Viking Doctor
Kenney Jones Ghost Father
Mike Dopud Tracker/Fork in Road
Woody Jeffreys Tracker #7
André Todorovic Villager
Marcel Petit Tribesman
Tim Davies Conductor

Technical Credits
Marcus Nispel Director,Producer
Trevor Addie Stunts
John A. Amicarella Associate Producer
Renee April Costumes/Costume Designer
Charlie Attrill Stunts
Aaron Au Stunts
Greg Blair Production Designer
Susan Brouse Casting
Andrea Brown Casting
Janene Carlton Stunts
Mike Carpenter Stunts
Lynne Carrow Casting
Raymond Chan Stunts
Phil Chang Stunts
Alexander Chiang Stunts
Mark Chin Stunts
Brent Connolly Stunts
Chad Cosgrave Stunts
Lloyd Cunningham Stunts
Colin Decker Stunts
Jennifer Donaldson Set Decoration/Design
Ashlea Earl Stunts
Jonathan Elias Score Composer
Glenn Ennis Stunts
Carolyn Field Stunts
Bradley J. Fischer Executive Producer
Theo Francis Stunts
Jay Friedkin Editor
Laura Gavini Costumes/Costume Designer
Sasha Ghavami Stunts
Douglas A. Girling Set Decoration/Design
Jason Glass Stunts
Corry Glass Stunts
Mary Guilfoyle Production Manager
Ariel Gurrola Stunts
Greg Hanson Stunts
Nick Harrison Stunts
Eric Fox Hayes Asst. Director
Brian Ho Stunts
George Holem Stunts
Twan Holliday Stunts
Duane Howard Stunts
John M. Jacobsen Executive Producer
Trevor Jolly Sound/Sound Designer
Laeta Kalogridis Screenwriter
Barbara Kelly Co-producer
Brad Kelly Stunts
Ken Kersinger Stunts
James Kusan Sound/Sound Designer
Michael Langlois Stunts
Paul Lazenby Stunts
Roger Lewis Stunts
Brad Loree Stunts
Brian Lydiatt Stunts
Wayne MacConnell Camera Operator
Mike Medavoy Producer
Arnie Messer Producer
Jessica Milligan Costumes/Costume Designer
Lee Nelson Executive Producer
Otto Olafsson Consultant/advisor
Maggy Olafsson Consultant/advisor
Vincent Oster Co-producer
Dan Payne Stunts
Rick Pearce Stunts
Daniel Pearl Cinematographer
Louis Phillips Co-producer
Darryl Quon Stunts
Don Reddy Camera Operator
Jeffrey C. Robinson Stunts
Jeff Sanca Stunts
Glen Scantlebury Editor
Quentin Schneider Stunts
Andrew Simpson Stunts
Hugo Steele Stunts
Heath Stevenson Stunts
Shawn Stewart Stunts
Suzy Stingl Stunts
Tim Terepocki Stunts
Kyle Thomson Stunts
Cody Thomson Stunts
Todd-AO Sound/Sound Designer
Kathleen Tomasik Casting
Danny Virtue Stunts
Jonathan Wales Sound Mixer
Geoff Wallace Art Director
Chris Webb Stunts
Jason Wingham Stunts
Wade the Wrangler Stunts
Mitchell Lee Yuen Stunts
Eli Zagoudakis Stunts
Ken Zilka Stunts

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Pathfinder
1. Main Titles/Marauders [2:05]
2. The Viking Ship [3:58]
3. Mystery Child [4:08]
4. Tribal Gathering [7:44]
5. Fear in the Forest [2:48]
6. Rampage [4:01]
7. Death by the Sword [2:37]
8. Bring Me His Head! [6:47]
9. Rescued [8:11]
10. Run and You May Live [4:02]
11. Two Wolves [5:15]
12. Sneak Attack [4:32]
13. Massacre [1:18]
14. In the Caves [2:47]
15. Torture [3:54]
16. Secret Plan [4:16]
17. Across the Lake [5:27]
18. Under the Ice [2:28]
19. Mountain Ledge [1:20]
20. I Know Who I Am [8:48]
21. Not One of Yours [1:35]
22. Spirit Prophecy [2:33]
23. Pathfinder [3:09]
24. End Titles [1:00]


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