Peter Pan

Peter Pan

4.5 55
Director: P.J. Hogan

Cast: Jeremy Sumpter, Rachel Hurd-Wood


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A fixture of stages worldwide since its London premiere over 100 years ago, the timeless tale of Peter Pan once again gets the big-screen treatment in this lavish release from Universal Studios. The film's letterboxed image is presented in 2.40:1 widescreen, so viewers won't miss a fraction of the action as our brave young hero faces off against the villainous Captain… See more details below

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A fixture of stages worldwide since its London premiere over 100 years ago, the timeless tale of Peter Pan once again gets the big-screen treatment in this lavish release from Universal Studios. The film's letterboxed image is presented in 2.40:1 widescreen, so viewers won't miss a fraction of the action as our brave young hero faces off against the villainous Captain Hook. Audio is offered in both closed-captioned English Dolby Digital 5.1 and French Dolby Digital 5.1 with optional Spanish and French subtitles. For those looking for something a bit more from their DVDs, this disc also offers a slew of bonus features that are bound to entertain. After checking out some deleted scenes and an alternate ending in "The Darling House," viewers can "Board the Pirate Ship" and view some behind-the-scenes home movie footage from star Jason Isaacs. "Explore Neverland Forest" takes the adventurous viewer through the enchanted world of fairies, and after exploring the flying school training camp and the mysterious mermaids in "The Black Castle," "Dig into the Home Under the Ground" joins Dutchess Sarah Ferguson as she explores the origins of the story of Peter Pan.

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Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
Whatever your pick of the past Pans -- Disney's 1953 animated feature, the legendary Mary Martin made-for-TV production, the touring stage musical presented on A&E with Cathy Rigby in the lead, or Steven Spielberg’s nonmusical Hook -- this bold new take on the J. M. Barrie classic will seem as fresh as it is familiar. For instance: Australian director P. J. Hogan breaks from tradition and employs an actual boy, Jeremy Sumpter, as the lad who refuses to grow up. All the familiar Neverland touchstones are here, including the Lost Boys and their sinister nemesis, Captain Hook. Jason Isaacs, Draco's dad in the Harry Potter films, portrays the evil pirate with dandy relish, while Ludivine Sagnier from Swimming Pool makes for a rather fetching Tinkerbell. Children will be transported by the magnificent production design and special effects, and they'll cheer Peter's dashing duels with Hook (and Hook’s with an animatronic crocodile that's easily the scariest Pan croc ever). But what gives the film emotional resonance is the relationship between Peter and Wendy (Rachel Hurd-Wood), whom Peter recruits to be mother and storyteller to his Lost Boys, and whose presence stirs his inner teen. Peter says "Why do you have to spoil everything?" after Wendy brings up the subject of feelings and love. She touches his face and he pulls away. This moment, and Peter’s fundamental dilemma, were not depicted with such emotional honesty in earlier versions, and it’s what makes this Peter Pan perhaps the most striking yet.

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Release Date:
Original Release:
Universal Studios
Region Code:
[Wide Screen]
[Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]
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Special Features

Visit the Darling House; alternate ending; deleted scenes; Jason Isaac's behind-the-scenes home video footage; The Lost Pirate Song; Explore the Neverland Forest: Tinkerbell - Behind the Fairy Dust; I Do Believe in Fairies - inside the magical world of the fairies; Enter the Black Castle: Learning to Fly - go on set to the "Flying School" training camp; Mermaids Tale - behind-the-scenes;The Legacy of Pan

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Jason Isaacs Captain Hook,Mr. Darling
Jeremy Sumpter Peter Pan
Rachel Hurd-Wood Wendy Darling
Lynn Redgrave Aunt Millicent
Richard Briers Smee
Olivia Williams Mrs. Darling
Ludivine Sagnier Tinker Bell
Geoffrey Palmer Sir Edward Quiller Couch
Harry Newell John Darling
Freddie Popplewell Michael Darling
Theodore Chester Slightly
Rupert Simonian Tootles
George MacKay Curly
Harry Eden Nibs
Patrick Gooch Twin
Lachlan Gooch Twin
Carsen Gray Tiger Lily
Saffron Burrows Story Narrator
Donald Battee Giant Pirate
Sophie Wyburd Jane
Maggie Dence Lady Quiller Couch
Kerry Walker Miss Fulsom
Matthew Waters Messenger Boy
Alan Cinis Skylights
Frank Whitten Starkey
Bruce Spence Cookson
Daniel Wylie Alf Mason
Brian Carbee Albino
Frank Gallacher Alsation Fogarty
Septimus Caton Noodler
Jacob Tomuri Bill Jukes
Venant Wong Quang Lee
Phil Meacham Bollard
Darren Mitchell Mullins
Michael Roughan Cecco
Bill Kerr Fairy Guide
Celeste MacIlwaine Sleeping Child
Spike Hogan Sleeping Child
Patrick Hurd-Wood Sleeping Child
Brooke Duncan Sleeping Child
Themora Bourne Sleeping Child
Alexander Bourne Sleeping Child
Bruce Myles Bank Manager
Maya Barnaby Mermaid
Tory Mussett Mermaid
Ursula Mills Mermaid
Nadia Pirini Mermaid
Vij Kaewsanan Mermaid
Janet Strauss medicine woman
Sam Morely Fairy Bride
Brendan Shambrook Fairy Groom
Rebel Rousers Nana
Pete Anthony Conductor
Paul Salamunovich Conductor
Sally Stevens Conductor

Technical Credits
P.J. Hogan Director,Screenwriter
Gary Adelson Co-producer
Ana Maria Alvarado Animator
Ric Anderson Stunts
Martin Ash Set Decoration/Design
Jane Atherton Makeup
Shaheen Baig Casting
Kerry Barden Casting
Craig Baumgarten Co-producer
Keir Beck Stunts
Mirka Bimr Costumes/Costume Designer
Gloria S. Borders Associate Producer
Bradd Buckley Stunts
Derrick Carlin Animator
Tony Centonze Special Effects Supervisor
Godric Cole Set Decoration/Design
Andrew Conder Camera Operator
Ed Cotton Set Decoration/Design
Garth Craven Editor
Carolynne Cunningham Asst. Director
Alan B. Curtiss Asst. Director
Virginie D'annoville Animator
Harley D'Jekic Stunts
Brad Dechter Musical Arrangement
Digital Domain Animator
Deborah Maxwell Dion Casting
Andrew Doucette Animator
Amanda Enders Costumes/Costume Designer
Mohamed Al Fayed Executive Producer
Lucy Fisher Producer
Roger Ford Production Designer
Brian Froud Consultant/advisor
David Gainey Animator
Kyle Gardiner Stunts
Mark Goellnicht Camera Operator
Michael Goldenberg Screenwriter
Nikki Gooley Makeup
Holly Graham Stunts
Bonnie Greenberg Musical Direction/Supervision
David Hardeberger Cinematographer
Steve Harman Stunts
Jordan Harris Animator
Judith Harvey Set Decoration/Design
Rob Heggie Special Effects Supervisor
Arthur Hoadley Stunts
Louise Hogg Costumes/Costume Designer
Billy Hopkins Casting
James Newton Howard Score Composer
Sony Pictures Imageworks Animator
Industrial Light & Magic Animator
Jay Jackson Animator
Stephen Jones Co-producer
Ronald Judkins Sound Mixer
Michael Kahn Editor
Maia Kayser Animator
Keith Kellogg Animator
Peter Kelly Animator
Ian "Hood" Kenny Asst. Director
Greg Kyle Animator
Randy Link Animator
Gail Lyon Executive Producer
Vivienne MacGillicuddy Makeup
Donald M. McAlpine Cinematographer
Daniel McBurnie Stunts
Iain McCaig Consultant/advisor
Patrick McCormick Producer
Michelle McGahey Art Director
Wendy McGregor Costumes/Costume Designer
Judith Meske Costumes/Costume Designer
Carl Miller Cinematographer
Peter Milton Set Decoration/Design
Angela Moore Stunts
Jocelyn Moorhouse Executive Producer
Gary Morgan Stunts
Bonnie Morgan Stunts
Anita Morgan Makeup
Lisa Murphy Costumes/Costume Designer
Fiona Nichols Costumes/Costume Designer
Neal Norton Camera Operator
Scott O'Donnell Stunts
Dan Oliver Special Effects Supervisor
Ben Osmo Sound/Sound Designer
Catherine Overgaard Costumes/Costume Designer
Andy Owen Stunts
Janet Patterson Costumes/Costume Designer
Jesse Phillips Stunts
Clayton Pinney Special Effects Supervisor
Jakub Pistecky Animator
Tracey Lee Reeby Makeup
Martin Rosenberg Cinematographer
Mick Roughan Stunts
Gary Rydstrom Sound/Sound Designer
Christopher Scarabosio Sound/Sound Designer
Yasca Sinigaglia Stunts
Greg Skipper Stunts
Suzanne Smith Casting
Sharonne Solk Animator
Ellen M. Somers Associate Producer
Patrick Sweeney Cinematographer
Marjolaine Tremblay-Silva Animator
Darko Tuscan Stunts
Alex Tysowsky Animator
Mark Van Morsel Stunts
Craig Walmsley Sound Mixer
Simon Warner Asst. Director
Judith Weaver Executive Producer
Jamy Wheless Animator
Doug Wick Producer
David Williamson Camera Operator

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Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. The Darling Family [2:55]
2. A Hidden Kiss [3:09]
3. Time to Grow Up [5:38]
4. The Slippery Shadow [3:05]
5. Peter Pan [5:33]
6. Come Away to Neverland [6:01]
7. Hook [6:00]
8. Saved by a Kiss [4:36]
9. Welcome, Mother [2:30]
10. Hook's Prisoners [3:17]
11. The Black Castle [3:20]
12. Old Enemies [3:54]
13. Hook's Nemesis [2:34]
14. Dance of the Fairies [3:08]
15. Real Feelings [3:54]
16. Red-Handed Jill [5:48]
17. Before We're Forgotten [3:36]
18. A New Era Begins [2:49]
19. I Do Believe in Fairies [5:52]
20. Unhappy Thoughts [2:23]
21. Shadow of the Beast [3:10]
22. The Final Duel [1:46]
23. Alone and Unloved [2:07]
24. A Powerful Thing [4:32]
25. Old, Alone, Done For [2:06]
26. A Family Again [6:08]
27. All Except One [2:17]
28. End Titles [10:56]


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