Director: Leon Ichaso, Benjamin Bratt, Giancarlo Esposito, Talisa Soto

Cast: Leon Ichaso, Benjamin Bratt, Giancarlo Esposito, Talisa Soto

Benjamin Bratt stars in the seething drama Pinero. Buena Vista's work on this 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer is very nice, save for a few instances of muted colors and a bit of grain in a few key scenes. Otherwise, this is a very pleasing image that sports solid black levels and dark, rich colors. The soundtrack is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround


Benjamin Bratt stars in the seething drama Pinero. Buena Vista's work on this 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer is very nice, save for a few instances of muted colors and a bit of grain in a few key scenes. Otherwise, this is a very pleasing image that sports solid black levels and dark, rich colors. The soundtrack is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround in English. This 5.1 mix is exceptionally clear and concise without any distortion in the dialogue, music, or effects. While there aren't a ton of directional effects to be found on this mix, overall, it's a pleasant and apt soundtrack for the movie. Also included on the disc are English closed captions and Spanish subtitles. The extra features on this disc include a very short and uninformative making-of featurette titled "A Look at Miguel Pinero, the Man," and a theatrical trailer for the film.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Viewers unfamiliar with the relatively short, complicated life of Latino playwright Miguel Pinero will find this biographical film either inspiring or depressing, but all will agree that it gives Benjamin Bratt the best role of his career. Pinero, an amazingly charismatic man who gave a voice to New York’s oppressed Puerto Rican community, lived his 41 years with a puzzling duality. A gifted, passionate artist who acted and wrote plays and poetry, he also wallowed in street crime and made little attempt to kick his addiction to drugs. His most memorable work, the Tony-nominated play Short Eyes, was conceived while he languished in prison. Bratt makes the notoriously enigmatic Pinero somewhat sympathetic without softening the man’s rough edges. Former "Bond girl" Talisa Soto is excellent as the beautiful young actress who falls in love with Pinero, and Rita Moreno -- always a welcome film presence -- is superb as his indomitable mother. Giancarlo Esposito, Mandy Patinkin, and Robert Klein round out the supporting cast. Cuban writer-director Leon Ichaso brings a keen sense of immediacy to a life story of astonishing intricacy. For all his artistic ability and personal magnetism, Pinero remains a puzzle -- one whose missing pieces may never turn up.
All Movie Guide - Andrea LeVasseur
Shot with digital video, Leon Ichaso's rambling mood piece Piñero attempts to emulate poet/playwright Miguel Piñero's lyrical writing style. As Piñero, Law & Order star Benjamin Bratt is a charming rogue eternally smoking cigarettes and adjusting his fedora. With his scruffy beard, aviator sunglasses, and mop of curly brown hair, Bratt swaggers his way through scenes offering up raw words and wild gestures. His powerful screen presence against the backdrop of New York rooftops, smoky cafes, and crumbling flop houses is properly accompanied by a jazz soundtrack courtesy of Kip Hanrahan. These stylistic choices do well to fit the mood of the poet's life, but they do little to further the narrative. The only real information is offered in text form, summarizing the writer's life rather than setting up a story. The shaky handheld camera and arbitrary jolts to black-and-white too often feel like camera tricks implemented for no other reason than to look cool. The dialog also suffers from overdramatic lapses into poetry and ranting where straight conversation would've been helpful to break things up. These flaws can be overlooked for audiences who are already familiar with the man's story and just want to get a feel for his living, breathing words, but those looking for a biography may be disappointed. The film's circular construction makes it difficult to follow, but as a tribute to the late great poet it still gets all the sweaty, smoky tones right.
Los Angeles Times - Kevin Thomas
The film's adroit construction deftly integrates the seemingly disparate and contradictory aspects of Pinero's life, which in turn is mirrored in the bravura portrayal of the writer by Benjamin Bratt, in a breakthrough role.

Product Details

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[Wide Screen]
[Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Closed Caption; "A Look at Manuel Piñero, the Man"; Theatrical trailer; Spanish subtitles; Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound; Widescreen (1.85:1) enhanced for 16x9 televisions

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Benjamin Bratt Miguel
Giancarlo Esposito Miguel Algarin
Talisa Soto Sugar
Nelson Vasquez Tito
Michael Irby Reinaldo Povod
Mandy Patinkin Joseph Papp
Michael Wright Edgar
Rita Moreno Miguel's Mother
Jaime Sanchez Miguel's Father
Rome Neal Jake
Oscar Colon Bodega Man
Miriam Cruz Bodega Woman
Luis Caballero Shooting Gallery Man
Sophia Domoulin Shooting Gallery Woman
Robert Klein Doctor
Gilbert Collazo Miguel As Teen
Samuel Bruce Campbell Short Eyes Cop
Loraine Velez Tutu
Eric Nieves Nuyorican
Antonia Rey Senora
Griffin Dunne Agent
Lisa Rhoden P.A. Woman
Valentina Quinn Interviewer
Al Rodriguez Cuqui
Bruno Iannone Port Authority Cop
Fisher Stevens Public Theatre Cashier
Jack A. O'Connell Chauffeur
Ray Santiago Willie
Charles Santy Lincoln
Vanessa Del Sol Heist Woman
Jaime Tirelli Marty
O.L. Duke Paul
Ed Vassallo Tito Arrest Cop
Amanda KC Barrio Bar Woman
Bill Boggs Lennon Anchorman
Mateo Gomez Auditorium Man
Tony Vazzo Auditorium Man 2
Charles Sammarco Strange Shower Guy
Lydia Trueheart Woman with Baby
John Ortiz Gang Member
Panchito Gomez Acting Inmate
Amiri Baraka Himself
Pedro Pietri Himself
Jamal Joseph Himself
Miguel Algarin Himself
Tara Wilson Tito's Girlfriend
Joanne Newborn Fur Woman #1
Francine Berman Fur Woman #2

Technical Credits
Leon Ichaso Director,Screenwriter
Miguel Algarin Consultant/advisor
Billy Baldwin Producer
Claudio Chea Cinematographer
Kathy DeMarco Executive Producer
Andrew Edelman Sound Mixer
Mariusz Glabinski Sound Editor
Jamie Gordon Co-producer
Marlena Grzaslewicz Sound Editor
Kip Hanrahan Score Composer
Sandra Hernandez Costumes/Costume Designer
Larry Huston Camera Operator
Bruce Kitzmeyer Sound Editor
Richard Kondas Sound Mixer
John Leguizamo Executive Producer
Sharon Lomofsky Production Designer
Ellyn Long Marshall Casting
Sukari McGill Costumes/Costume Designer
Ines Mongil Production Manager
Marie E. Nelson Casting
Susan Ogu Set Decoration/Design
John Penotti Producer
Dadi Pinero Consultant/advisor
Lisa Rhoden Associate Producer
David Shumbris Stunts
701 Sound Sound Editor
Ira Spiegel Sound Editor
Fisher Stevens Producer
David Tedeschi Editor
Glen Trotiner Associate Producer,Asst. Director
Kenny Vance Musical Direction/Supervision
Ken Weiss Musical Direction/Supervision
Timothy Whidbee Art Director
Tim Williams Producer

Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Opening Credits: "Street Reality... Can You Dig That?" [5:55]
2. "Your Sanity Belongs to Me" [8:42]
3. Miguel's Sugar [5:23]
4. The Poet's House [9:04]
5. "I'll Make You Proud" [6:45]
6. This Is Our Time [5:11]
7. Seeking the Cause [6:01]
8. "I Need a Liver" [7:46]
9. "Kill All Our Troubles Away" [7:51]
10. "I Know What I Am" [3:51]
11. Representing Life [4:45]
12. "A Future That Ain't Gonna Last" [6:58]
13. An Ashtray of Memories [5:32]
14. "Through the Lower East Side" [5:08]
15. End Credits [5:09]

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