Pink Panther Classic Cartoon Collection, Vol. 2: Adventures in the Pink

Pink Panther Classic Cartoon Collection, Vol. 2: Adventures in the Pink

4.5 2
Director: Gerry Chiniquy, Hawley Pratt

Cast: Gerry Chiniquy, Hawley Pratt


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Mgm (Video & Dvd)
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Pink Panther Classic Cartoon Collection, Vol. 2: Adventures in the Pink 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
ROSEQUENE More than 1 year ago
Always loved him as a child. I bought the cartoon for a "pretty n pink" party I had. Funny! Bought volume 1 & 2. My 14 yr old son thought it was funny.
jake_hill More than 1 year ago
There is a dark humor that Blake Edwards draws us to through Pink. What these cartoons have are big messages for all: Life is continually and relentlessly interesting. Our minds enjoy a glance at humor in the face of cruelty. If we saw this cat when we were children, we probably learned something about the unlikely and sometimes unkind twists of fate which would later occur to us. But, it wasn't without chances to laugh at magically thought scenarios, fantastic oppositional forces, and dramatic exaggerations that we kept these memories in the back of our heads. This is true even if all we remember now is the song and vague feelings inside us as we hum it. Pink Panther is a cartoon that takes its place as a link in the chain of often ominous wisdom that is yet wholesome. Just as Grimm's tales once popularly met children with some stern warnings, Pink did the same for those of us who watched him. -It isn't hard to imagine Pink may yet illustrate points wonderfully in classrooms and speeches which make use of multimedia images. [It might not become immediately clear to us that we've just been schooled by a 2.5 Dimensional [or 2.5D] feline until some time after it has occured, but how much more telling can any message be!?]- So, I hope this cartoon's lasting impact from the late 60 (and following tv run years) doesn't become something future children will never know existed. Lets all keep a little mischief alive and keep from losing that solid individualism which Pink may have helped us find. Toss the DVD in and select the appropriate 2.5D metaphor for the situation you or your child may face. Then face life anew in 3D, like a cool cat should. -Or, you could always just use it for a laugh.