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Pink Panther Classic Cartoon Collection
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Pink Panther Classic Cartoon Collection


Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
The Pink Panther did not even crack TV Guide's list of the top 50 cartoon characters of all time (heck; even Pikachu was No. 15!). But this sleek, five-disc, 124-cartoon set makes a pretty convincing case for reconsideration. Certainly, few ‘toons enjoyed such auspicious beginnings: Co-created by Warner Bros. veteran Friz Freleng, the Pink Panther practically stole Blake Edwards's classic 1963 live-action comedy out from under Peter Sellers with his virtuoso turn in the animated opening credits. "The Pink Phink," his very first cartoon, earned an Academy Award! That the stylized, color-splashed cartoon leads off Disc 1, which also includes such favorites as "The Pink Blueprint" (also Oscar nominated), "Sink Pink" and "Pink Ice," the only cartoons in which the Pink Panther has a closing line of dialogue, as well as "Pink, Plunk, Plink," which features a cameo appearance by Henry Mancini, composer of the Pink Panther theme. That jaunty piece of music is at the heart of PP's enduring appeal, because, while certainly charismatic, he doesn't have as distinct a personality as his higher-ranking cartoon brethren. In some shorts, he's a mischief-making prankster. In others, he's like a feline Mr. Hulot, reacting to life's absurdities. Someone had to come up with titles incorporating the word "Pink" ("Pinkadilly Circus," "Cat and the Pinkstalk," "In the Pink of the Night," "Pink-tails for Two," to name a few) -- a task one does not envy. Impressionist Rich Little and the great Paul Frees (perhaps best known as the voice of Boris Badenov) contribute voices to some of the cartoons, but the dialogue-free ones are best. Disc 5's special features include the animated main title sequences from five Pink Panther movies, which, as the films got worse, were the dwindling franchise's saving grace. Animation buffs will be tickled you-know-what by the robust bonus features, which include a featurette devoted to Friz Freleng.

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Special Features

Behind the Feline: The Cartoon Phenomenon; Pink Patter With Art Leonardi: The Story Behind the Animation; Remembering Friz; Think Pink: How to Draw the Pink Panther; Page to Screen: In the Pink and Pink Blueprint; Animated main title sequences of...; The Pink Panther; A Shot in the Dark; The Pink Panther Strikes Again; Revenge of the Pink Panther; Trail of the Pink Panther; "Life in a Pink Panther Factory" from American Cinematographer

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