Pixar's 15th Ann: Bug's Life/Toy Story/Toy 2

Pixar's 15th Ann: Bug's Life/Toy Story/Toy 2

Director: Ash Brannon, Andrew Stanton

Cast: Ash Brannon, John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Tom Hanks


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While it may strike some as odd that a box celebrating a "15th Anniversary" comprises discs of three movies dating from 1996 (Toy Story), 1998 (A Bug's Life), and 1999 (Toy Story 2), the label is not a misprint. Pixar, the animation company that created this envelope-pushing trio of feature films, actually does date back to the mid-'80s -- and the presence of Luxo Jr., nominated for an Oscar in 1986 as Best Animated Short Film, proves it. The three discs offer the movies in both full-frame and wide-screen (enhanced for 16x9 TVs) versions, with Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound, and were mastered from Pixar's original digital sources. The two Toy Story films are THX certified. Each disc also includes a Pixar short: Toy Story offers the 1989 Academy Award-winning Tin Toy; A Bug's Life sports Geri's Game, Pixar's second short Oscar winner, from 1998; and Luxo Jr. appears on the Toy Story 2 disc. In the VHS version of the set, all three films are full-frame presentations, and the cassettes of the latter two films even offer a few extras. A Bug's Life offers the same short as the disc edition, plus two sets of outtakes. Likewise, the Toy Story 2 VHS includes the Luxo Jr. short and outtakes. (Yes: the outtakes found on the latter two tapes are also on the corresponding discs.)

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