Popular Mechanics for Kids Box Set

Popular Mechanics for Kids Box Set

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Director: Elisha Cuthbert, Charles Powell, Jay Baruchel, Vanessa Lengies

Cast: Elisha Cuthbert, Charles Powell, Jay Baruchel, Vanessa Lengies


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Produced in Montreal, Canada, between the years 1997 and 2001, Popular Mechanics for Kids is one of those pleasant surprises video-wary parents occasionally encounter on the screen. This box set includes 24 of the 70 or so episodes produced -- presumably the best, as they’re uniformly solid, a steady stream of edifying fun. Anyone expecting a sober scientific tour with the pointy-bearded editors of the venerable Hearst magazine will be sorely disappointed, as Popular Mechanics for Kids really is its own animal, despite the title. Episodes are built around a theme and usually take the various teen hosts off on field trips, from aquariums, zoos, and nature preserves to amusement parks and space camps. Greg Kinnear look-alike Charlie (Charles Powell) breaks up the various on-location segments with a bit of scientific clowning, performing experiments based on the show’s weekly theme. Charlie, though, is a sideshow, while the teen hosts act as the viewers’ surrogates. Natural, engaging, and appropriately anxious when the job places them in dangerous, unpleasant, or just plain icky situations, the show’s regulars include future 24 star Elisha Cuthbert, Tyler Kyte, Jay Baruchel, and Vanessa Lengies (Stick It). Each of the six discs offers four 25-minute episodes, including: Gators & Dragons and Other Wild Beasts; Radical Rockets and Other Cool Cruising Machines; Rip Roaring Roller Coasters and All Access to Fun; Slither & Slime and Other Yucky Things; Super Sea Creatures and Awesome Ocean Adventures; and X-Treme Sports and Other Action Adventures. The set affords considerable savings over the a la carte releases, and kids as young as three years old will find plenty to enjoy.

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Disc #2 -- Popular Mechanics for Kids: Super Sea Creatures and Awesome Ocean Adventures
1. Amazing Sea Creatures [22:51]
2. Ocean Adventures [22:40]
3. Aquariums [22:55]
4. In Deep Water [21:18]
Disc #3 -- Popular Mechanics for Kids: Rip-Roaring Roller Coasters and all Access to Fun
1. Rollercoasters [22:10]
2. Ticket to Ride [22:20]
3. Under the Big Top [22:42]
4. Behind the Scenes at Big Events [22:30]
Disc #5 -- Popular Mechanics for Kids: Gators & Dragons and Other Wild Beasts
1. Zoos [22:09]
2. Talk to the Animals [22:26]
2. Killer Creatures [22:21]
Disc #6 -- Popular Mechanics for Kids: X-Treme Sports & Other Action Adventures
1. Sports [22:56]
2. X-treme Rides [22:36]
2. Sports: Riding, Gliding, Sliding [22:40]
2. Fun in the Desert [22:36]

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Popular Mechanics for Kids Box Set 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I bought this set for my 5-year old daughter about 6 months ago. She absolutely loves it. The boxed set contains episodes that explore all kinds of things, from bugs, to sea creatures to roller coasters and airplanes. The "science" is presented in a way that kids can relate to, and the kids hosts/hostesses are great. My only regret is that there isn't a second or third boxed set to buy. Great gift for kids whether or not they are curious about how things work.