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Pretender: Season 1

Pretender: Season 1

4.7 14

Cast: Michael T. Weiss, Andrea Parker, Patrick Bauchau

As a child, Jarod (Michael T. Weiss) had a gift for assuming the personalities of others, which was cruelly exploited when he was kidnapped by a secret government organization. Now a grown man, Jarod attempts to find the family from whom he was stolen while coming to the aid of people in danger in this collection of episodes from the television series The Pretender


As a child, Jarod (Michael T. Weiss) had a gift for assuming the personalities of others, which was cruelly exploited when he was kidnapped by a secret government organization. Now a grown man, Jarod attempts to find the family from whom he was stolen while coming to the aid of people in danger in this collection of episodes from the television series The Pretender. The Pretender: Season 1 features all 22 installments of the show's inaugural 1996-1997 season. Titles include "Pilot, "Every Picture Tells a Story, "Flyer, "Curious Jarod, "The Paper Clock, "To Serve and Protect, "A Virus Among Us, "Not Even a Mouse, "Mirage, "Better Part of Valor, "Bomb Squad, "Prison Story, "Bazooka Jarod, "Ranger Jarod, "Jaroldo, "Under the Reds, "Keys, "Unhappy Landings, "Jarod's Honor, "Baby Love, "The Dragon House, Part 1, and "The Dragon House, Part 2."

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Christina Urban
Beginning on NBC in 1996, this action series told the story of a man named Jarod (former soap star Michael T. Weiss), who was known as a "Pretender" -- a genius with the ability to insinuate himself into any walk of life and become anyone. As a child, Jarod was taken to a research facility known as the Centre, where his abilities were used to test certain theoretical simulations, such as how someone would react while trapped in a sinking ship. The Centre then sold these simulations to the highest bidder by applying Jarod's knowledge to real life, often for use in plots resulting in the deaths of hundreds. As the series begins, Jarod has discovered that the Centre has been using his gifts for nefarious purposes and flees the complex that had been his lifelong home. Chasing him is Sydney (Carnivale's Patrick Bauchau), leader of the research project and a father figure to Jarod, and field agent Miss Parker (Andrea Parker), who is also the daughter of the Centre's head. While on the run, Jarod becomes a sort of avenging angel who helps others in need, posing as everyone from a Coast Guard lieutenant who brings out the truth about a drowning in "Every Picture Tells a Story" to a lawyer defending a wrongfully accused man in "The Paper Clock." What prevents the series from falling into the disguise-of-the-week trap is the fact that Jarod is driven by the emotional need to know the truth about who he really is and where his parents are. Another nice character touch is the way the once-isolated Jarod discovers things like donuts, Wheel of Fortune, and Slinky toys during his travels. By the end of the season, Jarod's quest leads him to the discovery of his mother and siblings, but fans will have to wait to see a happy reunion.

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20th Century Fox
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Special Features

Closed Caption; All 21 season one episodes, including the double-length season finale; Audio commentary on selected episodes; "Making-Of" featurettes and TV spots

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Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc One - Side A
1. Runaway/Main Titles
2. God of Retribution
3. Ice Cream and TV
4. A Human Being
5. Malpractice
6. Because of the Lies
7. Unwelcome Welcome
8. Science Experiment
9. The Truth
10. Heart Attack
11. So Close
12. End Titles
1. At the Y/Main Titles
2. Nowhere
3. Search & Rescue
4. Avenging Angel
5. Stubborn as a Mule
6. Work in Progress
7. Getting the Job Done
8. Running From the Truth
9. Going It Alone
10. A Wrong Righted
11. Painting a Memory
12. End Titles
1. Vortex/Main Titles
2. The Best
3. Test Crash
4. Merchants of Death
5. Blackout
6. Family Life
7. Special Projects
8. Failure Rate
9. Zeroing In
10. Dogfight
11. Sweet Sorrow
12. End Titles
1. Vegas Luck/Main Titles
2. Sleight of Hand
3. The King
4. Family First
5. Old Friends
6. Anomalies
7. Not Alone
8. Caught on Tape
9. The Setup
10. Scammed
11. The Man in the Yellow Hat
12. End Titles
Side #2 -- Disc One - Side B
1. Homesick/Main Titles
2. The Firm
3. The Whittaker Files
4. Personal Chauffeur
5. Shopping
6. The Prosecutor
7. Facts of the Case
8. Images From the Past
9. Editing Session
10. Put on the Spot
11. Double-Cross
12. End Titles
1. Multifaceted/Main Titles
2. Winners and Losers
3. Nothing Stronger
4. Alone and Forgotten
5. Suspended
6. Lack of Evidence
7. Never Give Up
8. A Special Kind of Cop
9. So Close
10. The Good Guys
11. 10:19
12. End Titles
Side #3 -- Disc Two - Side A
1. Bugs/Main Titles
2. New Gig, New Digs
3. The Unseen Enemy
4. Legacy
5. Level Four
6. Doctored Tape
7. Facing the Music
8. Code Word
9. Off the Books
10. Hotel California
11. Refuge
12. End Titles
1. Snowflakes/Main Titles
2. Chief Coroner
3. Lgl
4. The Spirit of Christmas
5. Jane and John Doe
6. Crash Site
7. Past and Present
8. Rabbits
9. Joy to the World
10. Last-Minute Gift
11. Holy Night
12. End Titles
1. Leap of Faith/Main Titles
2. On the Run
3. Spirit Guide
4. Pregnant Widow
5. Skeletons in the Closet
6. Life and Death
7. Gut Talk
8. Uncovering the Past
9. Long Green
10. Just Desserts
11. The Journey
12. End Titles
1. Rescue/Main Titles
2. King of the Hill
3. Sex Talk
4. A Fireman's Life
5. Not Worth Saving
6. Energetic
7. Line of Duty
8. Fiery Hell
9. Confirmed Hit
10. Showtime
11. Spy
12. End Titles
Side #4 -- Disc Two - Side B
1. Angelo/Main Titles
2. The Fax Bomber
3. Master of Disguise
4. Quite an Eye
5. The Leak
6. Exactly the Same
7. Mind Movies
8. Wannabee
9. In Harm's Way
10. The Trap
11. Road to Recovery
12. End Titles
1. Condemned/Main Titles
2. Sending a Message
3. Know Your Enemy
4. Seeking the Truth
5. How Romantic
6. Fate
7. Prison Safety
8. Dress Rehearsal
9. Unbroken
10. Get Out of Jail Free
11. Execution Day
12. End Titles
Side #5 -- Disc Three - Side A
1. A Special Spot/Main Titles
2. Rogue Sub
3. The Rescued
4. Melina
5. Baker's Best Friend
6. Taking Melina Home
7. The Seaver Death
8. Just Like Your Mother
9. Nashton's Man
10. Looking for Commander Forrester
11. One Last Drill
12. ILY/End Titles
1. Lost/Main Titles
2. One of the Stooges
3. Big Bob
4. Victor's Mark
5. Strange New Feelings
6. Downstream
7. Scars
8. Running for His Life
9. Two Lost Children
10. The Mine Shaft
11. What Hell Is Like
12. Adios, Mi Vida/End Titles
1. Even-Tempered Man/Main Titles
2. Phil the Hero
3. Feeling Lucky
4. The Watanabe Shooting
5. Dave
6. Full of Surprises
7. Ms. Parker Regrets
8. Different Paths
9. D-Mac
10. Lights, Camera, Action!
11. Saved
12. End Titles
1. Life Saver/Main Titles
2. Awol
3. Personally Involved
4. Invisible Man
5. The Relief of Suffering
6. Priorities
7. The Accident
8. Sl-27
9. Cyclist Down
10. Sweeper
11. End of Story
12. End Titles
Side #6 -- Disc Three - Side B
1. Gators/Main Titles
2. Search for Answers
3. Cassandra
4. Trustworthy
5. Left Hanging
6. Key to the Past
7. Out of Control
8. Reality
9. Good for the Soul
10. More Than One Hero
11. New Deal
12. End Titles
1. Escort/Main Titles
2. Personal Favor
3. No One to Trust
4. Contact
5. Brick Walls
6. Friendship
7. Stabbed in the Back
8. Angry and Helpless
9. Memento
10. Change of Schedule
11. The Other Children
12. End Titles
Side #7 -- Disc Four - Side A
1. Big Easy/Main Titles
2. Cold Turkey
3. Full of the Devil
4. The Target
5. No Complaints
6. Back From the Dead
7. Nowhere Man
8. Part of the Problem
9. Doubting Donny
10. Exhausted
11. Overdue Conversations
12. End Titles
1. Dumped/Main Titles
2. Cold, Scared and Alone
3. Abandoned
4. Haircut
5. Where's the Dirt?
6. The Cop and the DA
7. A Match
8. It's Always Broots
9. Close Call
10. Playing Politics
11. Spirited Away
12. End Titles
Side #8 -- Disc Four - Side B
1. Burned/Main Titles
2. The Other One
3. Torture
4. Blue Notebook
5. Defiance
6. The Farm
7. Stripped of Humanity
8. Ancient History
9. The Fugitive
10. Teaching Hate
11. No Tangible Evidence
12. Code Talkers
13. The Dragon House
14. Family History
15. Shut Out
16. Clever Ploy
17. Back to the Centre
18. Going Home
19. A Place to Start
20. Desperate Times
21. The Law
22. Flying Blind
23. Nada
24. End Titles

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Pretender: Season 1 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
When the second season comes out, I will be one of the first in line to order it. Fantastic series. The best I've seen in my 59 years.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this show on Cable as well as on the DVD for the season 1. Great buy!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Pretender was a fantastic series about a highly intelligent man who escaped from a cooperation (the Center) that raised him, and used his abilities to hurt people. The series was always packed full of action, drama and humour, but what I always loved best about it was the acting. All of the actors were just delightful to watch. I highly recommend this series.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a must have if you are a true fan of the show. Can't wait for Season 2 to come out on DVD
Guest More than 1 year ago
hello, i just wanted to tell the person who is thinking or considering to buy this dvd, he/she will get an wonderfull cd! im have it to! i already an fan of The Pretender for 4 years and i still love it! Its just an wonderfull/ and the best tv-show ever!!! Greetings, S.Parker
Guest More than 1 year ago
Considering they should have NEVER taken the show off the air, I couldn't resist ordering the series! It will have you on the edge of your seat and ready to order Season 2!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is one of best conceived, written, produced and acted TV shows ever! I am not a morning person at all.... but Ihave been getting up at 6:00 am every morning to watch the reruns. Now I can watch the first season anytime I want ... without commercials. This show is Awesome! Watch it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This show is truly one of a kind. Original storyline, engaging storyline...it's got it all. I don't mean to sound like movie critic or anything but this series is an instant classic-the characters are believable and likeable in their own ways. I recommend this to anyone who has a television set and a DVD player...you absolutely cannot go wrong with the Pretender.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was my favorite TV series, and I am thrilled to be able to own it on DVD! Pretender fans should visit the message boards at forums.prospero.com to check out the efforts to keep interest in the series alive and to campaign for a new Pretender movie!
Guest More than 1 year ago
It's been years since I've seen this show, but now that my son is a teenager, I am ready to introduce it to him, he loves the X Files and will love this! Bring this show back to TV! This was better than X Files or 24!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago