Director: Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza

Cast: Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza, Jonathan Mellor, Oscar Sanchez Zafra


Picking up just a few short minutes after the first film left off, Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza's adrenalized action horror sequel follows a heavily armed SWAT team and a tight-lipped medical officer as they venture into the quarantined tenement building to uncover the origins of the bizarre outbreak.See more details below


Picking up just a few short minutes after the first film left off, Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza's adrenalized action horror sequel follows a heavily armed SWAT team and a tight-lipped medical officer as they venture into the quarantined tenement building to uncover the origins of the bizarre outbreak. Their helmet-mounted cameras capturing every nerve-shredding moment of the mission, the team must fight for their lives when they're beset by rampaging victims of the demonic virus. Now, with each new attack, the infection grows, and the horde gains power. Should the virus somehow manage to spread outside, the result would be a disaster of apocalyptic proportions. But there's still hope; the medical officer seems to know something about this infection that he hasn't yet shared with the others. Somewhere in the building, an antidote to the virus waits to be discovered. But in order to find it, these terrified soldiers will have to fight their way through a true hell on Earth.

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Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Jeremy Wheeler
Scare-hounds who thought they had seen it all with Spain's 2007 zombie-outbreak opus, [REC], will be mighty surprised when they discover the evils that await them in this stellar follow-up. The hand-held camerawork aesthetic still holds true, as do the intense attack scenes, yet [REC] 2 adds a whole new ingredient to the horrific recipe: the eternal battle between the holy and the damned. It's not as if this element wasn't strongly hinted at in the original film. While the far-inferior American remake, Quarantine, so foolishly opted out of the exorcism backstory so that it could chalk it all up to rabies (ugh), those in the audience who felt cheated are given a big gift-wrapped present here. In fact, [REC] 2 not only changes the dynamic of the series, it forever switches up the first film -- a tall, and rare, feat for any sequel. The second film picks up soon after the first, which followed a TV reporter (Manuela Velasco) as she tailed a group of firemen on an emergency call at an apartment complex infected with a viral outbreak that turned the inhabitants into blood-thirsty zombie-like creatures. Part two focuses on a small SWAT team led by Dr. Owen (Jonathan Mellor), a mysterious Health Department representative who guides them through the quarantined building and is the only one who holds the authority to get them out. As they make their way through the blood-splattered tenement, it soon becomes clear that this isn't a contagion in the general sense, but an example of real-life demonic possession. The doctor turns out to be a priest on order from those high up to get a blood sample from Medeiros, a possessed girl who was being experimented on by the Catholic Church within the expansive top floor of the building. However, they'll have to find her first -- and battle a legion of demons while doing so, using all the firepower and God-willed power they can muster. The returning filmmaking team of Paco Plaza and Jaume Balagueró does a bang-up job of keeping things fresh while not rehashing the original film. Just 15 minutes in, they pull the demonic card, thereby changing the entire propulsion of the story. This isn't a survival tale like the first, but a righteous one, lead by the truly great Mellor -- in a wild-eyed performance equally as iconic as the moody shots of him, crucifix in hand, interrogating the possessed. There is a trade-off, of course. Those who enjoy straight-up zombie action might scoff at the religious subtext, though thankfully, there are enough dumbed-down B-flicks that fit that bill for those drooling for any and all things "zombie." Those on the other side of the horror fence who couldn't be any more sick of the zombie trend will applaud what [REC] 2 has to offer. There's meat to the tale that was only hinted at before, with ingenious thematic rationale for revisiting stylistic choices from the original film. One valid complaint could be about the unexpected narrative break around halfway through the film. It's a gutsy choice, yet just like the first movie's quiet moments, the shift provides a lull in the chaos that some viewers may appreciate. Further viewings lessen the jarring effect -- indeed, it's almost admirable that the directing duo is so confident in what they're doing that they would try something so drastic. Needless to say, with Plaza tackling the origin tale ([REC] Genesis) next and Balagueró winding things up with [REC] Apocalypse after that, audiences are in for more stellar genre reinvention from a series unafraid of evolving past its stylistic trappings.

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Product Details

Release Date:
Original Release:
Sony Pictures
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[Wide Screen]
[Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound]
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Special Features

Deleted scenes ; Behind the scenes featurettes; A walkthrough of the set; [Rec]2 on tour ; Stiges film festival press conference

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Jonathan Mellor Dr. Owen
Oscar Sanchez Zafra Boss
Ariel Casas Larra
Alejandro Casaseca Martos
Pablo Rosso Rosso
Manuela Velasco Angela
Pep Molina Actor
Andrea Ros Actor
Álex Batllori Actor
Pau Poch Actor
Juli Fabregas Actor
Nico Baixas Actor
Javier Botet Actor
Carlos Olalla Actor

Technical Credits
Jaume Balagueró Director,Screenwriter
Paco Plaza Director,Screenwriter
David Ambit Makeup Special Effects
Cristina Campos Casting
Manu Diez Screenwriter
Gemma Fauria Production Designer
Carlos Fernandez Executive Producer
David Gallart Editor
Julio Fernández Executive Producer
Pablo Rosso Cinematographer
Oriol Tarrago Sound/Sound Designer
Gloria Viguer Costumes/Costume Designer

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Scene Index

Disc #1 --
1. Chapter 1 [5:46]
2. Chapter 2 [3:28]
3. Chapter 3 [7:54]
4. Chapter 4 [3:42]
5. Chapter 5 [4:26]
6. Chapter 6 [2:51]
7. Chapter 7 [5:52]
8. Chapter 8 [5:21]
9. Chapter 9 [5:01]
10. Chapter 10 [3:56]
11. Chapter 11 [6:24]
12. Chapter 12 [5:58]
13. Chapter 13 [4:34]
14. Chapter 14 [4:23]
15. Chapter 15 [5:08]
16. Chapter 16 [9:30]

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