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Rescue Me - The Complete Second Season

Rescue Me - The Complete Second Season

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Cast: Denis Leary, Jack McGee, John Scurti, Daniel Sunjata


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The 13 episodes of the 2005 season rekindle the saga of Engine 62, a New York City firehouse whose men continue to cope with job-related stress and post-9/11 fears about their work. Denis Leary stars as Tommy Gavin, a not-particularly-noble fireman whose personal failings finally catch up with him in Season 2. After Tommy's drinking degrades his performance on the job and nearly kills fellow firefighter Franco (Daniel Sunjata), he's banished to a firehouse outside of Manhattan. In addition to this humiliation, his estranged wife, Janet (Andrea Roth), has disappeared with his kids, and his womanizing ways backfire when he discovers that his dead cousin's wife (Callie Thorne) is three months pregnant with his child. Thus, Tommy makes a decision to quit drinking, possibly helped along by the unsettling visions of Jesus Christ he sees every time he gets near a bottle of booze. As for the rest of his squad, Tommy's replaced for a short time by a fireman with a secret, Sully (Oz's Lee Tergesen); Chief Reilly (Jack McGee) faces hard decisions about his wife's illness; "Lou" Shea (John Scurti) faces a harassment suit from Laura (Diane Farr), who intensifies her relationship with Franco; Franco slips into painkiller addiction after recovering from his accident; and Mike the Probie (Michael Lombarti) reacts violently to a breakup with his girlfriend. Multiple tragedies strike Engine 62 in the season's final shows, "Happy" and "Justice," including a multi-alarm blaze, and a sudden, unexpected death. Sharp writing and realistic characters lend Rescue Me authenticity, both in spirit and detail. They also make it one of TV’s most compelling shows.

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Closed Caption; 6 exclusive behind-the-scenes featurettes; Blooper reel; 35 deleted and extended scenes; Exclusive sneak peek at the Third Season

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