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Director: Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Koji Yakusho, Manami Konishi, Tsuyoshi Ihara

Cast: Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Koji Yakusho, Manami Konishi, Tsuyoshi Ihara

Japanese horror producer Taka Ichise -- the force behind Ringu and Ju-on: The Grudge -- and Kiyoshi Kurosawa, the director of Pulse, team up for the supernatural horror picture Retribution (aka Sakebi), starring Koji Yakusho,


Japanese horror producer Taka Ichise -- the force behind Ringu and Ju-on: The Grudge -- and Kiyoshi Kurosawa, the director of Pulse, team up for the supernatural horror picture Retribution (aka Sakebi), starring Koji Yakusho, Riona Hazuki, Tsuyoshi Ihara, Manami Konishi, Ryo Kase, Hiroyuki Hirayama, and Jô Odagiri. Yakusho plays Yoshioka, a cop tormented by strange details surrounding the murder of a local woman (Riona Hazuki) in a red dress. Though ostensibly killed by being drowned in a shallow, tepid pool of muddy water, an autopsy reveals the woman's belly as full of seawater. Moreover, a button found at the murder scene matches one that is missing from a coat Yoshioka purchased, and fingerprints that cover the body match his own. Yoshioka thus immediately reasons that he must have killed the woman but blocked it out, despite the assurance of his colleagues that he probably just touched the body sans gloves. He is soon visited repeatedly by the apparition of the victim (red dress intact). As these visitations build in intensity and bizarreness, another drowning murder -- that of a surgeon's son -- occurs in exactly the same manner, and the evidence this time seems to point so conclusively to Yoshioka that he could be sent away at any moment. But the story is far from over. To say more would ruin the picture, but Kurosawa then springs an endless series of twists and double-crosses that force the audience to reevaluate everything that has come before.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Josh Ralske
Venerable leading man Kôji Yakusho (Babel) collaborates again with Japanese horror pioneer Kiyoshi Kurosawa for Retribution, an opening night hit at the 2007 New York Asian Film Festival. More a supernatural thriller than straight-up J-horror, the film eschews the dark humor of Kurosawa/Yakusho's Doppelganger for the somber, apocalyptic tone of the director's Pulse. For those in tune with his deliberate methods, Kurosawa--holding a quiet shot a bit longer than anticipated, keeping the camera far enough away from his characters that we can fully absorb every dark corner of their surroundings, or focused away from what we want to see--effectively subverts genre expectations. The affect is off-kilter, adding to our growing unease. He knows how to build suspense, and jolt his audience (the siren wail of that ghost might follow one out of the theater), but with Retribution, he also compels us to ponder the alienation engendered by the constant tearing down and building up of modernity, and to consider our personal responsibility toward those lost souls abandoned and forgotten in its tumult. The film generates scares, and empathy for its increasingly unhinged protagonist, but its impact goes deeper than that. Kurosawa offers a compelling detective story, but those expecting linearity or pat answers will be disappointed, because the real questions he is asking are philosophical. At its core, this unsettling work is less about Yoshioka's (Yakusho) guilt than it is about our own.

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Original Release:
Lions Gate
Region Code:
[Wide Screen]
[Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound]
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Special Features

Closed Caption; On Opening Day - exclusive q & a session with filmmakers; Two alternate endings; 16x9 widescreen; 5.1 Dolby Digital audio; English and Spanish subtitles; English closed captions; `

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Koji Yakusho Actor
Manami Konishi Actor
Tsuyoshi Ihara Actor
Hiroyuki Hirayama Actor
Jô Odagiri Actor
Ryo Kase Actor
Riona Hazuki Actor

Technical Credits
Kiyoshi Kurosawa Director,Screenwriter
Akiko Ashizawa Cinematographer
Norifumi Ataka Art Director,Production Designer
Nobuhiro Azuma Associate Producer
Ryuhei Chiba Executive Producer
Kuniaki Haishima Score Composer
Kazuya Hamana Executive Producer
Takashige Ichise Producer
Taka Ichise Producer
Yoshikazu Kenmotsu Associate Producer
Hidekazu Kishiura Special Effects Supervisor
Yukie Kito Associate Producer
Masato Komatsu Sound Mixer,Sound/Sound Designer
Yasushi Kotani Executive Producer
Yuichi Matsui Makeup Special Effects
Nobuyuki Takahashi Editor

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Retribution
1. Salt Water [10:20]
2. Fingerprint [7:27]
3. Serial Killer [7:28]
4. Breakdown [11:22]
5. Destined [6:33]
6. Therapy [8:12]
7. Haunting [7:01]
8. Sanitarium [5:27]
9. Ichikawa [3:46]
10. Forgiveness [7:11]
11. I'm Dead [13:56]
12. End Credits [12:10]


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