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Romeo and Juliet (Teatro alla Scala)

Romeo and Juliet (Teatro alla Scala)

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Director: Tina Protasoni, Alessandra Ferri, Angel Corella

Cast: Tina Protasoni, Alessandra Ferri, Angel Corella

This performance of Prokofiev's ballet Romeo and Juliet was recorded at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan in January of 2000.


This performance of Prokofiev's ballet Romeo and Juliet was recorded at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan in January of 2000.

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Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Opening Credits [1:37]
2. Introduction [2:19]
3. Romeo [1:26]
4. The Street Awakens [2:09]
5. Morning Dance [2:10]
6. The Quarrel [1:12]
7. The Fight [2:40]
8. The Duke's Decree [1:08]
9. Interlude [1:37]
10. Preparations for the Ball [1:12]
11. Juliet the Young Girl [3:23]
12. Arrival of the Guests [3:33]
13. Masks [2:44]
14. Dance of the Knights [3:08]
15. Juliet Dances With Paris [3:09]
16. Serenade [2:38]
17. Juliet's Variation [1:59]
18. Mercutio and Benvolio [2:31]
19. Madrigal [3:19]
20. Tybalt Recognizes Romeo [1:48]
21. Departure of the Guests [3:50]
22. Balcony Scene [3:14]
23. Romeo's Variation [:57]
24. Love Dance [5:12]
25. Folk Dance [3:30]
26. Romeo and His Friends [2:13]
27. Dance With Mandolins [4:09]
28. The Nurse Delivers Juliet's Letter to Romeo [2:27]
29. Interlude [2:46]
30. Romeo and Juliet at Friar Laurence's [:32]
31. The People Continue to Make Merry [3:29]
32. Tybalt Meets Mercutio [3:11]
33. Chapter 33 [1:55]
34. Chapter 34 [1:30]
35. Chapter 35 [2:40]
36. Chapter 36 [2:30]
37. Introduction [1:54]
38. Romeo and Juliet [1:18]
39. The Last Farewell [1:00]
40. The Nurse [4:52]
41. Juliet Refuses to Marry Paris [1:47]
42. Juliet Alone [2:16]
43. Interlude [1:21]
44. At Friar Laurence's [1:22]
45. Interlude [2:19]
46. Juliet's Bedroom [:23]
47. Juliet and Paris [1:02]
48. Juliet Alone [3:15]
49. Dance of the Girls With the Lilies [3:22]
50. At Juliet's Bedside [2:09]
51. Juliet Lying in State [1:54]
52. Death of Romeo and Juliet [5:08]
53. Closing Credits [5:41]

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Romeo and Juliet (Teatro alla Scala) 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I'm no ballet expert but I love the Prokofiev score and for me, the definitive choreography is Kenneth McMillan's. This La Scala production features the radiant Alessandra Ferri and Angel Corella, a passionate, exuberant Romeo. There are a few moments of uncertainty on Corella's part but he quickly recovers and his delight in love and in dancing are reflected in his movements and expression (although the smiles are so frequent, one would almost think they were permanently attached.)He's undoubtedly one of the handsomest Romeos dancing today--and one of the most technically arresting dancers. Ferri is exquisite; at once an adorably coltish adolescent and elegantly heartbreaking. So what's wrong with this picture? Simply put, the supporting cast and La Scala's corps don't match the leads. The large ensembles are fuzzy and lack sharpness and characterization. Paris, Mercutio and Benvolia are bland; only Tybalt has an air of menace about him. Much of the mime comes off as tepid gestures and posturing. The Brits (and ABT) are the champs with this ballet and the 1984 VHS with Ferri and Wayne Eagling is a thoroughly satisfying production in every respect. Although Corella is drop dead gorgeous,young and brash, Eagling's internalized Romeo has more depth. Ferri is simply remarkable--in the sixteen years since this Covent Garden production, she has lost none of her suppleness, strength or expression. Her elasticity in the tomb scene is breathtaking. The camera work in this dvd is less interesting than in the vhs. Some of the large ensemble scenes look as though the camera was in the ceiling; you have to squint to make out what's going on. Sound quality is good.