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Rumble in the Bronx / First Strike (1996)

Rumble in the Bronx / First Strike (1996)

Director: Stanley Tong,

Cast: Anita Mui, Jackson Lou


Product Details

Release Date:
New Line Home Video
Region Code:
[Full Frame, Wide Screen]
[Dolby Digital Stereo, Dolby Digital Surround, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Closed Caption; Rumble in the Bronx: Both widescreen and regular full-frame versions converted from the new, high definition transfer of the film; Rumble in the Bronx: Multiple language and subtitles; Rumble in the Bronx: High-quality Dolby Digital multi-channel surround sound; Rumble in the Bronx: Original theatrical trailer; Rumble in the Bronx: Background information on the stars; Jackie Chan's First Strike: Widescreen and standard versions of the film; Jackie Chan's First Strike: Original theatrical trailer; Jackie Chan's First Strike: English, French, Spanish subtitles; Jackie Chan's First Strike: English and French language tracks; Jackie Chan's First Strike: Cast and crew filmographies and biographies

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #3 -- Jackie Chan's First Strike
1. Opening Logos [:15]
2. Main Title [1:49]
3. The Assignment [1:39]
4. Taking Natasha [6:04]
5. Tailing the Suspect [5:30]
6. Abominable Snowmen [8:23]
7. Welcome to Moscow [2:33]
8. Jackie Down Under [7:00]
9. Killer Sharks? [2:46]
10. Southern Exposure [4:53]
11. The Brawn Brothers [4:09]
12. The Accused [3:37]
13. Sticks and Ladders [5:14]
14. Tsui's Story [2:30]
15. Fracas at the Funeral [8:54]
16. The Toxic Tub [2:05]
17. "It's Just a Small Shark" [3:48]
18. "Is That a New Show?" [3:36]
19. How to Board a Boat [2:09]
20. Ouchtakes [2:27]
21. End Credits [4:01]

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