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Director: Boaz Yakin

Cast: Jason Statham, Catherine Chan, Robert John Burke


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A suicidal New Jersey cage fighter protects a young Chinese math prodigy from Triads, Russian gangsters, and corrupt cops in this action thriller from producer Lawrence Bender (Pulp Fiction) and writer/director Boaz Yakin (Fresh, A Price


A suicidal New Jersey cage fighter protects a young Chinese math prodigy from Triads, Russian gangsters, and corrupt cops in this action thriller from producer Lawrence Bender (Pulp Fiction) and writer/director Boaz Yakin (Fresh, A Price Above Rubies). Ten-year-old Mei (Catherine Chan) is a genuine numbers wizard from Nanjing. Unfortunately, her unusual proficiency in mathematics has made her the target of Triad boss Han Jaio (James Hong), who abducts the young girl from her home and sends her to America to help keep his underhanded business dealings a well-guarded secret. Mei has the ability to store a virtual library of financial information in her head, and by having the young girl as his personal bookkeeper, Han is able to operate without fear of being implicated by a telling paper trail. Meanwhile, as Mei follows her new "father" Chang (Reggie Lee) on his many extortion outings, Luke Wright (Jason Statham) takes flight from the Russian mafia after botching a fixed fight and seeing his wife murdered in retribution. Mei's and Luke's fates collide, however, when, soon after Han Jiao makes the trip to America to give the young girl a secret number, the fallen fighter witnesses her fleeing from Russian gangsters just as he is about to take his own life. At that moment, Luke pulls himself back from the brink and decides to take action. But now Luke's death wish may come true sooner than he anticipated; not only are the Triads and the Russians determined to get that number by any means necessary, but corrupt NYPD captain Wolf (Robert John Burke) is hell-bent on beating them to it -- and has the power of the law on his side. As day turns to night, Luke realizes that his time is quickly running out. Perhaps if Luke can save Mei, he will have finally taken the first crucial steps down the road to redemption and toward a new life where he won't have to fight in order to survive.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide
On the Jason Statham spectrum of bonkers action movies, Safe is not an exercise in pure craziness like The Transporter or Crank. But the picture is a solid, entertaining, well-paced popcorn flick with plenty of good action sequences and satisfying fight choreography. What's more, despite employing an easy-to-mess-up premise involving the most volatile of plot devices (i.e., a child), a film that never strives to be particularly artful or sophisticated still manages to avoid such annoying clichés as saccharine cuteness and smart-aleck one-liners. Statham plays Luke Wright, a former elite, badass NYC cop, who was ousted from the force and nearly killed for exposing that his corrupt comrades were playing both sides of a feud between the Russian and Chinese mafias. He's now the best-looking homeless guy in New York, and having lost his job, wife, and home, he's considering tossing himself in front of a subway train when he spies a ten-year-old Chinese girl ducking an intimidating collection of thugs who just happen to be speaking Russian. Before he knows it, Luke's MMA-style skills are all coming back to him as he rescues the girl from their clutches and embarks on a 1000-bullet mission all over the city, first in the name of protecting an innocent child, and as the plot unfolds, in the name of taking down both crime syndicates and the dirty cops who screwed him over in an ass-kicking expedition that goes all the way to the mayor's office. Director Boaz Yakin knows better than to think he's helming The Professional here. What he's got is a talented and charismatic action lead and a script that follows a proud tradition of enjoyable B-movie fare. What Yakin does with these materials is craft his film with the utmost competence and efficiency, never allowing the pacing to slow down, the mood to get campy, or the plot to get convoluted. Safe lives up to its name in more ways than the script alludes to, as the title refers not just to the elements of the story, but to what action fans looking for a night's entertainment can expect: a safe bet.

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Lions Gate
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[Wide Screen]
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Special Features

Closed Caption; Writer/Director Commentary; Cracking Safe; Criminal Battleground; The Art of the Gunfight

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Jason Statham Luke Wright
Catherine Chan Mei
Robert John Burke Captain Wolf
James Hong Han Jiao
Anson Mount Alex Rosen
Chris Sarandon Mayor Tramello
Sandor Tecsy Emile Docheski
Joseph Sikora Vassily Docheski
Igor Jijikine Chemyakin
Reggie Lee Quan Chang
James Colby Detective Mears
Matt O'Toole Detective Lasky
Jack Gwaltney Detective Reddick
Barry D. Bradford Detective Benoit
Jay Giannone Detective Kolfax
James Tolbert Crazy Guy
Danni Lang Ling
Julian Marzal Lieutenant Teague
Scott Nicholson Sergeant Mackelvane
Kathy Ann Zhang Kake
Byron Zheng Feng
Lyman Chen Principal
Howie Brown Mayor's Aide
Nicolas Marti-Salgado Teenager
Danny Hoch Julius Borkow
Suzanne Savoy Furious Woman
Dan McCabe Young Homeless Man
John Wooten Shelter Security 1
Brian Anthony Wilson Shelter Security 2
Victor Pagan Wild-Eyed Man
Henry Kwan Korean Grocer
Marvina Vinique Salesgirl
Jennifer Skyler Hotel Receptionist
Kate Rogal Hooker
Tony Cheng Disco Triad
Dmitriy Kojevnikov Mamoschka's Chef
Oksana Lada Mamoschka's Hostess
Al Kao Asian Patrolman
John Cenatiempo Russian Gangster
Danny Shea Police Tech
George G. Colucci Middle Age Man
Matt Dellapina Uniformed Cop
Stephen Oyoung Triad Laptop Soldier
Tim Carr Young Aide
Daoud Heidami Taxi Driver
Ben Sinclair Angry Man
Oleg Ivanov Russiban Mobster
Zun Lin Triad With Duffel
Alexander Kogan Russian Singer
Laurence Covington Irate Homeless Man

Technical Credits
Boaz Yakin Director,Screenwriter
Douglas Aibel Casting
Lawrence Bender Producer
Dana Brunetti Producer
Stefan Czapsky Cinematographer
Stuart Ford Executive Producer
Liz Gallacher Musical Direction/Supervision
Brian Kavanaugh-Jones Executive Producer
Michelle Matland Costumes/Costume Designer
Dror Mohar Sound/Sound Designer
Mark Mothersbaugh Score Composer
Deepak Nayar Executive Producer
Tom Nelson Sound Mixer
Joseph C. Nemec Production Designer
Jesse Rosenthal Art Director
Ann Roth Costumes/Costume Designer
Kevin Spacey Executive Producer
Wylie Stateman Sound/Sound Designer
Frederic Thoraval Editor
John R. Woodward Associate Producer,Asst. Director
Joseph N. Zolfo Co-producer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Safe
1. Backgrounds [4:42]
2. Passing The Test [2:07]
3. Luke's World Ends [3:07]
4. Learning The Business [4:05]
5. New Shoes [3:48]
6. The Number [2:55]
7. Kidnapped [3:22]
8. The Extent Of The Corruption [5:20]
9. Subway Chase [6:02]
10. "Are You Crazy, Man?" [4:38]
11. A Nice Hotel [4:21]
12. Room 1012 [2:54]
13. Mass Exodus [6:02]
14. The Mayor [2:49]
15. Playing Their Parts [3:43]
16. Two Safes [2:54]
17. Getting The Band Back Together [5:03]
18. Walk In With Guns Blazing [3:51]
19. Safe Cracking [3:37]
20. One More Deal [2:17]
21. The Disk [3:05]
22. The Exchange [3:28]
23. Tying Up Loose Ends [2:45]
24. End Credits [7:23]


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Safe 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Beasto More than 1 year ago
tons of crazy action, this is a badass movie, this and the crank series are my favorite statham flicks