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seaQuest DSV - Season One

seaQuest DSV - Season One

4.8 11
Director: Rockne S. O'Bannon, Steven Spielberg, Roy Scheider, Jonathan Brandis

Cast: Rockne S. O'Bannon, Steven Spielberg, Roy Scheider, Jonathan Brandis


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Barnes & Noble - Christina Urban
In the year 2018, humans have exhausted all of Earth's land-based natural resources, forcing a move to start colonies underwater. With several nations pressed into close proximity, it's up to an international body called the United Earth Oceans Organization to keep the peace. The UEO contacts former military man Nathan Bridger (Roy Scheider) to command seaQuest DSV 4600, a "deep submergence vehicle" of his own design, in order to protect the crowded colonies and explore the ocean floor. Created by Rockne S. O'Bannon (who eventually went on to create the hit sci-fi series Farscape) and executive-produced by Steven Spielberg, seaQuest DSV aired on NBC starting in 1993, but it only lasted another season and a half. Disagreements between writers and producers led to several backstage shake-ups over the course of the series: characters came and went, writers were fired, and by Seasons 2 and 3 fans would barely recognize the show they had watched in the first season. Regardless, and despite the relatively silly concept of a talking dolphin named Darwin, there were notable episodes in Season 1, such as: "Treasure of the Mind," in which the seaQuest crew discovers the ancient library of Alexandria; "Nothing but the Truth," which finds the ship being boarded by a group of commandos; and "Hide and Seek," featuring William Shatner as a dictator who takes members of the crew hostage. seaQuest DSV also introduced young actor Jonathan Brandis -- who took his own life in November 2003 -- as teen computer whiz Lucas Wolenczak.

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Universal Studios
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Special Features

Over 30 minutes of deleted scenes

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Scene Index

Disc #1, Side A -- Seaquest DSV: Season One - Episodes 1-5
2. United Earth Oceans [22:50]
3. Meet the Drew [23:53]
4. Assume Command [18:05]
5. Keeping the Peace [10:59]
2. Underwater Secrets [4:56]
3. Darwin's Diagnosis [20:48]
4. Loose Translation [10:12]
5. Dolphin Medicine [9:35]
Disc #1, Side B -- Seaquest DSV: Season One - Episodes 1-5
2. A Time Capsule [4:58]
3. International Dispute [20:57]
4. Dangerous Leak [10:13]
5. Archaeological Miracle [9:15]
2. Death on Ice [3:36]
3. Thawing Out [9:44]
4. Deadly Toxin [12:17]
5. Fire in the Hole [9:36]
2. Unusual Glow [3:54]
3. Surge of Power [22:45]
4. Greed [10:20]
5. Something Fishy [8:20]
Disc #2, Side A -- Seaquest DSV: Season One - Episodes 6-11
2. Red Alert [4:04]
3. Discipline & Responsibility [19:57]
4. Hostile Situation [12:02]
5. Honorable Service [9:21]
2. Terrible Incident [3:34]
3. Medical Quarantine [18:48]
4. Experimental Research [2:11]
5. Natural Immunity [8:48]
2. A Cry for Help [5:27]
3. Paranormal Experiences [18:16]
4. Tragic Circumstance [8:32]
5. The Captain's Log [13:10]
Disc #2, Side B -- Seaquest DSV: Season One - Episodes 6-11
2. Inside the Bermuda Triangle [5:43]
3. Survival Tactics [16:59]
4. Distress Signals [10:10]
5. Collapsing Sinkhole [12:07]
2. Component Failure [4:15]
3. Black Market Parts [7:07]
4. Monkey Business [12:27]
5. The Meaning of Life [9:59]
2. Goldmine in Distress [6:25]
3. Held Hostage [15:11]
4. Keeping Company [10:09]
5. A Fair Fight [12:14]
Disc #3, Side A -- Seaquest DSV: Season One - Episodes 12-17
2. Stolen Access [2:32]
3. Social Engineering [24:17]
4. Background Investigation [5:55]
5. Computer Games [12:40]
2. Manned Mission to Mars [6:03]
3. Military Recovery [8:57]
4. Time Is Running Out [8:45]
5. Political Prisoners [9:38]
2. Security Breach [5:55]
3. Green Peace [18:25]
4. Industrial Pollution [12:24]
5. Sinking [7:52]
Disc #3, Side B -- Seaquest DSV: Season One - Episodes 12-17
2. Magma Buoy [4:56]
3. Treasure Hunters [16:49]
4. Imminent Peril [11:36]
5. Measurable Activity [12:01]
2. Illegal Hunting [5:42]
3. Search & Destroy [7:08]
4. Letter of Resignation [12:14]
5. The Final Sacrifice [9:00]
2. Test Run [4:36]
3. Stolen Prototype [19:26]
4. Building a Big Fish [9:24]
5. Competitive Spirit [11:42]
Disc #4, Side A -- Seaquest DSV: Season One - Episodes 18-23
2. Dreaming of Darwin [7:27]
3. Safe Passage [19:02]
4. Condemned to Death [7:39]
5. Healing Powers [11:29]
2. Unnecessary Expenditure [5:11]
3. International Crisis [20:32]
4. Lucas Music [6:56]
5. Emergency Measures [12:22]
2. Deep-Sea Testing [3:57]
3. The New World [15:34]
4. Out of the Water [10:47]
5. Genetically Altered [15:08]
Disc #4, Side B -- Seaquest DSV: Season One - Episodes 18-23
2. Tremors [4:44]
3. Scientific Curiosity [20:53]
4. Alien Encounter [8:20]
5. Advanced Communication [11:32]
2. Refugees [3:44]
3. Death Squads [19:36]
4. Undercover [2:35]
5. Escaping Slaughter [6:52]
2. Energy for the World [5:33]
3. Playing for Pride [15:52]
4. Urgent Message [9:23]
5. Temperature Rising [14:29]

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seaQuest DSV - Season One 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I AM GOING TO SAY THIS IS A MUST BUY. It drags you in am makes you want to keep waching wit hits intrsting episodes and great special effects
Guest More than 1 year ago
The review on this website doesn't really give this show much credit. Darwin (the dolphin) doesn't actually talk, but a computer program is designed that translates his clicks into a 35 or so word alphabet. It was original, taking us to new places on our own planet rather than outer space, as well as educational (at the end of each episode one of the actors would explain a scientific concept behind that episode). This was a show that my entire family would sit and watch together. I'm surprised that it took them this long to release the first season, and I hope that it doesn't take them as long to release the second. The stories in the first season are very good, but some of the characters are lacking. The second season's stories aren't quite as good, but the DeLuise brothers are introduced (Picollo and Dagwood). If you liked Farscape then you are sure to like this show, O'Bannon puts his magic on this show as well.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've only waited what? 8 or 9 years for this to come out on DVD? I started watching seaquest when i was in elementary school and now I'm in College. This show is simply wonderful and I'm ecstatic that it's finally out on DVD!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ive loved this show since it cameon andIwas so excited to see this set..WHEN IS SEASON 2COMING OUT..cause I cant wait..I'm having withdrawels.....
Guest More than 1 year ago
While this may not have been the greatest show ever, it had (at least the 1st season did) something special about it. It was unlike any other show at that time, if you watched it, you know. Too bad the writers screwed it up so bad after the 1st season with those Luke Skywalker aliens...anyway i cant wait to see the deleted scenes and watch my favorite episodes again!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love Seaquest DSV. I have been waiting forever for them to release the first season. I am so excited they finally released it. It is a show that many people can enjoy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It's hard to watch the series or write a review about it without mentioning the utterly damaging changes made in the name of chasing down a demographic, a hazard faced by all studios and shows but one that was dealt with using uneccesary force in this instance. Rather than focusing on those sour notes, I'd like to appeal to people to watch and enjoy this show based on its uniqueness. Some may claim that there are aspects of the show that are taken from other shows and concepts. But, ultimately, the combination of setting, theme, and the capabilities of the actors/characters and their mission all lend themselves towards the creation of something all its own. There's an element of warmth and humanity, for example, that was partly missing from Star Trek TNG, the show most often cited as being the source of "inspiration" for the show. That's not to cast aspersions on Star Trek - another favorite - but seaQuest was on Earth, in the water, set in a conceivably near future and, at least until season 3, there weren't any aliens. It felt like a reasonable, natural setting, while losing none of the fantastic wonder. The creators of the show must have had this in mind - even as we creep slowly towards the year the show was set in, it's not very difficult to suspend disbelief. The graphics, the sets, everything was done to the best of the abilities, resources, and technology of the time - compare with such shows as Space: Above & Beyond, which still hold up reasonably well today. Of singular importance is that the show was educational - there was a demonstrated dedication to informing the audience as well as entertaining them. But not in some pedantic, patronizing way, but as part of the drama - I never knew that underwater sinkholes could be so interesting, let alone deadly to French sightseeing tours. I didn't really see any weakness in the plot or the characters, at least in Season 1. I admit that I haven't actually seen any of Season 2, so I'm not really sure how devastating the effects of so many changes in cast and crew were, but, based on Season 1 at least, I think this show ranks up very, very high in the echelons of Sci-Fi TV, due in no small part by the excellent acting of Roy Scheider, to say nothing of the well chosen supporting cast and guest stars. So, watch and enjoy, but be aware that continuity is very, very troublesome from season to season. And, for the record, I loved Darwin - "No suite. Skin!"
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved the show, and wish the "powers that be" would produce the second season! The aliens are fascinating! :) Always enjoy the Delouise brothers too! (not sure I spelled their name right, but bet you know who I mean!)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago