Sex and the City - The Complete First Season

Sex and the City - The Complete First Season

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Barnes & Noble - Kristy Ojala
The good news: For roughly the price of a monthly cable bill, you can own the entire 12-episode first season of the much-praised Sex and the City in either a two-DVD or three-tape set. The bad news: Once you start watching, you won't stop. This is easily the most addictive series to hit the small screen since sci-fi fans gobbled up The X-Files' first few enigmatic seasons. The show follows four single, spunky women in Manhattan as they wind their way around sensitive subject matter like threesomes, silent telephones, vibrators, and the effect of Prozac on a partner's libido. At Sex in the City's center is the remarkable Sarah Jessica Parker as sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw. Without her easy grin and comic delivery -- which switches from tomboyish to catty to sisterly without a hitch -- the series would be nothing more than a parade of designer shoes and thirtysomething chatter. Side characters like Carrie's uber-dish Mr. Big (Chris Noth) and her high-strung gay pal Stanford (Willie Garson) boost the show's watchability and add to its unique angle on femininity. There is no "chick flick" feel to Sex; its topics don't stoop to the trite cosmetic level of most sitcoms. Executive producer-writer Darren Star (whose pre-Sex credits include Melrose Place and Beverly Hills, 90210) has broken the mold with his witty scripts. Unlike the cookie-cutter eccentrics of many primetime network shows, these women will surprise and engulf you with each daily trudge to New York City's finest watering holes. Just don't say you weren't warned.

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