Shaft 2000

Shaft 2000

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Director: John Singleton

Cast: John Singleton, Samuel L. Jackson, Vanessa L. Williams, Jeffrey Wright


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This action drama puts a new spin on Shaft, one of the key "blaxploitation" films of the 1970s. John Shaft (Samuel L. Jackson), the namesake nephew of the legendary private eye (Richard Roundtree), is a street-smart police detective who with his partner Carmen Velez (Vanessa L. Williams) has been assigned to a racially motivated murder case, in which a black…  See more details below


This action drama puts a new spin on Shaft, one of the key "blaxploitation" films of the 1970s. John Shaft (Samuel L. Jackson), the namesake nephew of the legendary private eye (Richard Roundtree), is a street-smart police detective who with his partner Carmen Velez (Vanessa L. Williams) has been assigned to a racially motivated murder case, in which a black college student was killed in front of a restaurant by Walter Williams Jr. (Christian Bale), the sociopathic son of a New York construction tycoon, who then fled the country rather than face prosecution. Diane Palmieri (Toni Collette), a waitress on a smoke break, saw the murder, but she doesn't want to talk to the police. Two years later, Walter is forced to return to New York, but without Diane's testimony, the city doesn't have much of a case. Soon, Shaft, Walter Junior, and Walter Senior's goons are all looking for Diane, with Junior enlisting the help of Peoples Hernandez (Jeffrey Wright), a small-time drug dealer who will do anything to move into the big leagues. Shaft and Carmen find Diane, but discover that she had a good reason for being on the lam for the past two years. Amidst all this activity, John gets frequent advice from his uncle, with whom he ponders the idea of quitting the force and opening a detective agency. Shaft was directed by John Singleton, from a screenplay by Singleton, Richard Price, and Shane Salerno.

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Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Shaft 2000 is not so much a remake as an elaboration on 1971's seminal blaxploitation classic, Shaft, reviving Ernest Tidyman's fictional private eye in the formidable person of Samuel L. Jackson. Actually the nephew of the character originally played by Richard Roundtree (who essays the role once more in an amusing cameo), Jackson's Shaft quits the police force and goes into private practice after legal legerdemain frees one of his "collars," a callow playboy (Christian Bale) who murdered a young black man. Aided by a former comrade (Vanessa Williams) and marked for execution by a psychotic drug dealer (Jeffrey Wright in all his scene-stealing glory), Shaft doggedly pursues the wealthy killer. Writer-director John Singleton (Rosewood) makes visual and verbal references to previous Shaft films, but in style and attitude his version owes little to the now-almost-quaint blaxploitation formula; it's every bit as tense, fast-moving, and violent as the best '90s cop thrillers. The DVD is packed with extras, including exclusive cast and crew interviews, music videos for Issac Hayes's classic Shaft theme song and R. Kelly's "Bad Man," a featurette on the making of the film, and a theatrical trailer.
All Movie Guide - Michael Costello
John Singleton's 2000 remake resurrects the popular black detective from the early '70s and adds a layer of complexity rarely seen in the original series. The story, which pits NYPD detective John Shaft (Samuel L. Jackson), the nephew of the original private dick, against a rich, white killer played by Christian Bale, is basically a pretext for a series of showdowns between Shaft, the rich kid, and anyone else who gets in the detective's way. This may sound simple, and in some sense the script does run along familiar lines, but writer Richard Price has created a richly varied world of characters in which to place the formidable detective, giving them dialogue that is often stinging, and at times memorable. Jackson, an intense, commanding presence, is superb, as is the rest of the cast, from the spooky Bale to N.Y.C. stage veterans Philip Bosco and Josef Sommer, and of course, the man who started it all, Richard Roundtree.

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Samuel L. Jackson John Shaft
Vanessa Williams Carmen Vasquez
Jeffrey Wright Peoples Hernandez
Christian Bale Walter Wade Jr.
Busta Rhymes Rasaan
Dan Hedaya Jack Roselli
Toni Collette Diane Palmieri
Richard Roundtree John Shaft
Ruben Santiago-Hudson Jimmy Groves
Josef Sommer Curt Fleming
Lynne Thigpen Carla Howard
Philip Bosco Walter Wade Sr.
Pat Hingle Hon. Dennis Bradford
Lee Tergesen Luger
Mekhi Phifer Trey Howard
Gordon Parks lounge customer

Technical Credits
John Singleton Director
Antonia Van Drimmelen Editor
Richard Price Source Author

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Scene Index

Scene Selection
0. Scene Selection
1. Crime Scene [:20]
2. Out On Bail [2:40]
3. 2 Years Later [7:03]
4. Old Business [1:23]
5. The L.D. [2:02]
6. $1,000,000 Bail [3:28]
7. Deadly Proposition [4:58]
8. Confronting Peoples [1:52]
9. Act Of God [3:12]
10. Confession [2:57]
11. Shootout [3:37]
12. Justice? [3:29]


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Shaft 2000 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hey, if you want action, a little romance, and a whole lot of butt-kicking, this is your movie. Cool DVD features. Great movie. MUST HAVE
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've never heard of the original shaft and saw this mostly because Bale was in it. Surprisingly this wasn't that bad and not only Bale but Samuel did a pretty good job too. I was very surprised by Bale's character. it shows that he is one hell of an actor and that he can play either a bad guy like in American Psycho or just plain weird like in the machinist especially or a good guy like in reign of fire. Busta Rymes was funny and Vanessa Williams was also good too. jeffrey wright was weird and not bad either and i recognized him from lady in the water. This is the story about a cop detective, a killer and a witness. There is some subject matter so remember to watch with an open mind. Check this out if you like the original shaft, Samuel and or are a bale fan