Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead

4.6 78
Director: Edgar Wright

Cast: Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Kate Ashfield, Nick Frost


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The zombie-riffic Shaun of the Dead heads to the U.S. DVD shelves with this fine release from Rogue Pictures. Carrying over many (but not all) of the extras from the packed U.K. disc, this release has loads of special features for you to sink your teeth into, plus fantastic transfers to boot. Starting with the technical aspects, the DVD scores points forSee more details below


The zombie-riffic Shaun of the Dead heads to the U.S. DVD shelves with this fine release from Rogue Pictures. Carrying over many (but not all) of the extras from the packed U.K. disc, this release has loads of special features for you to sink your teeth into, plus fantastic transfers to boot. Starting with the technical aspects, the DVD scores points for delivering the 2.35:1 widescreen image of the film, plus a quality Dolby Digital 5.1 track that whooshes you through the fast-paced action and bathes you inside the gore-filled gunfire later on in the film. The extras start with two commentaries -- one from star/co-writer Simon Pegg and director/co-writer Edgar Wright, while the other is a cast commentary featuring Pegg again with Nick Frost, Dylan Moran, Kate Ashfield, and Lucy Davis. The first track features some downright dizzying banter between the two collaborators as they dish out zombie trivia and generally give major love to all involved with the production, while the cast commentary is filled with more zany fun that's sure to please. This edition did miss out on both the Bill Nighy and Penelope Wilton commentary found in the U.K. release, along with the classic zombie commentary they included there as well, though hardcore fans will surely seek that edition out if they need it. The rest of the extras are packed with more bloody goodness, starting with the fact-filled "Zomb-O-Meter" subtitle track and "Storyboard Comparions" branching feature. Both extras add a bit more to the viewing experience every time you put the disc in, which is a sure sign of a solid DVD. Other bonus features include 15 extended scenes, ten minutes of outtakes, plus three neat comic-book stories by Oscar Wright (brother of the director) that fill in plot holes in the film -- and this disc has only begun to warm up. Add in a behind-the-scenes video diary, casting tapes, makeup tests, and an SFX comparison that is laid out in an incredibly easy-to-understand fashion that highlights the ingenuity of the film's effects staff. Also included is a highly interesting clip with Pegg and Wright filmed in September of 2001 where they literally go through a flip chart of the film as imagined at that time, complete with dialogue and storyboards. If you think that's all, there's still more to chew on and it's all great stuff, from the extra TV bits that were filmed for the movie all the way though the 2000 AD comic adaptation, included in the zombie gallery section. Those that visited the website will be happy to see the basic design layout repeated here on the menu screens, as will the horror fans out there that will appreciate the George Romero quote on the front of the box. Consistently entertaining with enough extras to shake a zombie at, the Shaun of the Dead DVD is a winner for U.S. audiences and proof that Rogue Pictures is a strong supporter of the film and its fans.

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Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
The title of this British-made black comedy gives everything away: Shaun is a cheeky send-up of zombie movies in general and George Romero's Dawn of the Dead in particular. Whereas the Romero film largely took place in a shopping mall, Shaun centers around the working-class pub where the eponymous protagonist (played with self-deprecating charm by Simon Pegg) and his best friend, Ed (Nick Frost), spend virtually all their spare time -- much to the chagrin of Shaun's girlfriend, Liz (Kate Ashfield), who gives the underachieving store clerk his walking papers just before a mysterious malady turns newly deceased villagers into bloodthirsty zombies. Gathering his sweetie, his mother, and some of his friends into the pub, Shaun demonstrates his mettle by mounting a spirited if ineffective defense against the ghoulish horde. Director Edgar Wright elicits lots of laughs by exploiting zombie lore to create farcical situations. For example, he has Shaun and Ed defend themselves against approaching zombies by flinging vintage record albums at their heads. (Everyone knows that's a zombie's most vulnerable spot.) And since the shuffling ex-cadavers move so sluggishly, the pals have just enough time to debate a record's merits before deciding whether to fling it. But Shaun isn't an Airplane-like spoof: Instead of parading an endless series of gags, it mixes mirth and mayhem cleverly, generating real suspense and even some pathos. The gore effects, principally inserted for laughs, are well done and convincing enough to pass the gross-out test, and the performers manage the neat trick of being humorous while remaining in character; no need to lose one's sense of humor just because one has been selected as the blue-plate special for a gaggle of gaping, flesh-eating zombies.
All Movie Guide - Jeremy Wheeler
Shaun of the Dead is an uproarious romantic zombie comedy that amazingly lives up to each of those genres in a fully respectable and entertaining way. With a return to the type of George Romero zombie logic that many genre throwbacks around this time threw out the window in favor of super sped-up monster attacks (see Dawn of the Dead remake or the laughably bad House of the Dead for reference), Shaun embraces the lumbering menace these type of undead creatures originally possessed, though the filmmakers aren't too afraid to poke their noses at it from time to time. With a hilarious cast headed by co-writer/director Simon Pegg (who along with co-director Edgar Wright created the hit U.K. television series Spaced), this tale of gory suburban survival is brought to life by a lively bunch of characters that each bring their own classic moments to the screen. Wonderful as well are the touching scenes that come out of nowhere and punch the viewer square in the gut just when they were least expecting it -- something incredibly rare in the horror comedy world and a direct result of a shrewd script and the gusto performances that pull them off. With scene after scene of inspired comic setups by a brilliant ensemble cast along with heaps of the red stuff when needed, Shaun of the Dead lives up to its near-unanimous hype and adds its very own touch to the world of gut-munching cinema.

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Product Details

Release Date:
Original Release:
Universal Studios
Region Code:
[Wide Screen]
[Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound]
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Special Features

Missing bits: outrageous outtakes and all-new deleted scenes not shown in theaters; Raw Meat: never-before-seen casting tapes, Simon Pegg's bideo diary and special-effects comparisons; TV Bits: includes an interview with Coldplay; Plus un-censored commentary with the cast and crew, a zombie phot gallery, Zomb-O-Meter (zombie trivia), and more special features

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Simon Pegg Shaun
Kate Ashfield Liz
Nick Frost Ed
Dylan Moran David
Lucy Davis Dianne
Penelope Wilton Barbara
Bill Nighy Phillip
Peter Serafinowicz Pete
Jessica Stevenson Yvonne
Mark Donovan Actor
Krishnan Guru-Murthy Himself
Rafe Spall Actor
Finola Geraghty Actor

Technical Credits
Edgar Wright Director,Screenwriter
Tim Bevan Executive Producer
Litza Bixtier Choreography
Herbert Chappell Songwriter
Chris Dickens Editor
David M. Dunlap Cinematographer
Paul Dunn Special Effects Supervisor
Eric Fellner Executive Producer
Annie Hardinge Costumes/Costume Designer
Simon Hayes Sound/Sound Designer
Jina Jay Casting
Daniel Mudford Score Composer
Alison Owen Executive Producer
Nira Park Producer
Simon Pegg Screenwriter
Marcus Rowland Production Designer
Karen Wakefield Art Director
Jane Walker Makeup
Natascha Wharton Executive Producer
James Wilson Executive Producer
Pete Woodhead Score Composer

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Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Play All [1:17]
2. Kitchen Pow-Wow [:29]
3. Body on the Line [1:44]
4. Bodies on the Line/Yvonne [:26]
5. Taxi Driver [:20]
6. Bathroom Blowout [1:10]
7. In the Bedroom [:18]
8. Meercats United [:14]
9. Alternate Ed [1:23]
10. The Dopplegang [:25]
11. Q.W.A. [:58]
12. David Vs. Shaun [1:41]
13. More Peanuts [:23]
14. Rifle Trifles [1:18]
15. David's Redemption [1:14]
16. Bar Extension [:01]
1. Last Orders [3:35]
2. Opening Titles [1:28]
3. Ed and Breakfast [2:23]
4. Good Mourning [1:26]
5. Team Pie [3:22]
6. Pigeon Street [1:35]
7. Eating Out? [2:08]
8. The Dumping [2:28]
9. Hog Lumps and Heartache [3:21]
10. White Lines, Don't Do It [3:46]
11. Residential Evil [3:08]
12. There's Something About Mary [2:09]
13. Here Comes the Groom [2:12]
14. Jukebox Jury [2:17]
15. The Mummy [1:36]
16. The Perfick Plan [2:33]
17. Curtains for Pete [1:01]
18. Escape From Crouch End [1:36]
19. Kill Phil [3:53]
20. Blood Actually [1:37]
21. In to Bat [:54]
22. Bowling a Maiden Over [2:57]
23. Sunday Driver [3:27]
24. The Others [1:48]
25. Garden Party [1:15]
26. Swingball Wizard [2:04]
27. Playing Dead [4:10]
28. Pub Grub [3:30]
29. Monkey Nuts [2:52]
30. Killer Queen [2:47]
31. First Person Shoot 'Em Up [:26]
32. Ever Decreasing Barbara [2:42]
33. Cocktails and Entrails [4:43]
34. Cellar Dwellers [4:01]
35. Staying Alive [4:33]
36. Remembering 'Z' Day [1:37]
37. Closing Credits [2:11]

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