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2.3 3
Director: Masayuki Ochiai

Cast: Joshua Jackson, Megumi Okina, David Denman


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Infection director Masayuki Ochiai takes the helm for this remake of the 2004 horror hit from Thailand concerning a photographer and his girlfriend who are involved in a tragic auto accident, and subsequently begin to notice ghostly figures in the backgrounds of their pictures.


Infection director Masayuki Ochiai takes the helm for this remake of the 2004 horror hit from Thailand concerning a photographer and his girlfriend who are involved in a tragic auto accident, and subsequently begin to notice ghostly figures in the backgrounds of their pictures. Joshua Jackson and Rachael Taylor star in this supernatural frightener.

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Ghostly images appearing in pictures are nothing new. Neither are long-haired, sepulchral Japanese women dressed in white, moving slowly and looking ominous (see The Grudge). Yet Masayuki Ochiai's Shutter repackages these tired horror tropes into something effectively chilling, despite the fact that it isn't the least bit new or inventive. Shutter feels like the latest in a trend that's been bled dry, namely, Hollywood remaking Japanese horror movies -- yet it's actually an update of a Thai film, directed by a Japanese director, set in Japan and featuring American actors. This idiom is certainly familiar enough, but setting Shutter apart is its relatively clean and straightforward script. Neither huge logical leaps nor clarifications of who's who/what's happening, are necessary to wade through its brisk 85 minutes, which leaves Ochiai free to concentrate on his eerie set pieces. Jaded viewers may find themselves embarrassed to be producing such a reaction, considering Shutter's massive debt to other films, but the fact remains -- these fleeting images in the "spirit photos" do leave a viewer feeling disquieted, and sometimes downright spooked. When the spirit, a lonely girl who stalked her unrequited love (Joshua Jackson), manifests herself physically, it's a bit more clearly recognizable as a hackneyed theft from the Grudge and Ring movies. But even if he isn't reinventing the wheel, Ochiai utilizes his familiar images as well as possible given our familiarity with them -- and thereby underscores what made them unsettling in the first place. Shutter will never be confused for anything more than an anonymous genre film with a generic title, but it's slightly less anonymous and generic than it could have been, which makes it worth recommending on some level -- especially relative to the other anonymous and generic options out there.

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Release Date:
Original Release:
20th Century Fox

Special Features

Commentary by Production Executive Alex Sundell, Screenwriter Luke Dawson and Actress Rachael Taylor; A Ghost in the Lens featurette; A Cultural Divide: Shooting in Japan Featurette; The Director: Masayuki Ochiai featurette; A Conversation with Luke Dawson featurette; A History of Spirit Photography featurette; Create your own Phantom photo; The Hunt for the Haunt: Tools and Tips for Ghost Hunting featurette; Fox Movie Channel presents In Character With Joshua Jackson; Japanese Spirit photography videos; Alternate and deleted scenes, including alternate ending; ; Closed Caption

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Joshua Jackson Ben
Megumi Okina Megumi
David Denman Bruno
John Hensley Adam
Maya Hazen Seiko
James Kyson Lee Ritsuo
Yoshiko Miyazaki Akiko
Kei Yamamoto Murase
Daisy Betts Natasha
Adrienne Pickering Megan
Pascal Morineau Wedding Photographer
Masaki Ota Police Officer
Hederu Tatsuo Police Officer
Eri Otoguro Yoko
Rina Matsuki TGK Receptionist
Tomotaka Kanzaki Client
Michiyo Kaneko Passenger on Train
Jun Yakushiji Client
Emi Tamura Emi
Polina Kononova Studio Model
Yulia Ryzhova Studio Model
Mika Kinose Office Lady
Masakazu Nagakura Pachinko Parlor Employee
Shinji Furukawa Pachinko Parlor Customer
Maria Takagi Waitress at Japanese Restaurant
Alessandra Model
Katrina B. Model
Tanya Model
Takao Toji Tokyo Doctor
Shizuka Fujimoto Tokyo Exam Room Nurse
Yutaka Mishima Ghost Magazine Layout Designer
Maiko Asano Mother on Train
Rei Sato Boy on Train
Homare Hasegawa Passenger on Train
Kei Hirosawa Passenger on Train
Koichi Kase Passenger on Train
Yasuke Kawarada Passenger on Train
Ayuko Koyama Passenger on Train
Konomi Moriyama Passenger on Train
Akira Sato Passenger on Train
Miyako Yamaguchi Passenger on Train
Runa Kozuka Girl in Park
Natsuki TGK Female Staff
Gen Takatsuka Monk
Natalia Tsvetkova Brooklyn Nurse
Asya Model in Adam's Photo Box
Graziela Model in Adam's Photo Box
Ami Fujimoto Model in Adam's Photo Box
Miki Hirono Model in Adam's Photo Box
Ingrid Model in Adam's Photo Box
Ananda Model in Adam's Photo Box
Emiko Kondo Model in Adam's Photo Box
Liana Model in Adam's Photo Box
Tsukasa Minami Model in Adam's Photo Box
Asami Momose Model in Adam's Photo Box
Nadia Model in Adam's Photo Box
Nadiya Model in Adam's Photo Box
Natsue Orikawa Model in Adam's Photo Box
Zoya Model in Adam's Photo Box
Julia G. Model in Headshot
Ira M. Model in Headshot
Natalia Si Model in Headshot
Rachael Taylor Jane
Akihiko Ando Restaurant Manager
Erik Adam Double
Andrew Durdey Ben Double
Irina Izhanova Stand-In
Anna Zorina Stand-In
Mark Chinnery Ben Double
Chie Yokomizo Megumi Double
Olga Alex Model in Headshot
Shiho Okamoto Megumi Double
Natalia Mokienko Jane Double
Yutaka Satoh Double Driver
Akihiro Shimomura Megumi's Father
Keisuke Nakajima Double Driver
Albert Smith Ben Double
Natalia Silkina Jane Double
Yulia Kozyritskaya Jane Double
Sho Nishino Megumi Double
Yutaka Someya Stand-In
Shigeru Kurihara Ritsuo Double

Technical Credits
Masayuki Ochiai Director
Tim Alverson Editor
Norifumi Ataka Production Designer
Nathan Barr Score Composer
Jim Bolt Sound Mixer
Paiboon Damrongchaitham Co-producer
Boosaba Daoreong Co-producer
Doug Davison Producer
Luke Dawson Screenwriter
Gloria Fan Executive Producer
Shunsuke Gondo Stunts
Richard Guay Associate Producer
Nami Hanada Stunts
Takashige Ichise Producer
Donna Isaacson Casting
Dave Jordan Musical Direction/Supervision
Christian Kaplan Casting
Yanagijima Katsumi Cinematographer
Michael Knue Editor
Masato Komatsu Sound Mixer
Kazuhiko Kondo Asst. Director
Edward Licht Asst. Director
Georgia Lockhard-Adams Makeup
Sonny Mallhi Executive Producer
Yuichi Matsui Makeup Special Effects
Chuck Michael Sound/Sound Designer
Arnon Milchan Executive Producer
Atsuko Murata Special Effects
Akiko Nomura Costumes/Costume Designer
Shinji Noro Stunts
Visute Poolvoralaks Co-producer
Roy Lee Producer
Yodphet Sadsawd Co-producer
Shinji Suzuki Camera Operator
Ayaki Takagi Art Director
Jojo Villanueva Musical Direction/Supervision
Katsumi Yanagishima Cinematographer


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2.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
really dont bother to buy this movie or even rent it, borrow free of charge at the most. such a waste of time, not scary, not entertaining, takes about 45 min to get to the point in which you then fingure out how stupid the premis is, ending is just stupid and the acting is poor. some movie shouldnt be re made.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago