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Silent Hill: Revelation

Silent Hill: Revelation

Director: Michael J. Bassett

Cast: Adelaide Clemens, Radha Mitchell, Carrie-Anne Moss


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When a young woman (Adelaide Clemens) loses her father (Sean Bean) to mysterious supernatural forces, she must descend into the bowels of hell to find him and discover her true identity in this follow-up to the 2006 adaptation of Konami's Silent Hill video-game franchise. Solomon


When a young woman (Adelaide Clemens) loses her father (Sean Bean) to mysterious supernatural forces, she must descend into the bowels of hell to find him and discover her true identity in this follow-up to the 2006 adaptation of Konami's Silent Hill video-game franchise. Solomon Kane's Michael J. Bassett directed from his own script.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Jeremy Wheeler
Back for round two, the Silent Hill film franchise still has a hard time making sense of its own world, but the good news for crummy-horror-movie fans is that there's a whole lot more fun in this one since it's dumber and shorter than the first entry. While the video games' fans might appreciate the references to their beloved series, the theatrical crowd still doesn't have a solid grasp on just what the hell is going on here. Revelation tries to curb this disconnect by explaining away the plot at every chance it gets, but it's a lost cause. Thankfully, there are enough creepy monsters to provide some cool moments -- and at 94 minutes, it clocks in at just about the right time. Detailing the plot might cause migraines, but here we go -- there's an abandoned mining town, a cult, an Indian burial ground, an evil kid who wants revenge, an amulet, a bunch of townspeople who are trapped in a hellish ghost world, and a muscle dude with a pyramid head who sports a seven-foot sword. The lead character, Heather (Adelaide Clemens -- a dead ringer for Michelle Williams), is a high-school loner whom her father (Sean Bean) has been keeping in hiding ever since her mother (Radha Mitchell) saved her from being trapped in the aforementioned ghost world in the first film. When the cult kidnap her dad, Heather heads out to Silent Hill, a mysterious place that she's been dreaming about, in order to save him. Revelation has plenty of atmosphere, but it's not fetishized as much as it was in the first installment. In fact, within the first 15 minutes there are monster clowns eating human-flesh hamburgers, if that gives you an idea of what you're in for. The class level has certainly been lowered, which is bad for those looking for real scares, but good for viewers who crave a little cheese with their horror. While there are no frights to be had, there are a ton of under-your-skin, dime-store Jacob's Ladder moments to keep things interesting. Clemens does a fine job and she's certainly better than Bean, who doesn't know exactly what accent he should be using. Despite the fact that it's less ambitious than the bloated first entry, there does seem to be a little bit more entertainment value in this one, but that probably depends on what you want to get out of it. As it is, the finale pits a pyramid-headed dude against an ersatz cenobite -- that alone should be worth a matinee-priced ticket.

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Universal Studios
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[Wide Screen]
[Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound]
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Special Features

A Look Inside Silent Hill: Revelation

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Adelaide Clemens Heather Mason,Alessa
Radha Mitchell Rose da Silva
Carrie-Anne Moss Claudia Wolf
Sean Bean Harry Mason
Deborah Kara Unger Dahlia Gillespie
Kit Harington Vincent Carter
Malcolm McDowell Leonard Wolf
Martin Donovan Douglas Cartland
Roberto Campanella Red Pyramid
Heather Marks Suki
Peter Outerbridge Travis Grady
Erin Pitt Sharon,Young Alessa
Jefferson Brown Detective Santini
Milton Barnes Detective Cable
Rachel Sellan Mannequin Girl
Michel Foucault Businessman
Arlene Duncan Teacher
Jason Best The Butcher
Chad Camilleri Attacker
Sergei Shpakovsky Fry Cook
Lawrence Dickison Homeless Man
James Kirchner Grey Man,Silent Hill Citizen
Jacky Lai Student Girl
Tig Fong Orderly #1
Dean Copkov Orderly #2
Boyd Banks Priest
Conrad Bergschneider Caretaker
Darren Josephs Uniformed Cop
Peter Schoelier Vagrant Mumbler

Technical Credits
Michael J. Bassett Director,Screenwriter
Maxime Alexandre Cinematographer
Jeff Authors Asst. Director
Deirdre Bowen Casting
Don Carmody Producer
Michele Conroy Editor
Jeff Danna Score Composer
David Evans Sound/Sound Designer
Hartley Gorenstein Production Manager
Victor Hadida Executive Producer
Laurent Hadida Co-producer
Samuel Hadida Producer
Anthony Ianni Art Director
Paul Jones Makeup Special Effects
Alicia Keywan Production Designer
Mark Lawton Special Effects Supervisor
Wendy Partridge Costumes/Costume Designer
John J. Thomson Sound Mixer
Akira Yamaoka Songwriter
Kyle Yoneda Special Effects Supervisor

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Silent Hill: Revelation
1. Chapter 1 [4:41]
2. Chapter 2 [6:56]
3. Chapter 3 [5:30]
4. Chapter 4 [4:19]
5. Chapter 5 [2:34]
6. Chapter 6 [3:55]
7. Chapter 7 [3:27]
8. Chapter 8 [3:55]
9. Chapter 9 [5:25]
10. Chapter 10 [5:59]
11. Chapter 11 [3:43]
12. Chapter 12 [:01]
13. Chapter 13 [3:20]
14. Chapter 14 [3:51]
15. Chapter 15 [6:04]
16. Chapter 16 [2:37]
17. Chapter 17 [4:58]
18. Chapter 18 [5:05]
19. Chapter 19 [6:24]
20. Chapter 20 [4:20]
21. Chapter 21 [7:25]


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