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Director: Lawrence Kasdan

Cast: Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn, Kevin Costner


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Silverado has been given a treatment on DVD that restores some of the excitement and grandeur of its classic Western roots that was lost on video. So that the image would not be cropped by pan-and-scan, Lawrence Kasdan shot the film full-frame, then matted the image to a 2.35:1 "scope" ratio. This technique allowed the film to have an epic widescreen feel inSee more details below


Silverado has been given a treatment on DVD that restores some of the excitement and grandeur of its classic Western roots that was lost on video. So that the image would not be cropped by pan-and-scan, Lawrence Kasdan shot the film full-frame, then matted the image to a 2.35:1 "scope" ratio. This technique allowed the film to have an epic widescreen feel in theaters before it was opened up to its full-frame image on video, but caused a few problems on DVD. Initially released in a 1.85:1 ratio, the discs had to be corrected (corrected discs bear the serial number "04281") so that the film could be shown in its proper 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen ratio. Silverado has much more impact in a theatrical aspect ratio, the New Mexico landscapes absolutely stunning. Also of note on the disc is an extensive "making of" featurette. Running about 45 minutes in length, the documentary has time to go into detail, making it about as valuable as a commentary track for the film. The original theatrical trailer is also included. In its correct widescreen format, Silverado regains some of its original glory on DVD.

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Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Mindful of classic horse-opera conventions but determined to strike a more naturalistic tone, Silverado is a sprawling, fast-paced western that, upon its theatrical release in 1985, delighted younger moviegoers who heretofore had disdained such films. Writer-director Lawrence Kasdan was no stranger to refurbishing moribund genres, having breathed new life into film noir several years earlier with Body Heat. Kasdan’s casting had a lot to do with Silverado’s contemporary feel: Of his four protagonists, only Scott Glenn fit the mold of the "strong, silent type" popularized by such erstwhile westerners as Gary Cooper; fellow gunslingers Kevin Kline, Danny Glover, and Kevin Costner never looked like anything other than baby boomers playing cowboys. (Supporting players Rosanna Arquette, Jeff Goldblum, and John Cleese were also unlikely choices for a period western.) But Kasdan’s casting sense was hardly a drawback, as the positive audience reception proved. Silverado, which intertwines the destinies of four drifters, offers rousing action scenes (including several superbly staged shootouts), dastardly villains (especially crooked sheriff Brian Dennehy), and panoramic vistas. Moreover, it’s simultaneously respectful and insouciant, which probably explains why the film's audience has grown over the years. The Collector's Edition DVD, which sports a new transfer, a making-of documentary, and production notes, will no doubt continue that trend.
All Movie Guide - Karl Williams
On the heels of his top-notch script for Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), a film which single-handedly revived the long-dead cliffhanger, writer/director Lawrence Kasdan reimagines another vintage genre for modern audiences, this time the Western, with equally delightful and successful results. An absolutely first-rate piece for which some credit must be given to the filmmaker's brother, co-writer, and producer Mark Kasdan, a longtime aficionado of classic oaters, the film manages to be respectful to its cinematic roots while at the same time displaying a welcome, intelligent irony and some playful cheek. Casting is a virtual primer on how to fit the right actor to the correct role, but then, the brothers Kasdan give their stars some juicy parts with which to work. In particular, Kevin Kline shines as a troubled antihero equivocating over moral choices with a very modern detachment from his surroundings that intentionally comes across as sometimes Zen-like, sometimes weak-kneed. Kevin Costner is triumphant in his youthful breakthrough part, joyfully leaping into his role with a zest and energy sadly lacking in many of his later films. To top it all off, the film boasts a rich number of supporting players and an environment so lovingly realized, it could be a Robert Altman film if it weren't so lighthearted. Its frolicsome tone and sense of humor may make it difficult for some to take so seriously, but Silverado is a genuinely great Western. It ranks with McCabe and Mrs. Miller (1971), Unforgiven (1992), and the television miniseries Lonesome Dove (1989) as among the best examples of its lamentably scant form in the latter 20th century.
Chicago Sun-Times - Roger Ebert
This movie is more sophisticated and complicated than the Westerns of my childhood, and it is certainly better looking and better acted. But it has the same spirit; it awards itself the carefree freedom of the Western myth itself...Silverado is the work of Lawrence Kasdan, the man who wrote Raiders of the Lost Ark, and it has some of the same reckless brilliance about it.

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Product Details

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[Wide Screen]
[Dolby Digital, stereo, monaural]

Special Features

Closed captions; Cast and crew; Filmography; Movie trailer; Production notes; Documentary

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Kevin Kline Paden
Scott Glenn Emmett
Kevin Costner Jake
Danny Glover Mal
John Cleese Sheriff Langston
Rosanna Arquette Hannah
Brian Dennehy Cobb
Linda Hunt Stella
Jeff Goldblum Slick
Charlie Seybert Townsman
Marvin J. McIntyre Clerk
Brad Williams Trooper
Sheb Wooley Cavalry Sergeant
Jon Kasdan Boy at Outpost
Todd Allen Deputy Kern
Kenny Call Deputy Block
Bill Thurman Proprietor
Meg Kasdan Barmaid
Dick Durock Bar Fighter
Gene Hartline Bar Fighter
Autry Ward Hat Thief
Jacob Kasdan Stable Boy
Rusty Meyers Conrad
Zeke Davidson Mr. Parker
Lois Geary Mrs. Parker
James Gammon Dawson
Troy Ward Baxter
Roy McAdams Tall Outlaw
Ray Baker McKendrick
Joe Seneca Ezra
Lynn Whitfield Rae
Jeff Fahey Tyree
Patricia Gaul Kate
Amanda Wyss Phoebe
Earl Hindman J.T.
Jim Haynie Bradley
Richard Jenkins Kelly
Jerry Biggs Bartender
Sam Gauny Deputy Garth
Ken Farmer Deputy Kyle
Bill McIntosh Deputy Charlie
Jane Beauchamp Neighbor Woman
Jerry Block Townsman
Ben Zeller Townsman
Pepe Serna Scruffy
Ted White Hoyt
Ross Loney Red
Walter Scott Swann
Bob Terhune Guard Cowboy
Brion James Hobart [uncredited]
Thomas Wilson Brown Augie

Technical Credits
Lawrence Kasdan Director,Producer,Screenwriter
Roy Arbogast Special Effects
John Bailey Cinematographer
Bruce Broughton Score Composer
William Elliott Production Designer
Jerry Gatlin Stunts
Mia Goldman Editor
Michael Grillo Executive Producer
Mark Kasdan Associate Producer,Screenwriter
Rick Kline Sound/Sound Designer
Carol Littleton Editor
Anne McCulley Set Decoration/Design
Donald O. Mitchell Sound/Sound Designer
Wallis Nicita Casting
Gerald O'Dell Makeup
Charles Okun Executive Producer
Arthur Jeph Parker Set Decoration/Design
Ida Random Production Designer
Dan Striepeke Makeup
Kristi Zea Costumes/Costume Designer

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