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Slings & Arrows - Season 1

Slings & Arrows - Season 1

5.0 1
Director: Paul Gross, Mark McKinney, Stephen Ouimette, Jennifer Irwin

Cast: Paul Gross, Mark McKinney, Stephen Ouimette, Jennifer Irwin


Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
This modestly produced, smartly written Canadian comedy series reflects the sensibilities of its co-creator and cast member, Kids in the Hall alumnus Mark McKinney. The six episodes of the 2003 season (which aired in the U.S. on the Sundance Channel) revolve around a production of Hamlet being staged by a small group with more than its share of oddball characters. Seven years after suffering a mental breakdown, former actor Geoffrey Tennant (Paul Gross of Due South) struggles to keep the dilapidated Théâtre Sans Argent (Theater Without Money) afloat. Artistic director Oliver Welles (Stephen Ouimette) worries that he has lost his creative edge, while General Manager Richard Smith-Jones (McKinney) feverishly attempts to retain funding when the theater's sponsor, Lenstrex, appoints a new corporate liaison, Holly Day (Jennifer Irwin). Solely as a commercial concession, American action-movie star Jack Crew (Luke Kirby) is cast as Hamlet, and ambitious young actress Kate McNab (Rachel McAdams) hopes that her performance will give her career a boost. McKinney and co-writers Susan Coyne and Bob Martin juggle the multiple characters and intersecting subplots with admirable dexterity, and their scripts are performed winningly by a talented, appealing ensemble. We confess a special fondness for the adorable Ms. McAdams (Wedding Crashers), whose work as Kate proves yet again that she's one of the best actresses of her generation. All the acting in Slings & Arrows is good, though, and it's especially refreshing that the character-driven comedy doesn't resort to corny, predictable sitcom gags. This show got very little attention in America, but hopefully the release on DVD will win it more fans.

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Acorn Media

Special Features

Trailer, bloopers, deleted and extended scenes, production notes, lyrics to "Cheer Up Hamlet" and "Call the Understudy," and cast filmographies

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Slings and Arrows, Season 1, Vol. 1
1. The Storm [2:31]
2. Opening Credits [:48]
3. Cue Up the Bleats [6:38]
4. She's the Devil [4:34]
5. Break a Leg [9:11]
6. After Party [8:00]
7. Theatre Bar [4:36]
8. Don't Hang Up! [4:07]
9. There's the Rub [5:47]
1. Identifying Oliver [2:26]
2. Opening Credits [:47]
3. Keep it Together [7:55]
4. Press Conference [13:13]
5. Proverbial Hatchet [2:44]
6. Funeral Production [5:38]
7. Interim Artistic Director [6:31]
1. Mad As a Hatter [1:20]
2. Opening Credits [:47]
3. Oliver's Skull [9:07]
4. Old & New Haunts [11:43]
5. Darren's Vision [6:01]
6. Better Than Shakespeare [4:44]
7. Inspiring Performance [6:55]
8. The Duel [5:34]
Disc #2 -- Slings and Arrows, Season 1, Vol. 2
1. Sorry [:52]
2. Opening Credits [:47]
3. Outraged [5:26]
4. Suicide Risk [9:51]
5. All About Ellen [11:32]
6. Start the Healing [7:55]
7. You're Fired [9:48]
1. Updating May [1:47]
2. Opening Credits [:47]
3. Jack's Hamlet [7:30]
4. Insane or Stoned? [13:31]
5. Welcome Kate [7:20]
6. Act 3, Scene 1 [8:18]
7. Dress Rehearsal [3:35]
8. Killer Presentation? [3:36]
1. Jack's Missing [1:30]
2. Opening Credits [:47]
3. Was it Me? [8:40]
4. Setting the Stage [4:59]
5. Theatrics [8:42]
6. Find Your Light [5:34]
7. Six Soliloquies [13:10]
8. Goodbye Oliver [2:45]

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Guest More than 1 year ago
I just happened upon the DVD one day and thought it sounded good and different. I know that it was aired on the Sundance Channel, but I never saw it when it was on. I was hooked from the beginning. It has become one of my favorite DVDs that I watch over and over. The writing is sharp, the actors are excellent in their roles. I cannot wait for the second season to come out on DVD. This show is definitely worth watching for people who enjoy good comedy.