Slings & Arrows - Series 2

Slings & Arrows - Series 2

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Cast: Paul Gross, Mark McKinney


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The six second-series episodes of this Canadian-made sitcom chronicle the offbeat saga of the hilariously dysfunctional New Burbage Theater troupe, headed by Geoffrey Tennant (Paul Gross). The season opener reveals that the company’s artistically successful staging of Hamlet -- the evolution of which was covered in the show’s first-year episodes -- did little to alleviate the theater’s financial woes. Geoffrey decides to mount a new production of Macbeth, known in showbiz circles as the most jinxed play in theatrical history, engaging egomaniacal star Sir Henry Breedlove (Geraint Wyn Davies) for the title role. Subsequent episodes find Sir Henry, as well as other key company members, causing no end of difficulties. In a particularly engaging subplot, leading lady Ellen Fanshaw (the immensely appealing Martha Burns) weighs a proposal from her new boyfriend even as she is rekindling her relationship with former lover Geoffrey. And just to make things interesting, the ghost of onetime New Burbage director Oliver Welles (Stephen Ouimette) pops up every now and then. Eluding the curse of Macbeth, this second series in this cleverly written, brightly played sitcom is just as rewarding as the first.

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Closed Caption; Cast interviews; Bloopers; deleted and extended scenes; Trailer; Photo gallery; Production notes; Lyrics to "Mackers" and "Call the Understudy"; Cast filmographies

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Slings & Arrows: Season 2, Vol. 1
1. Final Show [1:08]
2. Opening Credits [:54]
3. Business or Charity? [8:23]
4. Willow Speech [5:34]
5. Champagne Toast [7:17]
6. Sloan's Reward [9:49]
7. No! [8:01]
8. Macbeth Announcement [5:17]
1. Oliver's Notes [2:00]
2. Opening Credits [:54]
3. The King [6:47]
4. Maquette [5:18]
5. Minister of Culture [10:14]
6. Kid's Production [11:04]
7. Early Intern [4:04]
8. Henry Breedlove [6:18]
1. The Curse [2:08]
2. Opening Credits [:54]
3. Hot Breakfast [6:12]
4. Romeo & Juliet [10:16]
5. Darren's Free [11:02]
6. Secret Dream [9:19]
7. Identify With Mackers? [6:45]
1. Sandy Point Road [2:08]
2. Show Notes [:58]
3. Crippled Athletes? [2:03]
4. Old Chestnut [2:17]
5. Frog Who? [1:19]
6. Nadine's Condition [:51]
7. Blowfish [:48]
8. Run With It [:37]
9. Darren's Exercise [:23]
10. Backstage Fright [:32]
11. Youthquake [:55]
12. Pawns In The Game Of Life [:35]
13. Pigs! [:51]
Disc #2 -- Slings & Arrows: Season 2, Vol. 2
1. Roomates [1:57]
2. Opening Credits [:54]
3. Refunds [6:56]
4. Easy Commute [8:28]
5. Lionel the Playwright [11:17]
6. Ghost Argument [11:49]
7. Big Changes [5:33]
1. Audit or Therapy? [1:35]
2. Opening Credits [:54]
3. First Woman [7:13]
4. Annette [4:40]
5. Jerry's Macbeth [13:21]
6. It's Not Personal [7:45]
7. Apology [11:49]
1. Nightmare [1:22]
2. Opening Credits [:54]
3. Young People! [7:33]
4. Crappy Production [6:04]
5. Full House [7:57]
6. Oliver's Performance [6:29]
7. Audition [5:46]
8. Token of Thanks [11:36]

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Slings & Arrows - Series 2 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
lu5cus More than 1 year ago
B&N sent me an e-mail invite to review this series which i recently bought at one of their stores. "Be the first to review it.", they invite said. Frankly, I couldn't believe that someone else hasn't already reviewed this. Slings & Arrows has to be one of my favorite series of all time. My only complaint is that there was only three seasons of it. This is the middle season. This season the theater is putting on Macbeth. The director must deal with a complacent and smug lead actor. This parallels the first season where the director must deal with a young and insecure movie star who is to play Hamlet. And the third season deals with the director trying to get a great performance out of an old and frail, but stubborn and troubled, actor for the role of King Lear. There is much more to each season. Much behind the scenes comedy. and also humorous look at the business end of the theater wold. This season has a hilarious story about the Business Director's attempt to re-brand the Theater festival. The only thing I would have to say against purchasing season two on it's own is that you won't be satisfied with owning only one season. The only reason not to buy this set is because you are smart and are going to buy the box set that has all three season's in it. If you're smart that is exactly what you will do.