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South Park - The Complete Sixth Season

South Park - The Complete Sixth Season

4.5 2
Director: Matt Stone, Trey Parker

Cast: Matt Stone, Trey Parker


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Barnes & Noble - Bill Pearis
One thing you could always count on during Comedy Central's frequently brilliant, always outrageous weekly South Park installment was that Kenny would die. Until the end of Season 5, that is, when creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone killed Kenny and he stayed dead. So for Season 6 (which aired in 2002), Kenny's absence meant more time for side characters like sweet, innocent Butters, handicapped amateur comedian Jimmy, and the over-caffeinated Tweek. Otherwise it was business-as-usual in South Park, with episodes tackling new taboos and sensitive subjects no one else would dare touch. In "Red Hot Catholic Love," Cartman wonders if the human digestive system works both ways; plotlines run thin on "The Simpsons Already Did It"; the boys try and stop Steven Spielberg from "improving" Raiders of the Lost Ark; Cartman tries to bring the Christmas spirit to the children of Iraq in "Red Sleigh Down"; and the adults get taken by a time-share scheme in "Asspen," which also features the song "Montage," which Parker and Stone would later appropriate for their puppet movie Team America - World Police. Kenny returns in one of Season 6's best episodes, "Ladder to Heaven," in which his spirit becomes trapped in Cartman's body after Cartman mistakes his ashes for chocolate milk powder. And no review of Season 6 would be complete without the year's most controversial episode, "The Death Camp of Tolerance," in which the kids' teacher, Mr. Garrison, wants to be fired for being gay so he can sue the school. The plan involves his flamboyant new teaching assistant, Mr. Slave, and the class's pet gerbil, Lemmywinks, who must go on "a great adventure." Like much of South Park, it's so wrong, yet so funny.

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Closed Caption; Commentary by the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone

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