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Star Trek Enterprise - The Complete First Season

Star Trek Enterprise - The Complete First Season

4.0 10

Cast: Scott Bakula, Jolene Blalock, John Billingsley, Linda Park

Telling the thrilling tale of what the Star Trek universe was like 100 years before the time of Captain Kirk, the first season of the fifth Star Trek television series -- Star Trek: Enterprise -- comes to DVD in this excellent box set. The focus of the set are the season's 24 episodes, which are spread out over seven discs and presented in a


Telling the thrilling tale of what the Star Trek universe was like 100 years before the time of Captain Kirk, the first season of the fifth Star Trek television series -- Star Trek: Enterprise -- comes to DVD in this excellent box set. The focus of the set are the season's 24 episodes, which are spread out over seven discs and presented in a gorgeous 1.78:1 letterboxed widescreen format. While the set's Dolby Digital 2.0 surround sound audio mix is impressive, it just isn't quite as jaw-dropping and speaker-rocking as were the mixes on some of Paramount's previous Star Trek sets. The season itself, while still suffering from the same awkward problems all recent Trek series' first seasons have faced, contains some highlight episodes. The exceptional "The Andorian Incident" not only reintroduces the fan-favorite, original-series Andorian aliens, but brings in scene-stealing actor Jeffrey Combs as the main alien, Shran. The series' feature-quality two-hour pilot episode, "Broken Bow, features a candid audio commentary track with series creators Brannon Braga and Rick Berman. Braga and Berman openly discuss the problems they ran into with Star Trek's extremely dedicated fans over their use of Trek history and explore their feelings on how Enterprise turned out in the end. Now notorious for being the only recent Star Trek series to be canceled, this first season introduced many plot threads that, sadly, never went anywhere during the show's four-year run. Despite any flaws, this first season of Enterprise does an outstanding job introducing Captain Archer (Scott Bakula) and his crew of shipmates. The set's bonus-feature-packed seventh disc offers a memorable collection of featurettes that will likely send fans into warp 11. Things kick off with a healthy dose of 16 deleted scenes from episodes across the season. A nine-minute light-hearted outtakes reel follows and leads into a series of behind-the-scenes documentaries. From the creation of the series to a touching profile of Scott Bakula and a guided tour of the show's Shuttlepod One, these are featurettes made with the fan in mind. Hidden DVD Easter eggs reveal more talks with actors, including a look at the actress behind the stern Vulcan T'Pol, Jolene Blalock. While more audio commentaries by the series' cast and slightly more in-depth featurettes would have been nice, this DVD set remains a solid release for an introduction to a vastly under-appreciated series.

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Special Features

Closed Caption; Creating Enterprise; O Captian! My Captain! A Profile of Scott Bakula; Cast Impressions: Season One; Inside Shuttlepod One; Star Trek Time Travel: Temporal Cold Wars and Beyond; Enterprise Secrets; Admiral Forrest Takes Center Stage; Deleted scenes; Enterprise outtakes; Audio commentary on the premiere episode, "Broken Bow"; Text commentary on 3 episodes

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 1, Disc 1
1. Klingon Encounter
2. Where's the Logic?
3. Reporting for Duty
4. Let Us Go Boldly
5. Dinner With the Boss
6. Suliban
7. Interrogation
8. Rigel X
1. Sluggo
2. Target Practice
3. Restless
4. Just a Precaution
5. Slaughtered
6. Post Mortem
7. Useful Compounds
8. Adaptations
1. Minshara-Class Planet
2. Set Us Down
3. Storm Front
4. Voices in the Dark
5. Delusions
6. It May Be Too Late
7. A Small Price to Pay
8. They Were Never Here
Disc #2 -- Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 1, Disc 2
1. A Light Shower
2. Hitchhiker
3. Acclimation Process
4. Touch
5. Pebbles?
6. A Working Mother
7. Acts of War
8. Eating for One
1. Lost Colony
2. The Great Experiment
3. All Human
4. Poison Rain
5. Impact Fractures
6. No Longer Safe
7. In the Downslope Passage
8. Trust
1. P' Jem
2. Infinite Diversity
3. The Stone of J'Kah
4. Suspicious Behavior
5. Hidden Passages
6. A Question of Loyalty
7. Find Them!
8. We're in Your Debt
1. Archer's Comet
2. It's Called Eisilium
3. Transmissions
4. A Personal Matter
5. Blast Away
6. Commitment to Tradition
7. Cracks in the Ice
8. Free to Choose
Disc #3 -- Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 1, Disc 3
1. The Top of the List
2. Pre-Industrial Society
3. Evening Deliveries
4. A Fondness for Masks
5. People Are Dying
6. Stakeout
7. Blue or Yellow?
8. With One Exception
1. Nausicaans
2. The ECF Fortunate
3. Thanks for Lunch
4. Jurisdiction
5. Code of Behavior
6. It Was One Ship
7. Release That Hostage
8. We Take Care of Our Own
1. Consequences
2. Pilgrimage
3. A Great Big Engine
4. Reluctant Heroes
5. Help Daniels
6. Every Cycle Is Unique
7. Lockdown
8. Endangered Future
1. Echoes
2. Word From Home
3. Counter Measures
4. Secret Mission
5. Borders in the Dark
6. Acceptable Risk
7. Phase Cannons
8. Overload
Disc #4 -- Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 1, Disc 4
1. Feeding Time
2. The Human Heart
3. My People Are Dying
4. Epidemic
5. Key to a Cure
6. The Menk
7. Evolution
8. A Great Deal of Trust
1. Suspended Operations
2. Scapegoat
3. Coridan
4. Factions
5. The Logical Response
6. Common Enemy
7. My Debt Is Repaid
8. Doctor's Orders
1. Hit-to-Miss Ratio
2. Space Legs
3. Dishonor in Rescue
4. Open Space
5. In the Reactor Pit
6. You Have the Power
7. Before Dishonor
8. Decon
1. Until We See Them
2. Debris
3. Loose Ends
4. Closer to Oblivion
5. The 602 Club
6. Shuttlepod Confessions
7. Slower Than a Snail
8. Sleep Well, My Friend
Disc #5 -- Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 1, Disc 5
1. Admiral Jonny Archer
2. V'Tosh Ka'Tur
3. Emotion and Logic
4. Open to Interpretation
5. Primal Nature
6. Fast Friends
7. Mind Meld
8. Do You Dream?
1. Broken Orbit
2. Into the Night
3. The Things You Can't See
4. It Wasn't a Dream
5. Harm
6. Wraith
7. When They're Afraid
8. Don't Forget Me
1. Ferengi
2. Unconscious
3. Where Is Your Vault?
4. Cousin Knows Best
5. Quality Merchandise
6. Proposition
7. The Lobes for Business
8. Name Your Price
1. Items to Trade
2. Ghost Ship
3. We've Made a Home
4. Vital Functions
5. Final Resting Place
6. Go Back to Your Ship
7. They Were Our Friends
8. Rocky Road
Disc #6 -- Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 1, Disc 6
1. New Arrivals
2. Military Zone
3. All Suliban Are Dangerous
4. Relocated
5. Tell Me What You Know
6. Manzanar
7. In the Flesh
8. The Wall Is Down
1. You Eat Like You Mate
2. Context Is Critical
3. It's Got Rostov, Sir
4. This Is No Earthworm
5. Symbiosis
6. To Better Understand
7. Communication
8. It
1. Dry Spell
2. Necessary Protocols
3. Vulcans Don't Have Heroes
4. Repercussions
5. Fabricated Charges
6. Under Orders
7. Warp 5 Engine
8. Bond of Friendship
1. Personal Log
2. Zobral
3. The Geskana Match
4. To Stand Apart
5. Why Montana?
6. Another Man's Water
7. Heat Stroke
8. Launch Window
Disc #7 -- Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 1, Disc 7
1. You Need a Vacation
2. Cultural Horizons
3. Hello
4. New to the Neighborhood
5. Human Physiology
6. Wake Up, Doctor
7. Where Do They Live?
8. Conjugations
1. Flashpoint
2. Tetrazine
3. Traces
4. Ten Months Ago
5. It Wasn't Written
6. Stealth Cruiser
7. Interface
8. Dangerous Game

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4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I haven't bought the DVDs for this yet, but I need to say something to ALL ENTERPRISE FANS! If we don't do something, Enterprise is going to be cancelled, for good this time! So, please, if you would, go visit saveenterprise.com to find out what you can do. Or, for more detailed info, email me, and I'll tell you everything there is to know.
Milbrath More than 1 year ago
I miss the good old days of Star Trek and while Enterprise was kind of trying to break out of the usual it was still a good show in the beginning. It was action packed and family friendly. I like this show up to the third season when it shot itself in the foot. This season and season two I would recommend.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I believe that even after four years on the air on UPN 31, Star Trek: Enterprise had lived up to its namesake as being a great "Star Trek" show. I was quite disappointed to hear that the producers had decided to cancel the show after four seasons, and that they chose not to go the full seven seasons like they did with 'The Next Generation', 'Deep Space Nine', and 'voyager'. But then again, Star Trek: 'The Original Series' was cancelled on NBC TV only after three seasons. I enjoy 'Enterprise' emmensely ever since I first saw the pilot episode, "Broken Bow" back on September 26th, 2001. I'm truly looking forward to May 13th, when I'll be watching the two episode-series finale, which was appropriately entitled, "These are the Voyages"... I liked all of the characters on this show. Especially Captain Jonathan Archer(played by Scott Bakula). To me, I think that Archer is just as capable of being a starship captain as Kirk, Picard, Sisko, and Janeway. I adore T'Pol(Jolene Blalock) because she's not only an intelligent Vulcan, but also because she's SOOOOO Sexy and Hot!!! and finally, there's the Denobulan medical officer, Doctor Phlox(played by John Billingsley), who is as witty as he's resourceful. Let's not forget Hoshi Sato, Malcolm Reed, Travis Mayweather, and that good ol' southern boy himself, Chief engineer commander Charles"Trip" Tucker III. I got a kick out of seeing actors who were regulars on other "Trek" shows, and actors who had played recurring roles on the other shows, making guest appearances on Enterprise too! Even though that it didn't quite live on and prospered like its predecessors, Star Trek: Enterprise will always be number one in my heart, as I'm sure that it will be in the hearts of all trekkies who've followed the show faithfully from it's beginning, to its untimely and unfortunate demise. LONG LIVE GENE RODDENBERRY AND STAR TREK!!!!! It was a great show that was cancelled before its time!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This Star Trek series is not even worth watching on live TV, let alone purchasing to be viewed on DVD. I am a huge fan, but this show blows. Don't bother saving it...let it get cancelled. No character development, and Scott Bakula, who is a good actor, is terrible as Captain. You know you are doomed when the show's original title was "Enterprise"...trying to be cool and hip...but later scrapped for "Star Trek: Enterprise" now begging and pleading for viewers trying to make them believe it is as good as TNG or Voyager (DS9 stunk too...they didn't go anywhere!). It is not working Paramount, you blew it big time with this dud.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I'm a big Trek fan and I'll be buying this set....but not just yet. I'm waiting until all 4 seasons are on DVD and then I'll buy them in this order: 4, 3, 1, 2. The 2nd season last because it was horrible.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The DVD set is not yet available, but I am counting down the days! I plan on getting this and the following seasons. Enterprise ranks up there with the other 4 series. Star Trek definitly "lives long and prospers!"
Guest More than 1 year ago
This series is awsome, a realistic captain battling with moral decisions and lots of action. Unlike Picard playing the flute and acting all shakespearian
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago