Star Trek: The Original Series - Season 1

Star Trek: The Original Series - Season 1

3.9 17
Director: Don McDougall, Gerd Oswald, Herschel Daugherty, James Goldstone

Cast: Don McDougall, Gerd Oswald, Herschel Daugherty, James Goldstone


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Star Trek: The Original Series -- Season One makes its bow to DVD with a sleek set whose packaging flair is untouched when it comes to inventive box sets in the DVD marketplace. Presenting 29 episodes in their original broadcast order and mastered for only the best in quality, this release comes from the same digital print that the single original series DVDs were cut


Star Trek: The Original Series -- Season One makes its bow to DVD with a sleek set whose packaging flair is untouched when it comes to inventive box sets in the DVD marketplace. Presenting 29 episodes in their original broadcast order and mastered for only the best in quality, this release comes from the same digital print that the single original series DVDs were cut from, though the advantage definitely is in this set's favor. One look at the previews for each episode will prove just how well the picture has been tweaked, which, along with the new 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround tracks, creates a new world for Trek fans to jump into. Considering that many of the shows in Season One are widely regarded as some of the best, this set is a sure buy for anyone looking for classic Trek in a small box. From Ricardo Montalban's first appearance as Khan to some smoking Gorn action in "Arena, this set has all the good stuff and more. Carrying on the tradition of extras-laden Star Trek sets, Paramount throws viewers a few new bits here and there. The 24-minute "Birth of a Timeless Legacy" featurette starts things off with a little look back at the origin of the show and its various incarnations before hitting its stride on the airwaves. A featurette is given to both William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, with Shatner discussing his affinity for horses and the latter dishing out the dirt on contract obligations, book deals, and everything in between. The 19-minute "To Boldly Go...(Season One)" featurette skims over the best of this season, while the 16-minute "Sci-Fi Visionaries" delves into the fantastical concepts that made the series a hit. Featuring interviews with the remaining group of cast members, along with the producers and archival footage of creator Gene Roddenberry, the bonus features on this set are crammed with stories and sound clips from most all involved, although curiously missing is footage of DeForest Kelley (Walter Koenig didn't join in until the second season, thus he's also missing here). With its yellow hard plastic egg shell that houses the small booklet-style DVD case, the packaging is a home-run, as are the liner notes that point the viewer to various points of interest in the show that either lead to movie sequels or other episodes in later shows. With two more sets to come from the original series, you can bet that these collections will be a hot item for a long time to come.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Here are the 1966-67 episodes of the classic Star Trek in all their glory, introducing the USS Enterprise and its crew during their five-year mission to boldly go where no man has gone before. Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner), First Officer Spock (Leonard Nimoy), ship's doctor "Bones" McCoy (DeForest Kelley), and the rest of the crew are on hand, fending off hostile aliens, discovering new planets and cultures, and even grappling with important social issues in a science fiction context. Star Trek, under the able stewardship of producer Gene Roddenberry, guided TV science fiction away from the simplistic space opera formulas of Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, and their futuristic compatriots. The first-season episodes aren't devoid of action, suspense, and melodrama, but on the whole they're far more substantive than anything prime-time viewers had seen in a sci-fi show up to that time. The standouts from this group include "Where No Man Has Gone Before," "The Naked Time," "Shore Leave," "Dagger of the Mind," "Arena," "Mudd's Women," "The Menagerie" (a two-parter that reworked the early unsold Trek pilot starring Jeffrey Hunter), and the award-winning "City on the Edge of Forever," written by genre great Harlan Ellison. Some of these episodes seem rather crude compared to what followed, but they are still remarkable for their day. There isn't a science fiction series produced since that doesn't owe a great deal to Star Trek, and that will be readily apparent from even a cursory reviewing of this superb box set, which includes all-new interviews with Shatner and Nimoy among the plethora of supplemental features. Also notable is the HD-DVD version of the first Star Trek season, which includes new, digitally enhanced special effects.

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[Dolby Digital Surround, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Closed Caption; "The Birth of a Timeless Legacy"; "Life Beyond Trek: William Shatner"; "To Boldy Go... (Season One)"; "Reflections on Spock"; "Sci-Fi Visionaries"; Photo log; Original promotional trailers

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
William Shatner Captain James T. Kirk
Abraham Sofaer Actor
Anthony Call Actor
Barbara Anderson Actor
Barbara Babcock Actor
Bruce Hyde Actor
Don Marshall Actor
Elisha Cook Actor
Emily Banks Actor
Grace Lee Whitney Janice Rand,Yeoman Janice Rand
James Gregory Actor
Jeanne Bal Actor
Jill Ireland Actor
Joan Collins Edith Keeler
John Abbott Actor
Ken Lynch Actor
Kim Darby Actor
Leonard Nimoy Lt. Cmdr Spock
Majel Barrett Christine Chapel,Nurse Christine Chapel
Mark Lenard Actor
Ricardo Montalban Actor
Richard Derr Actor
Roger C. Carmel Actor
Roger Perry Actor
Sally Kellerman Dr. Elizabeth Dehner
Torin Thatcher Marplon
Vic Perrin Actor
William Campbell Actor
Alfred Ryder Actor
Arnold Moss Actor
Carole Shelyne Actor
Clint Howard Actor
David Opatoshu Actor
DeForest Kelley Lt. Cmdr. Leonard H. 'Bones' McCoy, M.D.
Frank Overton Actor
Harry Townes Reger
Janet MacLachlan Actor
Janos Prohaska Actor
Jeffrey Hunter Capt. Christopher Pike
Joan Marshall Actor
Madlyn Rhue Actor
Marianna Hill Actor
Maurishka Actor
Michael J. Pollard Actor
Peter Brocco Actor
Robert Walker Actor
Shirley Bonne Actor
Susan Denberg Actor
Ted Cassidy Actor
Venita Wolf Actor
Alice Rawlings Actor
Biff Elliot Actor
Bruce Mars Actor
James Doohan Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott
Joan Swift Actor
John Colicos Actor
Karen Steele Actor
Robert Brown Lazarus
Sherry Jackson Actor
Susan Oliver Vina
Susanne Wasson Actor
David Hilary Hughes Actor
George Takei Lt. Hikaru Sulu
Maggie Thrett Actor
Malachi Throne Commodore Mendez
Michael Strong Actor
Morgan Woodward Actor
Oliver McGowan Actor
Percy Rodrigues Actor
Nichelle Nichols Lt. Nyota Uhura
Walter Koenig Ensign Pavel Chekov

Technical Credits
Don McDougall Director
Gerd Oswald Director
Herschel Daugherty Director
James Goldstone Director
John Newland Director
Joseph Pevney Director
Joseph Sargent Director
Lawrence Dobkin Director
Leo Penn Director
Marc Daniels Director
Michael O'Herlihy Director
Ralph Senensky Director
Robert Butler Director
Robert Gist Director
Robert Spear Director
Vincent McEveety Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc 1
1. Routine Medical Examination
2. Eyes of the Past
3. What Kills a Healthy Man?
4. Salt Seeker
5. The Last of Its Kind
6. The Needs of the Beast
7. Extinction
1. Sole Survivor
2. Adolescence
3. Charlie Is My Darling
4. Loss of the Antares
5. Crush
6. Transmutations
7. Thasian Ship
1. Disaster Recorder
2. Force Field
3. Extra Sensory Power
4. Mitchell's Mutation
5. Delta Vega
6. A Fool's Mixture
7. Death of an Old Friend
1. Frozen Wasteland
2. Contamination
3. Planetary Compaction
4. Richelieu Beware!
5. Downward Spiral
6. Emotion Control
7. Full Power Start
Side #2 -- Disc 2
1. Transporter Malfunction
2. Alter Ego
3. Indecision
4. The Roles of Good and Evil
5. Survival Procedures
6. Half a Man
7. Two Into One
1. Cargo Ship
2. Harcourt Fenton Mudd
3. Act Beautiful
4. The Lithium Trade
5. Magnetic Storm
6. The Venus Drug
1. Estranged Lovers
2. Underground Caverns
3. Protect and Obey
4. How to Make an Anaroid
5. Kirk's Impression
6. The Inferior Ones
7. Almost Perfect Beings
1. Distress Signal
2. Mind of a Child
3. Grups
4. Life Prolongation
5. Hide and Seek
6. Lovey Dovey
7. A Foolie
8. Vaccine
Side #3 -- Disc 3
1. Penal Colony Cargo
2. Asylum at Gunpoint
3. Devil's Island
4. Neural Neutralizer
5. Vulcan Mind-Meld
6. The Power of Suggestion
7. Short Circuit
8. The Emptying Room
1. Unidentified Cubicle Object
2. Space Buoy
3. "They're Not Machines, Jim"
4. Trespassers
5. Captain's Bluff
6. Face of the Unknown
7. Balok
1. Captain Christopher Pike
2. A Plotted Course
3. Mutineer
4. Trial Board
5. Doctor Bartender
6. Survivor's Camp
7. Prime Specimen
1. Recap
2. Bottled and Probed
3. Monster Illusion
4. Some Dream
5. Punishment
6. Picnic
7. Orion Slave Girl
8. Primitive Thoughts
9. Last Hope
Side #4 -- Disc 4
1. Kodos the Executioner
2. Lady Macbeth
3. Troupe Transport
4. Eyewitness
5. A Stain of Cruelty
6. Final Curtain
1. Outpost Under Attack
2. Romulan Star Empire
3. Cloaked Ship
4. Show No Weakness
5. Comet's Tail
6. The Neutral Zone
7. Motionless
8. Nuclear Device
9. Weapons Control
10. Last Duty
1. Wonderland
2. School Chum
3. Ruth
4. Old English
5. Tiger/Samurai
6. Knight/Joust
7. Finnegan Again
8. Amusement Park
1. Missing Shuttlecraft
2. The Chain of Command
3. The Folsom Point
4. Phaser Power
5. Jettison
6. Emotional Act
Side #5 -- Disc 5
1. Star Desert
2. General Trelane
3. Form Without Substance
4. Gamesmanship
5. Raising the Stakes
6. Naughty Boy
1. Earth Outpost
2. Invasion Force
3. The Metrons
4. Gorn Commander
5. Weaponry
6. Natural Resources
7. Promising Species
1. Air Defense
2. Prisoners in Time
3. Future Son
4. Records and Tapes
5. Saboteurs
6. Slingshot Around the Sun
1. Death of a Crewman
2. Inquiry
3. Legal Advice
4. The Prosecution
5. Kirk Takes the Stand
6. Computer Accuser
7. Hidden Heartbeat
Side #6 -- Disc 6
1. Beta III
2. The Red Hour
3. Festival
4. The Lawgivers
5. Summoning the Body
6. The Underground
7. Landru
8. Absorption
9. Third Man
10. The Hall of Audiences
1. Heartbeats
2. Sleeper Ship
3. Khan
4. Young Supermen
5. Magnetism
6. Best of the Tyrants
7. Overload
8. Hearing
1. Friendly Intentions
2. War
3. Casualties
4. Diplomats
5. A Drink
6. Barbarians and Bandits
7. Calculated Risk
1. Omicron Ceti III
2. Harmony
3. A Perfect World
4. Spreading Peace
5. No Wants, No Needs
6. Free Will
7. A Plan
8. Fall From Grace
Side #7 -- Disc 7
1. Schmitter
2. Butchering Monster
3. A Wounded Animal
4. The Creature Must Die
5. No Kill I
6. Mind-Meld
7. Make an Agreement
1. Code 1
2. No Danger
3. Kor
4. Mind-Sifter
5. Special Occupation Order #4
6. Improving the Odds
7. Organian Peace Treaty
1. Cosmic Blink
2. Lazarus
3. Dilithium Crystals
4. Time Traveler
5. Parallel Universe
6. The Corridor
1. Time Ripples
2. The Guardian
3. The Unfortunate Incident
4. Edith Keeler
5. Stone Knives and Bearskins
6. What to Do
7. Not Yet Time
Side #8 -- Disc 8
1. Mass Insanity
2. Deneva
3. The Creature
4. Control the Pain
5. One Cell
6. Lethal Light
7. Inner Eyelid

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3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Archaic, simplistic, deeply flawed ¿ and absolutely perfect! Here it is, collected like a fine set of jewels in a case. How can something so precious and awe inspiring fit into something so small. This is Star Trek. This is the one and only Star Trek. This is the first of three seasons of television that changed American pop culture. The special effects were cutting edge and I remember anxiously awaiting each episode to see if I could catch a glimpse of the fabulous starship Enterprise, it¿s courageous crew and all those fabulous tools that made children and adults alike long to hold the future in their hands. There were phasers, communicators and tricorders along with all sorts of other ingenious devices. But those were just the trappings. I grew up during the run of the original series, loved each of the pieces of the show and glimpsed that there was something more. There was something else present in the mix that I couldn¿t appreciate fully at the time. Star Trek was more than special effects, strange worlds and exotic aliens. Star Trek was people. This first season introduces us to the characters whose names are now iconic. Kirk, the commanding officer whose paramount love is his ship, his command. Spock, the green-skinned alien who seems so alone and yet reflects the alienation felt by each viewer. McCoy, the cynical country doctor who derides the very modern conveniences that makes his mission possible. Scotty, the engineer who loves the starship possibly more than the Captain can. Each of the crew personifies some facet of humanity and this set gives us the chance to see it all again, anew and from the beginning. The episodes never looked better. The picture is crisp, clear and the colors are bold. My thanks to Gene Roddenberry who created something that eventually dwarfed all other television programs and took on a life all its own, pushed ever forward by the audience itself who felt so compelled by what they saw that they were unable to simply watch, they had to become part of it. I hope you take the opportunity to enjoy this classic series in all its glory.
Queengeek More than 1 year ago
Finally, finally, finally! Paramount has FINALLY done a good job with the original STAR TREK. You've got both the original versions, and the so-called "enhanced visuals" versions of the episodes, on the same discs, and in high-definition. These episodes, even without all the digital frippery, have never looked or sounded better. And there are a lot of fun extras, too. I'm a huge fan of the original series, and I'm immensely pleased with this definitive version of STAR TREKs first, and best, season. I'm anxiously awaiting the two other seasons, now.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Buyer Beware. You CANNOT TRUST Tankerous Media. They are liars and thieves. I doubt they even have this in stock.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is one of my favorite shows ever. I first heard about it three years ago at a sci-fi convention. I was there dressed as Xena when i met these fantastic people who could not stop talking about Star Trek. So I gave it a chance. I fell in love with the show immediately. At first Sulu was my favorite character. So I bought a blue Star Trek jumpsuit. Eventually being the man I am, I fell in love with O'Hora, the beautiful president of the Enterforprizes. So i cut the outfit into a miniskirt, which I now where to all of the awesome conventions.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago