Star Trek - The Original Series - Season 3

Star Trek - The Original Series - Season 3

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Director: David Alexander, Herb Kenwith, Herb Wallerstein, Herschel Daugherty

Cast: David Alexander, Herb Kenwith, Herb Wallerstein, Herschel Daugherty


Fans of the continuing voyages of the starship Enterprise will surely rejoice with this DVD release of the third and final season of Gene Roddenberry's original Star Trek series. This season represents the show just after it was saved from cancellation by a massive letter-writing campaign from thousands of fans across the globe. Once the show did…  See more details below


Fans of the continuing voyages of the starship Enterprise will surely rejoice with this DVD release of the third and final season of Gene Roddenberry's original Star Trek series. This season represents the show just after it was saved from cancellation by a massive letter-writing campaign from thousands of fans across the globe. Once the show did return, its tight budgets brought what many fans now consider some the lowest-quality episodes in Star Trek's history. While episodes like the ridiculous farce "Spock's Brain, and the absurd space hippies seen in "The Way to Eden" do prove this season's sour reputation, there still were many standout entries. The classic "The Tholian Web" still stands up today as a great example of sci-fi-style storytelling, and who can resist the all-out Enterprise versus Klingons brawl in "Day of the Dove, or Kirk's (William Shatner) cheesy Romulan disguise in "The Enterprise Incident"? Also included in this set are two versions of the original Star Trek pilot episode, "The Cage, starring Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Christopher Pike. Still captivating today, this strange early concept of what we know as Star Trek was originally rejected for being "too cerebral" for audiences of the late '60s. All of the set's 24 episodes, which are spread out on seven discs, feature unbelievable picture quality and superb new Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround Sound audio mixes. The set's eighth disc contains many lovingly produced bonus features. Things kick off with the late Gene Roddenberry's vintage introduction to "The Cage, where he explains the episode's long history. A total overview of the season follows with "To Boldly Go...Season Three." "Life Beyond Trek: Walter Koenig" follows Koenig as he discusses his casting as the character Pavel Chekov and his life with Star Trek, and it shows off his collection of Chekov-related merchandise. "Chief Engineer's Log: James Doohan" profiles actor Doohan, who speaks of his career and favorite episodes of the series. "Memoir From Mr. Sulu" features actor George Takei reflecting on his time as the character Hikaro Sulu. The son of Star Trek's creator is interviewed in "Star Trek's Impact: Eugene Roddenberry's Memories," and a profile of the show's fandom is seen in "A Star Trek Collector's Dream Come True." Production art and a series of Easter eggs called "Red Shirt Files" round out this massive set. A fitting tribute to a genuine piece of television and pop-culture history, this Star Trek: Season Three DVD set is likely to be a treasured addition to any fan's collection.

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Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
When ratings slipped during its second season, the original Star Trek was actually canceled by NBC, prompting a massive letter-writing campaign undertaken by the show's passionate fans. The network reversed itself and ordered another year's worth of episodes from producer Gene Roddenberry. Season 3 was a mixed bag, however, and NBC pulled the plug without opposition when ratings slipped further. The general consensus was that Roddenberry and his creative team had failed to maintain the level of quality that had distinguished the show's first two years, although in hindsight that criticism seems a little harsh. It's true that Season 3 -- in which episodes sported such flowery titles as "For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky" and "Is There in Truth No Beauty?" -- has a fair share of duds and more than a few mediocre episodes. Situations overlapped, and individual plots tended to bog down with tedious dialogue exchanges. But there are many excellent installments as well, including "The Paradise Syndrome," in which Captain Kirk (William Shatner) learns that in another life he has fathered a child; "That Which Survives," built around a female apparition whose periodic appearances onboard the Enterprise usually result in a crew member's death; "And the Children Shall Lead," a chilling story focused on a group of telepathically gifted children who presided over carnage on a remote colony; and "The Tholian Web," a suspenseful, well-written tale featuring some exceptionally sharp dialogue. Moreover, Star Trek episodes generally play better when viewed through the rosy glow of nostalgia; we tend to regard them as old friends and overlook their faults. Adding to this set’s allure is both versions of "The Cage": the original, unsold Trek series pilot and the two-part Season 1 episode built around it, aired as "The Menagerie."

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[Dolby Digital Mono, Dolby Digital Surround, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Closed Caption; "To Boldly Go...Season Three"; "Life Beyond Trek: Walter Koenig"; "Chief Engineer's Log"; "Memoir From Mr. Sulu"; "Star Trek's Impact"; "A Star Trek Collector's Dream Come True"; Production art

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
William Shatner Captain James T. Kirk
Alan Bergmann Actor
Barbara Babcock Actor
Barry Atwater Actor
David Frankham Actor
Deborah Downey Actor
France Nuyen Actor
Geoffrey Binney Actor
Harry Landers Actor
James Daly Actor
Jan Shutan Actor
Jeff Corey Actor
Katherine Woodville Actor
Lee Meriwether Losira
Leonard Nimoy Lt. Cmdr Spock
Lou Antonio Actor
Majel Barrett Christine Chapel,Number One,Nurse Christine Chapel
Mariette Hartley Actor
Marj Dusay Actor
Melvin Belli Actor
Michael Ansara Actor
Sharon Acker Actor
Yvonne Craig Actor
David Hurst Actor
DeForest Kelley Lt. Cmdr. Leonard H. 'Bones' McCoy, M.D.
Diana Ewing Droxine
Diana Muldaur Actor
Frank Gorshin Actor
Ian Wolfe Actor
Joanne Linville Actor
John Hoyt Doctor Boyce
Kathie Browne Actor
Kathryn Hays Actor
Lee Bergere Actor
Louise Sorel Actor
Richard Geary Actor
Sabrina Scharf Actor
Sandra Smith Actor
Skip Homeier Actor
Susan Howard Actor
Tony Young Actor
Charlene Polite Actor
Charles Napier Actor
Gene Kynarski Actor
James Doohan Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott
Jason Evers Actor
Jeffrey Hunter Captain Christopher Pike
Michael Dunn Actor
Phillip Pine Actor
Rudy Solari Actor
Steve Ihnat Actor
Willard Sage Actor
Erik Holland Actor
Fred Williamson Actor
George Takei Lt. Hikaru Sulu
Liam Sullivan Actor
Mary Linda Rapelye Actor
Susan Oliver Vina
Meg Wyllie The Keeper
Nichelle Nichols Lt. Nyota Uhura
Walter Koenig Ensign Pavel Chekov

Technical Credits
David Alexander Director
Herb Kenwith Director
Herb Wallerstein Director
Herschel Daugherty Director
John Erman Director
John M. Lucas Director
Jud Taylor Director
Marc Daniels Director
Marvin J. Chomsky Director
Murray Golden Director
Ralph Senensky Director
Robert Butler Director
Tony Leader Director
Vincent McEveety Director

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Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc 1
1. Unidentified Vessel
2. "His Brain Is Gone..."
3. Morgs and Eymorgs
4. Pain and Delight
5. Disembodied Vulcan
6. The Old Knowledge
1. Romulan Space
2. Insane Craving
3. Spock's Betrayal
4. Vulcan Death Grip
5. Like the Devil Himself
6. Recruiting Inducements
7. Cloaking Device
1. The Obelisk
2. Miramanee
3. Kirok
4. Asteroid Deflection
5. A God Who Bleeds
6. The Temple's Spirit
1. Triacus
2. Anxiety in the Cave
3. "Friendly Angel Come to Me..."
4. Misleading the Innocent
5. Inner Beasts
6. The Evil Is Revealed
Side #2 -- Disc 2
1. Dr. Miranda Jones
2. Greeting Ambassador Kollos
3. Ugliness and Beauty
4. Marvick's Insanity
5. Space/Time Continuum
6. Medusan Mind Meld
7. Infinite Diversity
1. Melkotian Warning
2. Tombstone, Arizona - 1881
3. The Earps
4. Doc Holliday
5. Billy Has It Out
6. Advice From the Sheriff
7. The O.K. Corral
1. Prisoners of the Empire
2. Kang
3. Phasers Into Swords
4. Klingon Takeover
5. Magnified Hostilities
6. Pawns in the Fight
7. "Stargate... Armageddon."
1. Terminal Condition
2. The World of Yonada
3. Natira's Preference
4. Oracle Room
5. McCoy Vows Obedience
6. Truth of the Creators
Side #3 -- Disc 3
1. Starship Defiant
2. Kirk Stays Behind
3. Tholian Punctuality
4. The Captain's Last Order
5. Interphase Madness
6. A Good Mix With Scotch
7. Closing the Web
1. Urgent Distress Calls
2. Psychokinetic Delirium
3. Parmen's Republic
4. Alexander
5. The Revels Begin
6. Resisting the Platonians
1. Scalos
2. Alien Invasion
3. Deela
4. Compton's Burnout
5. In Kirk's Quarters
6. Message From the Captain
7. An Accelerated Experience
1. Minara II
2. Gem
3. Test Subjects
4. Empathy
5. McCoy's Choice
6. Self-Sacrifice
7. A Pearl of Great Price
Side #4 -- Disc 4
1. Cloak and Dagger Orders
2. The Dohlman of Elas
3. Sensor Ghost
4. Table Manners
5. Elasian Tears
6. Klingon Tactics
7. Battle Cruiser Attack
1. Elba II Penal Colony
2. Lord Garth
3. Master of the Universe
4. Queen to Queen's Level Three
5. The Model Starship Captain
6. Human Sacrifice
7. "Captain Kirk, I Presume."
1. Stolen Shuttlecraft
2. Lokai of Cheron
3. Commissioner Bele
4. Destruct Sequence - Code One
5. Irrevocably Hostile
6. Computer Memory Burnout
7. Last of Their Breeds
1. "Is Anyone Aboard?"
2. Odona
3. Instruments of Diplomacy
4. No Place for Solitude
5. Faces From Space
6. Gideon's Bitter Truths
7. A Willing Sacrifice
Side #5 -- Disc 5
1. Ghost Planet
2. A Matter of Survival
3. Intruder Alert
4. Losira
5. Deliberate Sabotage
6. Reverse Polarity Gamble
7. Beauty Survives
1. Lieutenant Mira Romaine
2. Attack on Memory Alpha
3. Visions of Terror
4. Deadly Phaser Fire
5. Altered Brain Wave Patterns
6. The Price of Survival
7. An Enterprise First
1. Urgently Needed Ryetalyn
2. A Most Impressive Home
3. Rayna Kapec
4. Jealousy
5. Flint's Creations
6. The Agonies of Love
7. "Forget."
1. The Aurora
2. "We Reach."
3. Pavel and Irina
4. The Poison of Science
5. Dr. Sevrin's Disciples
6. "Head Now to Eden"
7. "His Name Was Adam."
Side #6 -- Disc 6
1. Stratos
2. The Disrupters
3. Vanna
4. Dangers of Zenite Gas
5. Violent Side Effects
6. Attaining the Knowledge
1. "I Am Abraham Lincoln."
2. Presidential Honors
3. Contact Offering
4. Excalbian Spectacle
5. Notorious Opponents
6. Father of Vulcan
7. Final Peace
1. Mr. Atoz
2. The Atavachron
3. Time Portals
4. Zarabeth's Exile
5. Emotions From Long Ago
6. Joined in Solitude
7. Vulcan Barbarism
1. Dr. Janice Lester
2. Female Indignity
3. Erratic Commands
4. Crew Suspicions
5. Charges of Mutiny
6. Turning Against the Captain
Side #7 -- Disc 7
1. Starship Captain Pike
2. Doctor and Bartender
3. Time Warp-Factor Seven
4. Survivor's Camp
5. Prime Specimen
6. Bottled and Probed
7. Kaylar Warrior Illusion
8. Some Dream
9. Punishment
10. Picnic
11. Orion Slave Girl
12. Primitive Thoughts
13. Last Hope
14. Illusory Beauty
1. The Creator of "Star Trek"
2. Starship Captain Pike
3. Doctor and Bartender
4. Time Warp-Factor Seven
5. Survivor's Camp
6. Prime Specimen
7. Bottled and Probed
8. Kaylar Warrior Illusion
9. Some Dream
10. Punishment
11. Picnic
12. Orion Slave Girl
13. Primitive Thoughts
14. Last Hope
15. Illusory Beauty
16. Roddenberry Beams Out

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Star Trek - The Original Series - Season 3 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What is nice about the first issue is that the shows appear as they did when originally aired and include a preview for next week's show. The menu contains a still picture from the particular show so that helps identify the particular show. Please be advised that you CANNOT TRUST Tankerous Media. They offer this item, then don't deliver, then remove it from availability, and then offer it again. They perpetrate fraud and do a bait and switch. Buyer Beware!