Street Corner/Because of Eve

Street Corner/Because of Eve

Director: Albert Kelley, Howard P. Bretherton

Cast: Albert Kelley, Howard P. Bretherton, Joseph Crehan, Marcia Mae Jones


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Image Entertainment
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[Dolby Digital Mono]

Special Features

Digitally remastered; Video introduction by legendary producer and exploitation film authority David F. Friedman; Audio commentary on Street Corner by David F. Friedman; Audio interview with exploitation pioneer Dan Sonney; Audio interview with roadshow impresario Claude Alexander; Special "in person" book pitch and intermission lecture by a "famed hygiene commentator"; Original theatrical trailer for Street Corner; Bonus sex-ed trailers for I Want a Baby, Man and Wife, Mated, Mom and Dad, Test Tube Babies and We Want a Child; The mystery of motherhood is revealed in Claude Alexander's color featurette: The Wondrous Story of Birth; Gallery #1: gallery of roadshow pitch books with Mom and Dad testimonials; Gallery #2: gallery of roadshow exploitation art with rare Mom and Dad radio spots

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Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. A Word From the Mighty Monarch of the Exploitation Film World: David F. Friedman [4:19]
2. Main Title; An Everyday Story About Everyday People [1:37]
3. Guilty as Charged [2:23]
4. The Case of Lois Marsh [6:35]
5. Old Doc Fenton [4:18]
6. Going for It! [7:41]
7. The Thing That Should've Happened but Didn't [4:56]
8. Marriage 101 [3:37]
9. The Narrow Margin [4:06]
10. A Desperate Call [4:57]
11. Bye, Bye, Bob [2:51]
12. A Criminal Operation [8:26]
13. A State of Shock [3:40]
14. We Interrupt Our Story [5:20]
15. Breaking the News [2:42]
16. "The Miracle of Birth" [6:35]
17. "Birth by Caesarean Section [3:31]
18. "Human Wreckage" [5:38]
19. A Pretty Close Call [:58]
20. Talking to Himself [2:03]
1. The Story Behind the Story of Life [2:45]
2. In the Beginning; Main Title [2:49]
3. One Scandal at a Time [5:57]
4. "The Story of VD" [12:11]
5. Sally's Tale [9:45]
6. Bob's Tale [6:38]
7. "The Story of Reproduction" [13:44]
8. And Now... Mr. Alexander Leeds [5:46]
9. A Bun in the Oven [1:41]
10. "The Story of Birth" [14:15]
11. No More Ignorance [1:02]
12. Be Fruitful and Multiply [:52]

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