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Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
It has been years since Superman (Brandon Routh) defeated the Kryptonian arch-villains and left Earth on a mysterious quest. When he finally returns, the Man of Steel finds that Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth) is a single mom engaged to Perry White's (Frank Langella) nephew Richard (James Marsden), and that arch-fiend Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) is at it again, simultaneously plotting another massive real estate scam and Superman's demise. This sort-of sequel to Superman II, directed by X-Men's Bryan Singer, is predicated on the assumption that the events depicted in Christopher Reeve's third and fourth outings as the iconic superhero never happened. Singer, who has a decided affinity for the mythic underpinnings of comic book crime fighters, imbues Superman Returns with and epic sensibility; he also sprinkles humorous lines and situations throughout the film but never betrays any hint of condescension or self-parody. The result is an altogether satisfying addition to the Kryptonian canon. The Special Edition boasts more than three hours of bonus features, most of them clustered together under an umbrella title, "Requiem for Krypton: Making Superman Returns." The film's production is documented with welcome specificity, and the actors are seen plying their trade in addition to contributing the usual talking-head promo-speak. Superman's background -- not only as a character but also as a cultural icon -- is explored thoroughly, and casual viewers might be surprised at the extent to which the documentaries' subjects took the project seriously. That the cast and crew approached the film with such reverence is, quite frankly, amazing. A separate featurette, "Resurrecting Jor-El," is narrowly focused on the CGI work employed in reutilizing footage of the late Marlon Brando as Superman's father, shot for the 1978 Christopher Reeve film.

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Special Features

Closed Caption; Nearly 3 hours of exclusive in-depth documentaries including: Making Superman Returns: from script to screen, Designing superman: from art and costume design to set construction, the joy of Lex: behind the scenes with Kevin Spacey, How filmakers recreated Jor-El, superman's father, played by Marlon Brando, over 10 additional scenes in 1080p high definition

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Superman Returns
1. Prologue and Credits [5:02]
2. Gertrude's Beneficiary [2:29]
3. Back on Earth [3:12]
4. Fortress Intruders [5:45]
5. Younger Days [3:14]
6. All That's Left [1:42]
7. The Daily Planet [3:53]
8. Seed Needing Water [2:02]
9. Power Outage [3:44]
10. Midair Emergency [3:57]
11. Jumbled Jet [3:40]
12. Soft Landing [3:05]
13. Richard and the Munchkin [4:54]
14. What's So Hard? [2:36]
15. Outside Looking In [4:24]
16. Bouncing Bullets [2:57]
17. A Rescue and a Theft [4:26]
18. Yesterday's News [5:25]
19. Tell and Show [5:08]
20. Taking Lois Up [5:23]
21. Dire Discovery [:07]
22. All Aboard [2:20]
23. Mind Over Muscle [3:16]
24. Two Launches [5:53]
25. Jason's Gift [4:05]
26. Undersea Disturbance [2:50]
27. Metropolis Mayhem [4:20]
28. Rising and Sinking Ship [4:21]
29. Give Me Your Hand [4:56]
30. Returning the Favor [2:23]
31. So Long, Superman [4:23]
32. Out of the Depths [2:18]
33. I Have to Go Back [3:20]
34. Loss of Precious Cargo [2:42]
35. Fallen Hero [3:05]
36. Where Else Would I Be? [3:58]
37. I Wanted to Tell You [4:05]
38. Atoll For Three [3:51]
39. Not Alone [:51]
40. I'm Always Around [3:36]
41. End Credits [2:24]

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