Sympathy for Delicious

Sympathy for Delicious

Cast: Mark Ruffalo, Orlando Bloom, Christopher Thornton, Laura Linney


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Dean O'Dwyer (Christopher Thornton) DJs in L.A. using the stage name "Delicious D." He' on the verge of stardom when a motorcycle accident leaves him completely paralyzed, and his dreams go up in smoke. Subsequently sinking into a deep depression while living out of his car on Skid Row, Dean takes the plunge into the world of…  See more details below


Dean O'Dwyer (Christopher Thornton) DJs in L.A. using the stage name "Delicious D." He' on the verge of stardom when a motorcycle accident leaves him completely paralyzed, and his dreams go up in smoke. Subsequently sinking into a deep depression while living out of his car on Skid Row, Dean takes the plunge into the world of faith healing after a chance encounter with Father Joe Roselli (Mark Ruffalo). In what can only be described as a miracle, Dean soon learns that he possesses a healing touch. Strangely, despite this power, Dean still remains bound to his wheelchair -- a prisoner in his own body. Furious, Dean rejects religion in favor of fame, and instead uses his newfound power to make a fortune in a volatile rock band fronted by "The Stain" (Orlando Bloom). Academy Award nominee Mark Ruffalo makes his feature directorial debut with this inspirational drama co-starring Juliette Lewis and Laura Linney.

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Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Perry Seibert
Respected actor Mark Ruffalo moves behind the camera for the first time with Sympathy for Delicious, a gritty religious story that's unafraid to ask important questions about faith, responsibility, and ethics. The movie follows Dean (Christopher Thornton, who also wrote the script), a paraplegic, homeless DJ who performs under the name "Delicious D." One day he accidentally discovers he has the power to heal people simply by laying hands on them. Father Joe (Ruffalo), the priest who runs the skid-row shelter Dean frequents, encourages Dean to use these powers selflessly, even though Dean isn't sure how he feels about his newfound talent. However, Joe soon begins accepting substantial contributions to the shelter in return for giving people access to Dean, and Dean sees the opportunity to make big bucks with his celestial gift. To that end, he joins a local band led by charismatic, self-centered singer "The Stain" (Orlando Bloom), who sees Dean as a gimmick that will make his band famous. Just when it looks like Dean's on the road to fame and fortune, an unexpected tragedy forces the DJ and the priest to confront each other again. It's no surprise that, as a director, Mark Ruffalo knows how to get first-rate performances, especially from Mark Ruffalo the actor. Father Joe is a complicated character, driven to help as many people as possible, yet blind to how doing so may actually violate his beliefs. But the director is also acutely aware that this is Dean's story first and foremost, and by shooting Thornton in close-up much of the time, Ruffalo allows us to sense Dean's shifting and occasionally volatile emotions, and the character's evolution always seems gradual and logical thanks to Thornton's vulnerable performance. The film is at its best when Joe and Dean grapple with the ramifications of Dean's gift and their individual reactions to it. The scenes where these two gifted performers go toe to toe -- especially their climactic confrontation -- are the stuff acting aficionados can't get enough of. That said, the best scenes have the feel of a play adapted for the screen; Ruffalo relies on close-ups and two-shots rather than camera movement to tell his story. Yet that shouldn't come as a surprise; Ruffalo is smart to play to his strengths with actors, and the entire cast are all more than talented enough to hold the film together. Sympathy for Delicious gives us two memorable lead performances, an array of stellar supporting work (Laura Linney, John Carroll Lynch, Noah Emmerich, and especially Juliette Lewis), and the suspicion that Mark Ruffalo has a career behind the camera if he wants it.

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Maya Home Ent
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[Wide Screen]
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Special Features

Behind-The-Story Featurette; Audio Commentary with Christopher Thornton, Mark Ruffalo and Orlando Bloom; Theatrical Trailer

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Mark Ruffalo Actor,Father Joe
Orlando Bloom Actor,The Stain
Christopher Thornton Dean "Delicious D" O'Dwyer,Dean O'Dwyer,"Delicious" Dean O'Dwyer
Laura Linney Actor,Nina Hogue
Juliette Lewis Ariel,Actor
Noah Emmerich Rene Faubacher,Actor
Dov Tiefenbach Oogie
Niko Nicotera Actor
Stephen Mendillo Actor
John Carroll Lynch Actor
Deantoni Parks Actor
Sandra Seacat Actor
James Karen Actor
Robert Wisdom Actor

Technical Credits
Mark Ruffalo Director,Producer
Pete Beaudreau Editor
Marc Bell Executive Producer
Erin Benach Costumes/Costume Designer
Michael Grasley Production Designer
Barry Habib Executive Producer
Toni Habib Executive Producer
Joanne Jacobson Executive Producer
Besnard Lakes Score Composer
Dean M Leavitt Executive Producer
Heidi Levitt Casting
Chris Norr Cinematographer
Howard Paar Musical Direction/Supervision
Marcelo Paladini Executive Producer
Tom Pellegrini Co-producer
Scott Prisand Producer
Andrew Renzi Co-producer,Executive Producer
Gina Resnick Executive Producer
Michael Roban Executive Producer
Andrea Sperling Producer
Robert Stein Executive Producer
Christopher Thornton Producer,Screenwriter
Matthew Weaver Producer

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Sympathy for Delicious
1. Praising the Lord [4:46]
2. Find a Way Out [5:43]
3. Delicious D [3:33]
4. Auditioning [7:21]
5. The Gift [9:31]
6. Party Trick [6:37]
7. A Real Blessing [9:24]
8. The Prophet [6:55]
9. A Rock Star [6:59]
10. Standard Contract [8:56]
11. At the Trial [9:56]
12. Visiting [6:19]
13. Healing an Old Friend [3:59]
14. Free [5:32]
15. End Credits [5:30]


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