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Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise

Director: Robert Towne, Mel Gibson, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kurt Russell

Cast: Robert Towne, Mel Gibson, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kurt Russell


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"Yorick Smaal has written an extraordinary history of Australian queer men during the Second World War. Based on extensive and meticulous archival research, and written with eloquence and compelling power, Sex, Soldiers and the South Pacific is a landmark work. It illuminates the sexual identities and practices of queer men during war-time, especially in Queensland


"Yorick Smaal has written an extraordinary history of Australian queer men during the Second World War. Based on extensive and meticulous archival research, and written with eloquence and compelling power, Sex, Soldiers and the South Pacific is a landmark work. It illuminates the sexual identities and practices of queer men during war-time, especially in Queensland and the South Pacific region. In so doing, Smaal opens up significant and new perspectives in our understandings of the cultural and social history of the 1940s, examining little known, but central aspects of the history of sexuality in Australia. This is an innovative, nuanced and original book." - Joy Damousi, Professor of History and Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow, University of Melbourne, Australia

"With rich detail and vivid colour, Yorick Smaal explores the diverse queer worlds that took shape on the edge of the war in the South Pacific. Weaving together intimate personal testimonies and the records of civil and military authorities, Smaal reveals the light and shade of men's lives and loves in Brisbane, New Guinea, and beyond. In a time of war, the encounters between Australians and Americans, soldiers and civilians, and doctors, police officers, and ordinary men had long-lasting effects. Sex, Soldiers, and the South Pacific is an important and original study of the making of national queer cultures in a transnational world." - Matt Houlbrook, Professor of Cultural History, University of Birmingham, UK

"Queer sex is a raunchy international affair in this rich, thoughtful study of relations between men in Australia during the Second World War. Here, in poignant detail, we watch the active intercourse of Australian and American males making and remaking themselves, the feminine and masculine, and sexual activity." - Jonathan Ned Katz, Founder, Co-Director, OutHistory.org

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Karl Williams
Probably the best directorial effort of screenwriter Robert Towne, this crime drama about a romantic triangle in modern-day Los Angeles deserved better from both audiences and critics, despite an Oscar nomination for the cinematography of Conrad L. Hall. Essentially a modern update of the classic film Angels with Dirty Faces (1938), the film is best viewed with an awareness of Towne's signature style, a blend of three-dimensional characters with labyrinthine motivations never fully explained or even familiar to themselves. For those seeking closure, any Towne film, even Chinatown, will likely prove a hard sell, but for those open-minded viewers willing to immerse themselves in a complicated, mature entertainment steeped in superb acting and gorgeous photography, Tequila Sunrise is a psychological and visual masterpiece.

Product Details

Release Date:
Original Release:
Warner Home Video
Region Code:
[Full Frame, Wide Screen]
[Dolby Digital Mono, Dolby Digital Surround]

Special Features

Interactive menus; Production notes; Scene access; Theatrical trailer; Languages and Subtitles: English, Français, Español

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Mel Gibson Dale McKussic
Michelle Pfeiffer Jo Ann Vallenari
Kurt Russell Lt. Nick Frescia
Raul Julia Escalante/Carlos
J.T. Walsh Maguire
Daniel Zacapa Actor
Arliss Howard Gregg Lindroff
Ann Magnuson Shaleen
Arye Gross Andy Leonard
Gabriel Damon Cody McKussic
Daniel Addes Pepe
Budd Boetticher Judge Nizetitch
Efrain Figueroa Carlos' Man
Lala Sin Sister No. 2
Garret Pearson Arturo
Ely Pouget Actor
Bob Swaim Ralph Spudder
Eric Thiele Vittorio
Tom Nolan Leland
Dawn Martel Sin Sister
Kenneth C. Moore Woody
Jason Randal Magician
Jim Bentley Cop
Eric Waterhouse Steve
Geno Silva Mexican Cop
Tomas Goros Carlos' Man
Austin Hawk Lifeguard
Scott Harms Lifeguard
Sarah Davis Girl in Restaurant
John D. Steele Men At Party
David Rees Men At Party
Oscar Abadia Himself
Jim Ladd Himself
Tom Schnabel Himself

Technical Credits
Robert Towne Director,Screenwriter
David C. Anderson Asst. Director
Bobby Bass Stunts
Bruce Bisenz Sound/Sound Designer
Simon LeBon Songwriter
Danny Bramson Musical Direction/Supervision
David Cass Stunts
Todd Cerney Songwriter
Roger Christian Songwriter
Steve Diamond Songwriter
Neil Finn Songwriter
Dave Grusin Score Composer
Conrad L. Hall Cinematographer
Albert Hammond Songwriter
Paul Hester Songwriter
Craig Hooper Songwriter
Steven Kilbey Songwriter
Peter Koppes Songwriter
Jack Lawrence Songwriter
Richard Marx Songwriter
Thom Mount Producer
Bart A. Natisin Consultant/advisor
Nadia di Paolo Makeup
Dorothy Pearl Makeup
Richard Ploog Songwriter
Nick Rhodes Songwriter
Peter V. Saldutti Costumes/Costume Designer
David Sanborn Songwriter
Nick Seymour Songwriter
Albert M. Shapiro Asst. Director
Tom Shaw Executive Producer
Claire Simpson Editor
Rick Simpson Set Decoration/Design
Peter Smith Art Director,Production Designer
Richard Sylbert Production Designer
John Taylor Songwriter
Bonnie Timmermann Casting
Charles Trénet Songwriter
Ross Vanelli Songwriter
Diane Warren Songwriter
Julie Weiss Costumes/Costume Designer
Jerry D. Williams Special Effects
Marty Willson-Piper Songwriter
Brian Wilson Songwriter

Scene Index

Side #1-Full Screen
0. Side #1-Full Screen
1. Credits Repartee (Beyond The Sea). [2:05]
2. Double Dealing. [3:53]
3. The Getaway. [1:39]
4. How About Rigatoni? [2:52]
5. Between Friends. [3:50]
6. Nick's Backyard. [1:56]
7. The Ex-Wife Blues. [1:22]
8. The Carlos Connection. [3:41]
9. Maguire Questions Jo Ann. [4:08]
10. Two In Play, One Under Wraps. [9:32]
11. The Party. [5:58]
12. Sunset Summit. [3:31]
13. Payment For Service (Recurring Dream). [2:59]
14. A Reason For Respectability. [4:29]
15. Restaurant Confabs. [4:24]
16. Him, Not Me. [:59]
17. Temptation. [2:18]
18. Guilty Knowledge. [6:12]
19. Slick Discovery. [4:47]
20. "Nobody Wants Me To Quit." [3:01]
21. Hot-Tub Passion. [3:56]
22. Enter Carlos. [4:43]
23. An Informer Uncovered. [2:45]
24. Gone Fishin'. [2:33]
25. Bull Session. [5:49]
26. Declaration in the fog. [2:54]
27. At Gunpoint. [4:25]
28. Bullets Between Friends. [6:59]
29. Up in Flames. [1:17]
30. Probably Talking About Me. [1:59]
31. End Credits (Surrender to Me). [3:56]
Side #2- Wide Screen
0. Jump to a Scene
1. Credits repartee (Beyond the Sea). [2:05]
2. Double dealing. [3:53]
3. The getaway. [1:39]
4. How about rigatoni? [2:52]
5. Between friends. [3:50]
6. Nick's backyard. [1:56]
7. The ex-wife blues. [1:22]
8. The Carlos connection. [3:41]
9. Maguire questions Jo Ann. [4:08]
10. Two in play, one under wraps. [9:32]
11. The party. [5:58]
12. Sunset summit. [3:31]
13. Payment for service (Recurring Dream). [2:59]
14. A reason for respectability. [4:29]
15. Restaurant confabs. [4:24]
16. Him, not me. [:59]
17. Temptation. [2:18]
18. Guilty knowledge. [6:12]
19. Slick discovery. [4:47]
20. "Nobody wants me to quit." [3:01]
21. Hot-tub passion. [3:56]
22. Enter Carlos. [4:43]
23. An informer uncovered. [2:45]
24. Gone fishin'. [2:33]
25. Bull session. [5:49]
26. Declaration in the fog. [2:54]
27. At gunpoint. [4:25]
28. Bullets between friends. [6:59]
29. Up in flames. [1:17]
30. Probably talking about me. [1:59]
31. End Credits (Surrender to Me). [3:56]

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