The Adventures of Antoine Doinel

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Legendary filmmaker François Truffaut followed the life of one of his favorite characters from rebellious adolesence to irresponsible adulthood over the course of five brilliant films collected in this boxed set. The Adventures of Antoine Doinel traces Antoine (played by Jean-Pierre Léaud) and his ongoing battle against proper society in the movies The 400 Blows (aka (Les 400 Coups), Antoine and Colette, Stolen Kisses (aka Baisers Volés), Bed and Board (aka Domicile Conjugal), and Love on the Run (aka L'Amour en ...
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DVD (Wide Screen / Black & White)
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Legendary filmmaker François Truffaut followed the life of one of his favorite characters from rebellious adolesence to irresponsible adulthood over the course of five brilliant films collected in this boxed set. The Adventures of Antoine Doinel traces Antoine (played by Jean-Pierre Léaud) and his ongoing battle against proper society in the movies The 400 Blows (aka (Les 400 Coups), Antoine and Colette, Stolen Kisses (aka Baisers Volés), Bed and Board (aka Domicile Conjugal), and Love on the Run (aka L'Amour en Fuite).
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Special Features

New digital transfers for all of the Doinel films, enhanced for widescreen televisions; Two commentaries for The 400 Blows, one by film professor Brian Stonehill, the other by Robert Lachenay, lifelong friend of François Truffaut; A multitude of rare interviews with Truffaut and his collaborators, including actors Jean-Pierre Léaud, Claude Jade, and Marie-France Pisier, and co-writers Claude de Givray and Bernard Revon, chronicling the Doinel cycle; Les Mistons (1957), Truffaut's second film, about a group of pubescent boys whose admiration of a young girl takes on an edge of cruelty, with unforeseen results; Theatrical trailers for The 400 Blows, Stolen Kisses, Bed and Board, and Love on the Run, plus promotional art; 72-page book featuring a comprehensive assortment of Truffaut's own notes, outlines, and treatments for the five Doinel films, along with essays by Annette Insdorf, Kent Jones, Andrew Sarris, Noah Baumbach, and Chris Fujiwara; English subtitle translations
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Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Tony Nigro
François Truffaut did not conceive Antoine Doinel, the French auteur's rascally onscreen alter ego, to be a recurring character. But after becoming an instant icon of the French New Wave as the protagonist of The 400 Blows in 1959, Antoine reappeared in three more of the director's features and one short film over the 20 years that followed, always played with passion by Jean-Pierre Léaud. This Criterion Collection box set includes the complete Doinel film series as well as a bonus disc with a near overload of background materials. This wonderful set opens with Truffaut's debut masterpiece, The 400 Blows, in which we meet wayward Antoine, a 14-year-old who turns to street life and petty crime in response to neglect at home. At the age of 15, the precocious Léaud already imbued Antoine with a complexity and emotional reality that many actors who are twice as old still rarely show. Antoine returned in Antoine and Collette, a short that was part of the 1962 omnibus film Love at Twenty. Presented alone here, Antoine and Collette sets the sweet-and-sour tone for the subsequent Doinel films. By Stolen Kisses 1968, Antoine has matured into a lovable rogue, trying to balance his awkward reintegration into civilian life after a dishonorable military discharge. He makes clumsy romantic passes, first at the energetic Christine Claude Jade, and then at his boss's wife Delphine Seyrig. Antoine and Christine have married in Bed and Board 1970, but he suddenly becomes obsessed with a young Japanese woman Hiroku Berghauer. In the final Doinel film, Love on the Run 1979, Antoine is more of a scamp than ever, blowing through life briskly, woman after woman. When watched separately, the later films play as light comedy, but when they are watched in context with the poignant drama of The 400 Blows, Doinel appears more as a melancholy character leaning toward the lonelier side of a free spirit. Indeed, the lovable and somehow forgivable scamp in Love on the Run developed out of the antisocial milk thief in The 400 Blows. This complexity, rarely seen in cinema, is no doubt due to Truffaut's fabulous direction as much as Léuad's all-consuming performances. Viewing the character's arc in this context is a treat, indeed.
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Product Details

  • Release Date: 4/29/2003
  • UPC: 715515013529
  • Rating:

  • Source: Criterion
  • Aspect Ratio: Vistavision (1.66:1), Cinemascope (2.35:1)
  • Presentation: Wide Screen / Black & White
  • Sound: Dolby Digital Mono, Dolby Digital Stereo
  • Language: Français, Japanese
  • Time: 6:52:00
  • Format: DVD
  • Sales rank: 42,158

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Jean-Pierre Léaud Antoine Doinel
Technical Credits
François Truffaut Director
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Scene Index

Side #1 -- The 400 Blows/Antoine and Colette
1. No Recess [5:13]
2. Indicative, Conditional, Subjunctive [5:06]
3. Latchkey Kid [4:49]
4. Mother and Father [4:05]
5. Matinee [5:00]
6. Stolen Kiss [6:30]
7. Maximum Punishment [4:55]
8. Food and Shelter [5:53]
9. Pampered [4:35]
10. Smaller and Smaller [1:31]
11. For Balzac [3:36]
12. Momentary Happiness [1:45]
13. Suspended [7:07]
14. Up to No Good [4:12]
15. Childhood Magic [1:45]
16. Heist [5:50]
17. "We've Tried Everything" [4:08]
18. Behind Bars [7:07]
19. Negotiation [1:14]
20. Juvenile Detention [3:44]
21. Psychological Questioning [3:40]
22. Visitors [2:20]
23. Antoine Runs Away [5:17]
1. Out of the Studio [5:13]
2. Mind-Numbing Routine [5:06]
3. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity [4:49]
4. A Mixed Experience [4:05]
5. A Proustian Moment/Freedom [5:00]
6. Children's P.O.V. [6:30]
7. Betrayal/Handheld Camera [4:55]
8. Casting/Jeanne Moreau [5:53]
9. Lachenay's Letters/Phony Love [4:35]
10. "Pied Piper in Reverse" [1:31]
11. Honoré de Balzac [3:36]
12. Mirror Play/Mirth [1:45]
13. Creativity in Imitation [7:07]
14. Living With Lachenay [4:12]
15. Power of Spectacle [1:45]
16. Typewriter Theft [5:50]
17. A Personal Account [4:08]
18. Bazin/"Juvenile Identity Crisis" [7:07]
19. Deepest Marks [1:14]
20. Dubbed Dialogue/Dickensian Flavor [3:44]
21. Utter Believability [3:40]
22. First-Person Cinema [2:20]
23. Three Shots [5:17]
1. Meeting Truffaut [5:13]
2. A Strong Personality/Friendship [5:06]
3. Mother/Unrealistic Toughness [4:49]
4. A Horrible Childhood [4:05]
5. The Leader/À la Hitchcock [5:00]
6. 3-4 Years [6:30]
7. Making Excuses [4:55]
8. Recognizable Faces [5:53]
9. An Important Question/M.O.S. [4:35]
10. A Common Occurrence [1:31]
11. Men and Women [3:36]
12. Repeat Viewers [1:45]
13. Odd Jobs/Kicked Out [7:07]
14. Regarding Adults [4:12]
15. The Laughter of Children [1:45]
16. Pawning/Like a Documentary [5:50]
17. Adults Are the Enemy/Debt [4:08]
18. Warehouse [7:07]
19. Lack of Acceptance [1:14]
20. A Sentimental Person [3:44]
21. TV Aesthetic [3:40]
22. True Love/Guilt [2:20]
23. Sequels [5:17]
1. Clocking In [5:06]
2. Two Tickets [4:46]
3. Carnot 08.32 [3:15]
4. "A Friend of Colette" [3:04]
5. Neighbors [6:55]
6. Setting Things Straight [7:09]
Side #2 -- Stolen Kisses
1. Unfit for Service [6:01]
2. Discharged [6:37]
3. Reunited [2:12]
4. No. 24 and No. 19 [3:22]
5. The Blady Agency [3:38]
6. Spinning His Wheels [3:25]
7. Initiative and Cunning [5:00]
8. Work and Pleasure [8:52]
9. Chance Encounter [3:58]
10. Mr. Tabard [5:46]
11. Undercover [3:27]
12. Fabienne [4:43]
13. Admiration or Obsession [4:09]
14. Lunch [6:31]
15. The Magician's Secret [3:24]
16. Mail Route [2:42]
17. A Unique Contract [4:27]
18. Endings and Beginnings [4:40]
19. Repairs Needed [3:22]
20. "I Am Very Happy" [4:54]
Side #3 -- Bed and Board
1. Madame [8:44]
2. Familiar Faces [4:38]
3. Laurel and Hardy [3:03]
4. Lessons [5:35]
5. Surprises [3:43]
6. "Big Things Ahead" [6:33]
7. Bébé Confort [3:34]
8. The Newest Doinel [4:45]
9. Proud Father [2:08]
10. Alphonse [3:42]
11. The Strangler [5:20]
12. Visitors [3:46]
13. Retrievel [2:31]
14. Titles [3:58]
15. "Do Not Disturb" [3:23]
16. Full Bloom [4:14]
17. Another World [5:48]
18. Peggy Proper [3:49]
19. Dirty Linen [7:41]
20. "Look and Choose" [3:16]
21. Phone Calls [4:57]
22. True Love [2:14]
Side #4 -- Love on the Run
1. Antoine Doinel Strikes Again [7:13]
2. Forgotten Decree [3:58]
3. 900 Francs [4:29]
4. "Condolences or Congratulations" [1:57]
5. Les Salades de l'Amour [4:32]
6. Two Departures [4:00]
7. Past Courtships [6:09]
8. Behind Le Monde [13:54]
9. "You Haven't Changed" [8:19]
10. Discarded [4:07]
11. Mr. Lucien [7:24]
12. 1924-1971 [5:24]
13. Colette's Dilemma [5:52]
14. "He's Always Falling Apart" [7:37]
15. Colette Closes Shop [1:57]
16. Truth in Fiction [4:20]
17. Antoine Stops Running [3:57]
Side #5 -- Les Salades de l'Amour: The Supplements
1. Beginnings and The 400 Blows [9:56]
2. Stolen Kisses [8:26]
3. Bed and Board [6:11]
4. Writing for Truffaut [6:05]
5. Means of Expression [8:30]
6. Unfinished Projects [4:45]
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Side #1 -- The 400 Blows/Antoine and Colette
   Play the Movie
      Stonehill Commentary
      Stonehill Index
      Lachenay Commentary
      Lachenay Index
      Commentaries Off
   Antoine and Colette
   Psychological Profile
      Cannes 1959
      Cinéastes de Notre Temps
      Theatrical Trailer
      Audio Options
         Dolby Digital Mono
         Stonehill Commentary
         Lachenay Commentary
      Feature Subtitles
         Feature Subtitles: On
         Feature Subtitles: Off
      Color Bars
Side #2 -- Stolen Kisses
   Play the Movie
   Color Bars
      Subtitles: On
      Subtitles: Off
   The Doinel Agency
      Serge Toubiana on Stolen Kisses
      A.D. & J.P.L.
      The Langlois Affair
         About The Langlois Affair
      Godard & Truffaut Vous Parlent
      Cannes 1968
         About Cannes in 1968
Side #3 -- Bed and Board
   Play the Movie
   Color Bars
      Subtitles: On
      Subtitles: Off
   On Location
   François Truffaut & Bernard Revon
   Jean-Pierre Léaud Speaks
   Who Is Antoine Doinel?
Side #4 -- Love on the Run
   Play the Movie
   Color Bars
      Subtitles: On
      Subtitles: Off
   François Truffaut & Marie-France Pisier
   Closing the Doinel Cycle
Side #5 -- Les Salades de l'Amour: The Supplements
   Les Mistons
      Play Short
      Play Short With Commentary
      Serge Toubiana on Les Mistons
   Portrait of François Truffaut
   Working With François Truffaut
   Champ Contre Champ
   Promotional Art
      Subtitles: On
      Subtitles: Off
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