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Big Bang

The Big Bang

Director: Tony Krantz

Cast: Antonio Banderas, Sienna Guillory, James Van Der Beek


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A Los Angeles detective encounters high strangeness in his search for a missing woman and a 30-million-dollar cache of diamonds in this off-beat mystery thriller from Otis director Tony Krantz. Ned Cruz (Antonio Banderas) is the kind of detective people come to when all of


A Los Angeles detective encounters high strangeness in his search for a missing woman and a 30-million-dollar cache of diamonds in this off-beat mystery thriller from Otis director Tony Krantz. Ned Cruz (Antonio Banderas) is the kind of detective people come to when all of their other resources have run dry. Approached by paroled Russian boxer Anton (Robert Maillet) to track down his elusive girlfriend, Lexie (Sienna Guillory), and recover the stash of diamonds she has stolen, Detective Cruz calls on all of his connections to get the job done. Eventually, his investigation leads him from a kinky Hollywood action icon (James Van Der Beek) to a multi-talented pornographer (Snoop Dogg) and a physics-obsessed waitress (Autumn Reeser) with an insatiable sexual appetite. Ned's hard work starts to pay off, however, when he ventures deep into the New Mexico desert, where an eccentric billionaire (Sam Elliott) and a brilliant physicist (Jimmi Simpson) have hatched a plan to recreate the Big Bang. Now, with the cops hot on his tail and a potentially catastrophic experiment unfolding right beneath his feet, Ned races to find the girl and recover the diamonds before the world comes to an end.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide
A quirky, modern hard-boiled detective story with a very smart script and a solid cast, The Big Bang has a lot going for it, but doesn't quite live up to its title. The movie is great when it hits its stride, full of clever, noir-style dialogue and creative turns. For all the pulpy, near-hallucinogenic material handed to him on paper, though, director Tony Krantz embraces a surprisingly modest tone, undercutting a lot of the film's own energy -- which is somewhat ironic for a movie with an ongoing theme about quantum physics. We open on private detective Ned Cruz (Antonio Banderas) being interrogated by three strong-arm cops (Thomas Kretschmann, William Fichtner, and Delroy Lindo). They want to know what kind of role Ned had in the series of murders they're investigating, but for that, the private eye has to tell us the whole story, from the beginning. The tale starts with a recently paroled gigantic Russian boxer named Anton Protopov (Robert Maillet), who hires Ned to track down his stripper girlfriend, Lexie Persimmon (Sienna Guillory), and the 30 million dollars' worth of diamonds she hid for Anton while he was in the clink. Soon, Ned finds himself embroiled in a plot involving the Russian mob, dirty cops, and a quantum-mechanics-obsessed billionaire (Sam Elliott) who's funding a potentially unstable re-creation of the Big Bang at a particle collider below the Nevada desert. Meanwhile, Ned is growing steadily more obsessed with the elusive Lexie, dropping by the set of a seedy porn director (played in a fun cameo by Snoop Dogg), and having a truly kick-ass, hot and sexy old-school love scene with a bewitching waitress/tattoo girl/particle physics enthusiast named Fay (Autumn Reeser). You can't help having a great time watching The Big Bang when a scene leaves things mostly to the actors. Elliott's role as the Ted Turner-eque cowboy-turned-mogul-turned-philosopher is perfect for him, and Banderas' decidedly El Mariachi-style burned-out hero reminds you why you fell in love with him as an actor back in the early '90s -- especially when he starts reluctantly waxing poetic about the parallels between a physicists' search for the particle behind the creation of all matter and the everyman's search for true love. The trouble is just that when it comes time for the director to shine -- with editing, pacing, or other smart cinematic choices -- Krantz plays it way too mellow. This is an outrageous script, and while we can all appreciate a little discreetness behind the camera, Krantz keeps things stoic at the sacrifice of what would otherwise be exciting or at least memorable content. If the film had been helmed by the Coen Brothers, or Banderas' old partner in crime Robert Rodriguez, The Big Bang could no doubt have been the fun and crazy sleeper of the summer. But as it is, it's still a little bang -- if not a big one.

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Starz / Anchor Bay
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Special Features

Audio commentary featuring producer/director Tony Krantz and co-producer Reece Pearson; Lex Parsimoniae: The making of The Big Bang; Extended scenes

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Antonio Banderas Ned Cruz
Sienna Guillory Julie Kestral/Lexie Persimmon
James Van Der Beek Adam Nova
Snoop Dogg Puss
Autumn Reeser Fay Neman
Sam Elliott Simon Kestral
Jimmi Simpson Niels Geck
Thomas Kretschmann Frizer
William Fichtner Poley
Robert Maillet Anton "The Pro" Protopov
Delroy Lindo Skeres
Bill Duke Drummer
Rebecca Mader Zooey Wigner
Robert Ernie Lee Russell
Rachel Handler Minkowski's Stripper
Sean Cook Bartender
Tracy Culp Female Porn Star
Khanh Doan Mail Carrier
Anthony Holmes Jazz Band Member
Keith MacGeagh Sikh
Lindel Reason Jazz Band Member
Carlos Verde Jazz Band Member
Al Martinez Janitor
Chandra Bailey Stripper in Minkowski's
Janelle Hoffmeister Stripper in Minkowski's
Kristi Klicker Stripper in Minkowski's
Katrina McKinley Stripper in Minkowski's
Adrienne Thommes Stripper in Minkowski's
Bill Marlowe Skinny Faddeey
Devin Barber Russian Orthodox Priest
William Baker Mourner
Rick Ehrenstrasser Mourner
Robert Martin LAPD Cop
Donald Holmes Mourner
Sandra Kidd Mourner
Michael Mossuto Mourner
Florence Moyle Mourner
Jim Short Mourner
Sandra Sicilia Mourner
John Pritchard Male Porn Star
Shane Rice Male Porn Star
Bange Camera Man
Vance Auroro Boom Operator
Reece Pearson Clapper Guy
Jason Penrod Man in White Robe
Tye Scott Man in White Robe
Nancy Gasper Nurse
Brent Schneider Hospital Intern
Courtney Yarber Hospital Intern
Laura Van Der Lind Kepler's Waitress
Lance Ortega Sikh in Planck's Cafe
Laynee Busse Planck's Cafe Waitress
Mike Molan Warden
Brad Hollibaugh Prison Guard
Balkar Singh Sikh in Collider
Darbara Singh Sikh in Collider
Amandeep Kaur Hindu Woman

Technical Credits
Tony Krantz Director,Producer
Steve Arnold Production Designer
Kerry Barden Casting
Richard Rionda Del Castro Producer
Rich Cowan Executive Producer
Ross M. Dinerstein Executive Producer
Patricia Eberle Executive Producer
Cassian Elwes Executive Producer
Tasha Hayward Makeup
Gary Howsam Executive Producer
Erik Jendresen Producer,Screenwriter
Shelly Johnson Cinematographer
Trista Jordan Makeup
Marianna Di Lorenzo Choreography
Johnny Marr Score Composer
Debra McGuire Costumes/Costume Designer
Reece Pearson Co-producer
Fred Raskin Editor
Richard Salvatore Executive Producer
Paul Schnee Casting
Joseph Suarez Asst. Director
Tom Taylor Sound Mixer
Lewin Webb Executive Producer
Ric "Hollywood" Wetzel Makeup

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- The Big Bang
1. Main Titles [3:32]
2. The Fear of Being Exposed [6:02]
3. Forever, Lexie Persimmon [11:43]
4. "Everything Has Meaning" [8:37]
5. A Stripper In Hiding [7:34]
6. Welcome to Sam Celeritas [11:34]
7. Of Particles and Diamonds [11:13]
8. Mr. Cruz, Suckerfish [9:07]
9. Lex Parsimoniae [10:32]
10. The Three Stooges of Homicide [8:39]
11. Cause and Effect [8:25]
12. End Credits [4:08]


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